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The House Boat For Sale 101 Guide, learn tips how to NOT buy a lemon.

TIP: Before you run out and buy a house boat for sale, be sure to read this page first. It could very well save you thousands of dollars, and very likely eliminate months of headaches, and even possibly save your marriage!

Trust me, because in the last 40+ years of boating and after purchasing over a dozen boats most of them houseboats, I can honestly say that you don't want to being making "costly newbie" buying mistakes.

Tips Before Buying a Boat

How to Buy a Houseboat
Download it NOW!

It'll Save You Money, and
Save you Errors & Mistakes

The Boat Buyers Guide will answer questions:

  • TIP #1, have a look at How to Buy a Houseboat ebook. It will save you thousands of dollars, by knowing how to NOT buy a lemon.

  • A short list of DO's & DONT's to help you find the "perfect houseboat"

  • Tips on Used Boats For Sale, and "the How and What" to look for!

  • Want to buy a NEW or USED houseboat and wondering which is best?

  • Instead of buying, you can consider a Houseboat Vacation Rental?

  • Should you consider purchasing a Houseboat For Sale by Owner

  • Want a better look at the many different Houseboat models or types.

  • What are the benefits of Aluminum, Fiberglass, Steel or Wood boats.

  • Maybe you should consider the Exterior Interior Houseboat Designs?

  • Other costs such as loans, insurance, transport, marinas, surveys.

  • Get your free Pre-Visit Checklist to use when visiting Boats For Sale!

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