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Advantages of Buying New Houseboats, and how to find deals on a new house boat

There's surely plenty of advantages to owning new houseboats, so if you're thinking about getting a new houseboat, however you might not be sure what to buy? You're at the right place as we'll discuss all the new models, styles, and how to go about getting a quote on one.

If you happen to have bought a new boat, do share your comments and tell us about it here.

You're looking for a new houseboat, what style of boat?

Click here for a new custom built houseboat, or a new fiberglass Gibson boat, or new trailerable models, for new floating home cottages, or new aluminum pontoon house boats.

Today's houseboats are very different compared to just a few years ago. There's various engine options, the new lighter long-lasting composite materials, and huge advancements in electronic navigation and ship monitoring technology make them the "ultimate in cruising style".

New House Boats For Sale - custom built luxury house boats

New House Boats For Sale - custom cruising house boats

New Houseboats For Sale - custom built luxury house boats New Houseboats For Sale - build custom house boats now New Houseboats For Sale - floating home house boats New Houseboats For Sale - made to order house boats

The newly built houseboats for sale today deserve the title, the "new motherships" of the 21st century. These new boats provide a comfortable and spacious living environment, are extremely luxurious and fast, and combine that with affordable pricing which allows everyone to be on the water in style.

New Houseboats For Sale - looking to buy a new boat?

Manufacturers Directory - sources of houseboat builders

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New Houseboats

Top 10 Reasons to Buy New
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The TOP 10 Reasons to get a New Boat

When looking at new houseboat ownership, we have compiled the Top-10 reasons why the owners wanted to buy a new house boat. There may very well be many other reasons, however these are the most popular ones. The reasons below are not in any particular order.

#1 You're really tired of old boats, and you're ready for a new one!

#2 You'd like a new boat, fully equipped with all great "new toys".

#3 You get the confidence and peace of mind of a new boat warranty.

#4 You want a custom built houseboat, with a truly unique design.

#5 To use a new houseboat as a timeshare investment opportunity.

#6 To reap the long term benefits of new technology and materials.

#7 You want the biggest, baddest, coolest houseboat on the lake.

#8 Buy a new houseboat, get great rates, financing and loan options.

#9 Manufacturers can handle it all, from buying to the final delivery.

#10 Get a fuel efficient, green living, solar powered, eco-friendly one.

#11 A bonus reason, your spouse also thinks a new one is a good idea :)

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The Who, What, Where, How, When, and Why.

If you're here, you must have plenty of questions, and we have put some answers together on the Who, What, Where, How, When, and Why of new house boats. You still have a question, use the "site search" function found on the upper righthand column.

New houseboat marina dock slips
Find a marina and make sure there's a dock slip available for your new house boat?

  • WHO is manufacturing these new boats?
    When it comes to new houseboat manufacturers, you will find popular names like Gibson, Sumerset, Fantasy, Skipperliner, Horizon, Stardust, Majestic, Monticello, Pluckebaum, Adventure Craft, Destination, Horizon, Myachts, Sunstar, Catamaran, Sharpe, Thoroughbred to just name a few.

  • WHAT choices are available in new boats?
    Well nowadays, you'll find everything from new trailerable houseboats, to new custom luxury models, to new floating barge style homes, new custom pontoon houseboats, and ready to build houseboat kits. There's something for everyone.

  • WHERE to find great deals on new boats?
    Wondering where to go to see new houseboats for sale? The simplest solution is to go to a houseboat show and see all the manufacturers together in one location. As an alternative, you could individually visit some of the different brokers and houseboat dealers around the country.

  • HOW to decide which style of new boat?
    It's not easy how to decide which boat is right for you? We have a popular houseboat designs page which can help guide you with the different model and styles that are available.

  • WHEN is it time to get a new boat?
    The "time is right" now, since the houseboat market has been gaining major popularity amongst the baby boomers. The market for new and used houseboats has been constantly growing, and especially due to the "influx from the cruiser boat segment".

  • WHY you'll love having a new boat?
    We all love to "buy new", who doesn't enjoy driving away with that new car, or getting new appliances delivered at home. Let's be honest, there's no better feeling than taking delivery of that "fresh out of the factory houseboat". Just knowing everything is brand new, and covered under warranty, definitely makes for some great navigating and peace of mind!

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    Share your New Houseboat Experiences

    If you've had the opportunity to purchase a new boat, why not take a moment to share the experience for others to read. Your tips, details, and stories are invaluable, and will help others who are undecided.


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