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Pump-Out Adapters for Houseboats, there is a better way to empty your holding tank

What comes to mind when you think of doing a Pump Out? I saw your face, that squeamish look of horror and disgust, but the reality is, it needs to be done frequently and hopefully without stress or germ contact. Today, you can make the whole pump-out process simple, clean, trouble free, and without losing the cap. 

Since 1998, Tim has owned a machine shop and produces some amazing products. His latest invention will put a smile on everyones face, from houseboaters all the way to the service dock employees. Tim has recently invented, patented, and manufactures a brilliant "pumpout adapter" that installs easily, and with no tools. The ingenious "waste adapter" eliminates all the hassle and aversion involved with emptying a waste tank (black, septic, or holding tank).

The Product of the Month

New Pump Out Adapter for Houseboats

New Pump Out Adapter for Houseboats

New Pump Out Adapter for Houseboats
Pump-Out Adapters for Houseboats
Simple pumpout adapters for houseboats
Pump Out Adapter makes houseboat waste removal easy

Key Product Highlights

It's amazing how such a small item on your houseboat like a "pump-out adapter" can cause so much anxiety, but it does. No one looks forward to bending down to remove that waste cap and start the whole vacuum process, if only there was a better way?

There has to be a better way, and there is. Tim's replacement adapter is the ideal solution for removing the anxiety, the smell, bacteria contact, and the constant PITA (pain in the a..) of losing of the "waste cap".

* A low-cost replacement & waste adapter solution

* A high quality, and proudly made american product

* The retaining line feature eliminates losing the cap

* Easy one-time installation, for a hassle free future

* Sanitary, there's no contact with any human waste

* Adapters & caps available in popular thread sizes

* Available with external & tapered internal designs

* Easy pump-out with no gloves, tools, and no mess

* Adapters can be made any length and thread size

Want to Know More?

Don't let the opportunity pass you by as I personally recommend these, and I know Tim would be happy to help you find the right model adapter for your houseboat directly on his website.

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