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Advantages of Small Houseboats, starter boats with large houseboat options.

You're interested in small houseboats and would like to know what the benefits and advantages are? We'll compare Large versus Small Boats, whether to Buy or Build, places to Buy, and some free Houseboat Plans. Another popular segment of the market are trailerable houseboats as they can be trailered.

TOP-10 Reasons to Love Small Boats

You're wondering what the Pros & Cons are of Small Boats versus Large? After personally having owned many houseboats, I can honestly say that there are some compelling and majors reason to consider smaller vs larger.

Small Houseboats or Starter Boat?

 Small Houseboats with starter boats

Small Boats VERSUS Large Boats

  1. Small houseboats usually cost less to buy than larger boats.

  2. They are easier to drive, park, and handle in windy conditions.

  3. Their size allows for quicker, easier, and less costly transport.

  4. Maintenance costs are greatly reduced with a smaller boat.

  5. The cost of operating alone is one of the big advantages.

  6. Marinas have more availability, and it costs less for dock slips.

  7. Another advantage is the cost of insurance policy premiums.

  8. In a seasonal environment, winter storage cost is much less.

  9. They are often trailerable, so you can explore new areas.

  10. On a limited budget, it's a great way to start out boating for less.

  11. And as a bonus, they're so much easier to keep clean and washed.

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Models & Styles of Small Houseboats.

Like to see the various styles & models of houseboats that are common? You've been thinking about the houseboat designs of Interiors, Exteriors, Materials, or Propulsion. Here's a great list of houseboat manufacturers.

Small Trailerable Houseboats
Small trailerable houseboats are great for exploring new areas.

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Should you Buy, or Build your Own Houseboat?

Should you buy, or build a house boat is a question that gets asked often. You should first look at your options, and your skill level? Do you have the time, skills, and the tools involved for a building project, or are you more inclined to only enjoy the actual boating? We look at both aspects below:

Advantages if you Buy House Boats

You're considering buying a houseboat, this article's a good starting point. The first advantage would be the fact that you can be houseboating much quicker than if you were to build. You have a wide choice of New or Used Houseboats to choose from. We have listed some popular places to start.

NEW: Have a look at the free Houseboat Classifieds Ads section.





  • BoatSalesWorldwide

  • Houseboats Buy Terry

  • TheHouseboatStore


  • Prefer to Build your own Houseboat?

    If the idea to build a house boat started as a childhood dream, or maybe the project has always been something you've wanted to accomplish, than the section below will be of interest to you. There are many advantages.

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    Build your own Small Houseboats

    People from all over the world are presently building a houseboat. They're building Pontoon, Trailerable, Catamaran, Small, or Luxury house boats as we speak, and they're using either Aluminum, Fiberglass, or Steel or Wood.

    Build your own Small Houseboats
    There's plans for smaller houseboat types like Pontoon, Trailerable, Catamaran etc...

    These articles may interest you.
  • The basics of Building your own Houseboat.

  • The Pros & Cons of House Boat Plans.

  • Free Houseboat Plans, and almost free ones.

  • Curious about the different Houseboat Designs?

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