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Is a Houseboat the same as a House Boat,
are many of them in a group House Boats?

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Houseboat Spelling & Confusion:

Over the years, these boats have gone from being called “pontoons” to “floating trailers” to “boat houses”, to today’s versions.

Rumors, Myths & Urban Legends:

Rumor has it that these boaters are gypsies, not law abiding, or are trying to avoid paying property taxes. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Boating has to be one of the most taxed activities around. The majority of the people simply enjoy the relaxed, slow paced lifestyle.

Living on a Boat:

The idea that Liveaboards depreciate the local neighborhood values, or that people living aboard will attract more undesirables to the area or marina is another myth or urban legend. With the rising cost of boating, it’s attracting middle to upper class income earners or families in order to be able to finance these luxury mega yachts.

They Decrease Property Values:

There is no proof that living aboard in a marina causes a decrease in property values, and especially since developers are trying to purchase all the waterfront property, and even squeezing many marinas out of business in order to build more profitable, luxury waterfront properties.

Boating Communities:

Even when you look at the “floating house” communities, many of them are in high demand and have a long waiting list to get in, and when they are sold they even attract very high selling prices. The supply and demand in the market is definitely favoring the sellers.

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