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Your ebook, and the wealth of information in it helped us immensely. We were just beginners and we were scared about buying our first houseboat. Thank you, Margaret and Peter.

Buying a Houseboat? Read Valuable Tips First!

After a lifetime of buying boats, I can't stress the point enough, this ebook will totally reveal the tips and secrets you need to get started on the right track. It may even save your marriage :)

How to Buy a Houseboat
Anyone buying a houseboat has to download this ebook as it's the fastest, easiest, and simplest way to become an experienced knowledgeable buyer! Become a boat buyer that saves time, $$ money, and buys the right boat.

Sincerely, Ian of

Houseboat Names


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Houseboat For Sale guide.

  • So many Houseboat Manufacturers, how are you to choose a good one?
  • Valuable Tips can save thousands before buying a Houseboat For Sale.
  • You made the decision, but should you buy a New or Used Houseboat?
  • Buying a Houseboat can be an exciting, but you should have a Plan!
  • How to pick reliable House Boat Movers who Do it Right the First Time!
  • Where can you go to a Houseboat Show and see all the different boats.

    Buying a Houseboat guide.

  • Which construction material is better, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass?
  • So many Makes & Models of House Boats, how do you choose one?
  • Try our free Buying a Houseboat Checklist to Pre-Plan your next visit.
  • Like to stay updated, then sign-up our free online Houseboat Magazine!
  • House Boat Loan tips to help get that dream houseboat loan approved!
  • What about the Ladies and Women who want to cruise or buy a boat?

    Living Aboard, Marinas, Internet, Office.

  • Has the idea of Living Aboard been going through your mind lately?
  • Marinas are everywhere, but how to find one suitable for Houseboats.
  • With Wireless Internet, you can access your office/emails on your HB?
  • Want to retire, and make money from a Houseboat Office someday?
  • Spelling, is it a houseboat, house boat, houseboats, or house boats?

    Tips, Safety, Party & Gift ideas.

  • A list of Houseboat Tips & Tricks for basically all areas of boating.
  • Boating can be great fun, but House Boat Safety is very important.
  • Easy, simple, low-cost Houseboat Party Ideas that everyone can do!
  • There are many Houseboat Gift Ideas when you know what to look for.
  • Houseboat Milage tips for better Fuel Economy and less Consumption.

    Rentals, Cost, Equipment, Plans.

  • Are you planning a House Boat Vacation Rental you're family will love.
  • How do you calculate how much a houseboat can cost your family?
  • What kind of necessities or equipment do you find on a houseboat?
  • Interested in Solar Powered Houseboats and wondering if it's possible?
  • You're planning to build your own, where can you find plans or designs?

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    You have decided to start searching for Houseboats For Sale, and you have plenty of questions and hesitations. You will find all the information you need to make knowledgeable decisions when it comes to preparing, finding, and buying a Houseboat For Sale, it's best to start with a Plan.
    With our Tips Guide, you could save thousands on your next purchase.

  • Buying Used Houseboats For Sale, and "the How and What" to look for!
  • Try our Houseboat FOR SALE Guide, it will save you time and money.
  • Which MANUFACTURER interests you, Gibson, Horizon, Fantasy...
  • What TYPE are you looking for, a Trailerable, Pontoon, Barge...
  • How to decide if a HOUSEBOAT CLASSIFIED ad is worth going to see?

  • What are the DIFFERENCES when comparing "models or types" of boats?
  • What are the advantages to buying a NEW or USED Houseboat?
  • What BENEFITS are there if I buy from a Broker, or do it all Privately?
  • Should you consider buying a Houseboat For Sale by Owner?
  • YES, try our free Houseboat For Sale Checklist for your next visit.

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  • Are you looking for a "used houseboat for sale" in a SPECIFIC AREA?
  • Wish you COULD FIND a Used Trailerable Houseboat For Sale?
  • Are you looking for a specific Houseboat For Sale MODEL or BRAND?
  • How can I find a Houseboat For Sale on one of the POPULAR LAKES?

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    If the idea of a House Boat Vacation is appealing, than you have made an excellent decision. There's Rental or Vacation choices available for every budget and taste. Whether your looking for a relaxing vacation, or an activity filled outing, there is something for everybody's purpose or liking.

    Rental houseboats vary in size from smaller 30 ft models, to large luxurious 80 ft models, to satisfy a wide variety of people, activities, or budgets.

