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Buying a new or used houseboat versus a high priced lakeshore cabin cottage

by Craig
(Northfield, Mn. USA)

Buying a houseboat vs a lakefront cottage cabin?

Buying a houseboat vs a lakefront cottage cabin?

I am contemplating buying a houseboat versus a high-priced lakeshore cabin cottage. I retired at the end of 2010 and decided it might be time to spend more time fishing, but after looking at real estate for some months, the realization finally set in, that I, just plain and simple, can't afford a lake cabin.

It was at that time, one of my daughters asked if it wouldn't make more sense to get a houseboat. I had rented one back in the mid-80's, and we had a ball on that thing. So that's where I am right now. The only problem is, living in Minnesota, there's not a lot to chose from.

I'd probably keep it in the NE part of Minnesota, where the lakes are primarily Canadian Shield Lakes, or basically full of large sharp rocks. I don't know if a fiber-glass hull would hold up very well, or could Tuff-stuff or Armor-all be applied (if that's even feasible).

I'd like to hear your opinions on that, too. I've seen many nice older houseboats advertised in some of the southern states, bordering the Mississippi River, so the next question is, how does a person transfer those things around, and how bad will it set me back.

I've considered an outboard vs an inboard, just for ease of working on. My thinking is I can remove the motor during the winter for any work or updates that have to be done. And if the motor goes bad, I can pop it off and replace it.

you tell this is my first houseboat? Sorry about the paragraphs and such, but I hope to maybe get started next year, and am very excited to know the Insider exists for dummies like me.

Craig from Northfield, MN, USA

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Reply - Answer
Well Craig, you don't have to feel like a dummy, as we all started somewhere before getting into houseboats.

Naturally my opinion, or most of our readers will be leaning towards getting a houseboat, so the percentage maybe a little biased.

The houseboat will be easier to explore different areas, less maintenance (generally speaking), and will allow for some utterly amazing fishing from your front deck... :)

Maybe you should consider renting another one and bring your family/friends to see if it now fits into your future "activity plans".

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their cabin cottage versus buying a houseboat experiences.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Buying a new or used houseboat versus a high priced lakeshore cabin cottage

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Health Considerations
by: Anonymous

I am a retired medical assistant, navy reservist, and realtor. My parents rented housrboats in the Sacramento River in California during my teen years. I have rented cabins and tents in the high Sierras and foothills. The difference that is most notable to me is being allergy-free on a houseboat well maintained vs. allergy plagued on land via pollen, rotting leaves, tree root fungi, animal dander, grass ( cut or seed), etc.. Senior years add the possibility of opprtunistic and/or piggy-backed ailments that weaken resistance to foul weather or off-balance one's sea legs as it were vis à vis mud, snow, etc.. Something to think about plannung ahead other than style.

The Pros & Cons - houseboat vs cabin
by: Bill V

I was once land locked, then I built my own houseboat. You have the versatility of moving arround the water with the boat.
If your lake has a lot of sharp rocks, an aluminum hull PONTOON type is best. You can have it double plated, (weld another layer on the bottom), to give you protection. The compartment that gets punctured will not flood the whole vessel, just that compartment.

Yes outboard motors are the way to go on a lake boat. I use outboards on my boat, in the gulf of Mexico, and surrounding rivers. Hope this helps out on your worries. Bill

Floating Homes - cabin cottage that floats
by: P Talley Floating Cabin Homes

Craig, I loved reading your comment regarding houseboat vs lakeshore cabin cottage! Years ago I became certified as a house boat manufacturer with the U.S. Coast Guard so I could build homes, cabins, cottages, etc... that float on water and are flood proof if placed on land!

Smiles & Blessings, Priscilla Talley

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