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Find houseboat videos dvds on boating, also books on house boats.

Are you a person who'd prefer to watch a dvd video, rather than spending hours reading a book? You'll find topics like anchoring, buying, docking, living aboard, knots, maintenance, navigation rules, safety tips and more. Watch many money saving techniques like a pre-purchase boat survey.

"Just a note to let you know we learned so much information, and it really saved us plenty of time and money." Thanks, Mary and Bill.

You're Buying a Boat? Get this video DVD first!

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In the time it takes to watch a movie, you can become a knowledgeable boat buyer. Whether you're buying a small boat, or a large houseboat, avoid getting ripped off. Get tips and experience directly from the Pros.

How to Buy or Buying Houseboats videos dvd

A boat is a big investment, and you can easily unknowingly fall into becoming a financial disaster. The recommendation I make, is to invest in your boat shopping expertise. It's the easiest, fastest way to save time and money.

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Other popular Boating DVD's or Videos

The dvd and video images on this whole page are clickable, and will open in a new window, giving you some descriptions, details, and how to buy. Just choose a subject of interest, or simply scroll down the page.

Boating Boaters Maintenance Repair Houseboat Video DVD

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Houseboat & Boating DVD's and Videos

Learn the top 100 boating mistakes, and what to do when things go wrong? Ever wonder how to go boating at night, or traveling the inland waterways? These selections will help you.

Boating Houseboat Video DVD

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Houseboat Handling and Boating Skills

Who doesn't want to improve their boating skills or knowledge. With 60 tips on handling your boat, especially with a twin engine boat, you will become the captain and master of your vessel.

Houseboat Handling Boating Skills Video DVD

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Houseboat Docking & Boat Handling

When it comes to houseboat docking, especially in bad heavy weather requires a proper game plan. Learn about single or twin screw boat maneuvers to hndle any boat with grace and ease.

Boat Handling - Houseboat Docking Video DVD

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Houseboat Living - Live Aboard House Boats

Ever wonder about the houseboat lifestyle and think that living aboard boats would be an alternative choice for you? Learn the ins and outs of living life on a boat and see the luxurious lifestyle on houseboats.

House Boat Living - Live Aboard Houseboats

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Houseboat Safety - Distress - PFD - Fire

What's more important and critical on a boat than safety for your family, crew, and passengers. Learn the top 60 safety tips and look at fire prevention on the water. Review the PFD life jacket requirements, and how to properly use visual distress signals.

Houseboat Safety Distress PFD Fire Video DVD

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Houseboat Boating Navigation Rules

Everybody has to take a drivers exam for cars, and even more important to know the laws and rules of navigation when it comes to boats. Learn about buoys, markers, instruments, navigational aids, and marine charts.

Houseboat Boating Navigation Rules

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Houseboat Dinghy - Inflatable Boat Repair

What better than having a dinghy onboard as a small portable pleasure craft. Dinghies are also an important life saving addition to any boat. Learn how to choose, types, operate, and repair inflatable boats.

Houseboat Dinghy - Inflatable Boat Repair Video DVD

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Houseboat Anchoring - Tying Knots

Since boats don't have brakes like a car, the only method is anchoring, and how to properly and safely anchor is important and vital to a good night's sleep. Learn the basics about knots, tying, and uses for a knot.

Houseboat Tying - Boating Knots video DVD

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General Boating Houseboat Maintenance

The main advantage of proper boat maintenance is to reduce the cost of future expenses and problems. Learn all 60 tips, spring commissioning, winterizing, mid-season, and how to perform marine engine maintenance.

General boating houseboat maintenance repairs video dvd

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Houseboat Repair and Maintenance

Watch how to diagnose and repair the most common boating problems, and how to get back on the raod (so to speak). learn how to install, troubleshoot, and repair 12 volt and DC circuits.

Houseboat Maintenance Repair Video DVD

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Houseboat Engine Maintenance

Boat engines work harder and in very difficult conditions. learn to to keep your gas, diesel, or outboard engine maintained properly, and how to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose problems. A must for a serious boater.

Houseboat Marine Engine Outboard Maintenance Repair Video DVD

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Boating & Houseboat 12v DC Power

Do you find 12v and battery circuits confusing? Learn how to design and install electrical and electronic equipment onboard. learn how to follow schematics, and do emergency repairs while out on the water.

Boating Houseboat DC 12v Power Repair Video DVD

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Houseboat Fiberglass Repair

When it comes to doing fixing or repairing fiberglass, it can be a time consuming process to do it properly, and those marina boat yards charge a large amount of money to do it. You too can achieve the same results, and here is a step by step guide to saving yourself a large fortune.

Boating Fiberglass Houseboat Repair Video DVD

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Marine Boat Paint - Houseboat Painting

When it comes to choosing, preparing, and painting a boat, the topic can be very confusing. Boat yards charge a lot of money to paint a boat, and here is are the simple steps to doing the job yourself, with great results.

How to Paint Houseboat Painting Video DVD

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Boat Cruising & Houseboat Traveling

When it comes to cruising or traveling on boats, there's some amazingly beautiful areas around the world, and many are only accessible by boat.

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Explore Cruising Areas & Houseboat Travel

You may be thinking of exploring new areas or destinations with a boat, than you will find these videos and dvd's to be a simple, inexpensive way to visit far away locations. There's many more areas than listed here.

Boating Cruising Destinations Houseboat Travel Areas Video DVD

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