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  • What are the best, or cheapest times of year to rent?
  • How do you prepare and plan for a Houseboat Vacation?
  • You've never driven a house boat, can you still rent one?
  • Read what others have shared about Houseboat Rentals Vacations?
  • What do you need to bring on a House Boat Vacation?
  • What areas offer Vacation-Rentals around the world?

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    PLAN to BUILD your OWN!

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    The idea of building your own houseboat has been one of your dreams, than your not alone. The building your own houseboat can be a satisfying and economical endeavor provided that you are mechanically inclined.

    You're in luck, since choices for plans and schematics are available, and can make the design and engineering much easier. Save time & money.

  • What are the Pros & Cons of Building your Own houseboat?
  • Are there different Choices and Decisions to be made when building?
  • Should you build an Aluminum, Fiberglass, Steel, or Wood houseboat?
  • Are there any free Houseboat Plans & Designs to help reduce costs?
  • Where can you find books, plans, and more information?
  • You'd like more details about a Homemade or Homebuilt Houseboat
  • Read what others have shared about Building a House Boat plans?

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  • What about the mechanical, electrical and plumbing choices?
  • What are the benefits or savings of building your own?
  • Where can you find the equipment and materials to start?

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    Houseboat popularity has grown dramatically in a few decades, and so has the quantity of Manufacturers. There are some very good builders, and some EXCELLENT ones, that build well engineered houseboats while providing great value, that can satisfy even the most demanding buyers.

    Whether your looking for a small, large, trailerable, luxury, or a custom built model, there's a builder who can build it for you. Be sure to compare the various manufacturers, since many can use different techniques.

  • Read what others have shared about Houseboat Manufacturers reviews
  • So many Houseboat Manufacturers, how can you choose a good one?
  • Which construction material is better, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass?
  • What are the DIFFERENCES when comparing "models or types" of boats?
  • What are the advantages to buying a NEW or USED Houseboat?
  • Read what others have shared about Trailerable Houseboat reviews

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  • What are the benefits and advantages to different manufacturers?
  • Some builders can give you a tour of the plant before deciding to buy?
  • Where can you find reasonably priced, luxury custom built houseboats?
  • You'd like a NEW one, but who offers a reasonable price & good value?
  • Can you test drive a new Houseboat before making a buying decision?

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    Houseboating Around the World is very popular, and some of the hotspots are like the Bahamas, USA, Canada, Australia, Amsterdam, India.
    So if you're planning a Vacation, looking for a Rental, find a Houseboat Marina, or would like to Buy A Houseboat, this section will help to find it.

    If your dream is to Travel and Cruise with a houseboat throughout the country, than the opportunities are endless since the boating community is geared towards making your voyages as simple and pleasant as possible. In reality, boater's are some of the nicest, kindest people you could meet.

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  • Read what others have shared about Houseboating around the World?

  • What are the some of the popular Countries?
    Amsterdam, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, India, USA.

  • What are some of the popular States & Provinces?
    Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, British Columbia, California, Coomera, Coronado, Echuca, Florida, Georgia, Hawkesbury, Kentucky, Michigan, Mildura, Minnesota, Missouri, Ontario, Tennessee, Utah, Queensland,

  • What are the common Lakes & Rivers?
    LAKES= Crane, Cumberland, Havasu, Lanier, McClure, Mead, Oroville, Powell, Rainy, Roosevelt, Shasta, Shuswap, Smith Mountain, Sonoma, Tahoe, Travis, Waco

    RIVERS= Mississippi, Murray, Suwanee, Tennessee

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    The Houseboat Directory is a central location to find Products & Services related to Houseboats & Houseboating. You will find all the details about Houseboat Rentals, Brokers, Surveyors, Insurance, Transport, Classifieds, Loans, Marinas, Places to Shop, Accessories, Parts, and so much more.

    Take advantage of discounts and easily support the site, by using the sponsor or affiliate links available, for your everyday internet shopping.

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    Behind every great man, there is a great woman! Behind every great woman, there is "possibly" a great man. When it comes to Houseboating, women play a major role in organizing, and keeping a smooth running ship!

    If it wasn't for Manon's talents and skills, our houseboat would definitely look MUCH different!She somehow manages to store and organize everything, and the boat smells great with the incredible home cooking, and lastly, she's the BEST Admiral that a Captain could ask for!

