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Get a New or Used Houseboat,
and which house boats to buy?

In the boating world, there's a wide variety of budgets, and there's a New or Used houseboat to fit each one... It's like anything in the world, do I buy a New or Used one?

There's definite advantages to both, Used or New, and after careful examination, you will be able to make an educated decision...

New or Used houseboat...

There exists an ever expanding list of houseboat manufacturers
who are offering excellent products, service, and warranties.

When budget isn't an issue, there's definitely something that has to be said about walking into a showroom to order the new houseboat of your dreams.

You can pick and choose all the nifty options, and color schemes, and even have a tour of the plant as it's being built.

If your budget is tighter, well have no fear, the used houseboat market is thriving, and there's a perfect houseboat for you.

As Baby Boomers are discovering the benifits of owning houseboats, it creates constant movement between buyers and sellers.

A used houseboat is an excellent bargain considering that a major portion of the depreciation has taken place, and that the owner's often have outfitted the boats with all kinds of goodies and amenities.

One benefit depending on the state of purchase, is private sales don't incur sales tax.

Wondering which type or model houseboat to consider?

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