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There are houseboat designs for about any boating style or boat budget.

The subject of houseboat designs is never ending since style, function, and features are constantly added to provide improved functionality and practicality. They've improved incredibly since their humble beginnings.

Houseboat Designs & Styles
Styles & Designs vary by region.

The Basics on Designs
Houseboat Propulsion
Construction & Materials
Houseboat Exteriors
Houseboat Interiors

The Basics & Terms used in Houseboat Designs

For a better understanding of the different terms and houseboat styles and designs found around the world, we've put together a small selection to show the differences. These are some of the basic houseboat styles.

Planing Houseboat

The advantages of a planning hull are that with enough horsepower they can get up on plane to achieve higher speeds.
Planing Hull Houseboat Designs

Trailerable Houseboat

The trailerable house boats offer the best of both sides, considering the excellent functionality and transportability. Outboards are the common engine choice.
Trailerable Houseboat Designs

Barge Style Houseboat

The barge hull style is a common model, yet offers plenty of storage space for personal effects and equipment.
Barge Houseboat Designs

Full Hull Houseboat

The full hull style is popular since it is full width and provides a very stable platform for many boats in North America.
Full Hull Houseboat Designs

Pontoon Houseboat

The pontoon houseboat can come in the twin pontoon, or the tri-pontoon design. You will see either outboards, or sterndrives. Note: The outdrive is not installed.
Pontoon Houseboat Designs

Displacement Houseboat

The displacement style is an excellent choice for rough water, or long distance traveling. Diesel is a common engine choice for the economy and longevity.
Steel Displacement Houseboat Designs

Catamaran Houseboat

Catamaran houseboats are less popular, yet offer unsurpassed economy and stability. Dual diesel engine installations are common.
Catamaran Houseboat Designs

Luxury Houseboat

The "twin level" houseboats have to be the ultimate in size, space, comfort, and luxury. There are many available as rental units.
Luxury Houseboat Designs

Floating Home Houseboat

If simplicity and cost are a factor, than you'll find these floating home houseboats may be just for you. Great for fishing camps, or floating cottages.
Floating House Homemade Houseboat Designs

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Houseboat Propulsion Choices

You will find that gasoline is the most popular propulsion option whether in single or dual installations. Diesel fuel is also available, however it is less popular in certain parts of the world. You can find Outboard, I/O Inboard Outboard, and Sterndrives as the most common types of propulsion units.

Single Engine Houseboat Designs
I/O Inboard Outboard
Outdrive or Stern Drives
Single Engine Sterndrive

Single engine installation is cheaper, yet provides less maneuverability.

Twin Inboard Outboard Houseboat Designs
Single or Twin Inboard
Twin Engine Inboard

Propellers are "under" the boat. Note: The propellers are not on the shafts.

Twin Outboards Houseboat Designs
Dual Outboards
Twin Engine Outboards

Easy to maintain, and a dual installation provides great handling.

Twin Sterndrive Houseboat Designs
Mercruiser Stern drives
Dual Engine Outdrives

Mercuiser sterndrives are very popular, therefore parts are everywhere.

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Houseboat Construction & Materials

If you're looking at Aluminum, Fiberglass, Steel or Wood Houseboats, each construction material has unique characteristics that have pros & cons. To read more about the different houseboat construction material choices.

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Exterior Houseboat Designs

When looking at houseboat exteriors, you will find features such as Steps, Catwalks, Ladders, Water Slides, Front Decks, Railings, Fly Bridges, etc... Here's a sampling of different exterior features on some houseboat models.

Houseboat Catwalks Catwalk Houseboat Designs
Railing with Catwalks Catwalk House Boat Designs
No railing Catwalks Railing Catwalk Houseboat Designs
Bow & Front Deck Front Bow Houseboat Designs
Flybridge Houseboat Flybridge Houseboat Designs
View from the Fly Bridge Upper Pilothouse Houseboat Designs
Ladder or Steps to go up. Ladder Steps Houseboat Designs

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Interior Houseboat Designs

Whether it's being used as a base fishing camp, a weekend getaway for a couple, or a luxury houseboat, there's an Interior for any taste or budget.

Open Houseboat Designs; Open Interior Houseboat
Interior Houseboat Designs Lower Helm Interior
Interior Houseboat Designs Simple Galley Interior
Luxury Interior Houseboat Designs Luxury Galley Interiors
Luxury Interior House Boat Designs Luxury Salon Interiors

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