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  • Curious as to how she manages to feed so many hungry people on a HB?
  • Wondering about her Tips on Organizing & Storage to maximize space?
  • How do you plan and prepare suppers & parties on a houseboat?
  • Can a woman really enjoy LIVING ABOARD a House-Boat, and stay sane?
  • How do you handle those stressful moments while docking or anchoring?

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    The TOP 10 BEST...?

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    The TOP 10 Best...? section was created to present the advancements & achievements of some of the Companies, People, and Technologies in the industry. Selected areas are Manufacturers, Products, Services, Tips.

  • Our TOP 10 favorite Houseboat Manufacturers.

  • Our TOP 10 best Houseboat Products.

  • Our TOP 10 handy Houseboat Services.

  • Our TOP 10 useful Houseboat Tips & Tricks.

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    BLOG & What's NEW?

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  • The Houseboat BLOG is your central location to see the pages that are updated on the website. If who enjoy the simplicity of a RSS Feed, than be sure to "click the orange XML/RSS button" below the NAV Bar.

  • The HOUSEBOAT INSIDER is your free online Houseboat Magazine. Subscribe now, and take full advantage of your free Houseboat Magazine. It's created for new, curious, beginner, or experienced houseboater's, and is filled with hot tips, excellent articles, great reviews, and good discounts.

  • VIDEO'S:
    The video below is an excellent piece done by "Julie" who hosts the show at, and they do a weekly segment on everything about boats, and this episode is called "Julie's got a CRUSH on houseboats".
    There's even a "special mention" for viewer's to come here to learn more!

  • Our "thumbs up" goes to Julie for an excellent video!

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    Hull identification number Not rated yet
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    Startdust cruiser Not rated yet
    Looking for manual drawings for 1970 Stardust Cruiser

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    I'm looking for the free house boat magazine, how do I get the Houseboat Insider? I can't get this book, wahh, lol! I've tried several times to get …

    Drain plugs on houseboats Not rated yet
    Drain Plugs on houseboats are generally to let water out, but sometimes "drain plugs" can let water in. Does anyone know where the drain plugs are located …

    TV mounting bracket for houseboats Not rated yet
    I would like to mount our new TV inside our boat, but am not sure about the bets way to go about doing it. I would like that it could be tilted so that …

    How to Find a Houseboat Broker and Surveyor? Not rated yet
    I live 400 miles from Shuswap, BC, Canada. I want to buy a houseboat and need a broker and surveyor. Who and how do I go about finding people with my interests …

    Best 50 foot Houseboat to Buy? Not rated yet
    We are looking to buy a 50 foot houseboat and aren't sure what style or model we should purchase. We are so confused and don't want to make a mistake. …

    Accessories and Parts for Houseboats Not rated yet
    We're refurbishing our Burnscraft Houseboat and need to find houseboat Accessories and Parts for it. Where can you find them? I need information about …

    Who sells houseboat Pontoon Hulls? Not rated yet
    I am looking for a 12ft or 14ft pontoon hull, any ideas? Thanks, Perry Turpin You can advertise here for pennies a day! Are you a …

    Where to find small houseboats? Not rated yet
    Where can I find a small houseboat (22 feet or less) that can stand ocean water? We have a slip on the California coast and it can only have a boat 22x9.5 …

    Houseboat Brokers In Florida? Not rated yet
    Any good reputable Houseboat Brokers in Florida that you would recommend? Thanks, Dwayne. You can advertise here for pennies a day! …

    Rent or Lease a Houseboat in Florida Not rated yet
    Looking to rent or lease a houseboat. My wife and I are interested in renting or leasing a houseboat for a year in southern Florida Gulf coast. How do …

    Find a Nautaline Houseboat window seal? Not rated yet
    Where can I find window seal for a 1969 36' Nautaline Houseboat? The seal has shrunk and is causing leaks. Also, where can I find a triangular glass …

    Houseboats For Sale in Australia or New Zealand Not rated yet
    Are there any houseboats for sale in Australia or New Zealand? If so do you broker them, and are there any marinas to dock a houseboat in either of …

    Houseboat Window Locks and Hardware Not rated yet
    Where can you buy the window locks for a 84 Jamestowner. Water Bonnet is who made the windows, and from the looks of the website they don't like anybody …

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