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Which houseboat models or makes, is the best boat design or type for you?

Are you contemplating buying a houseboat and don't know which houseboat models are best suited for you? That's a million dollar question that moves everyone in a different direction. I'll explain the options available and the different advantages (and disadvantages) of each one.

If you look at the boat market you'll find houseboat models like Pontoons, Catamaran, Full Hull, Trailerable, Planning, Displacement, Barge. I'll explain more in detail about each one.

the Pontoon Houseboat style is extremely popular, since it provides stability, practicality, and is reasonably priced. Very common model of house boats.

the Full Hull style is also an extremely popular model, since it provides stability, practicality, and storage space below the floor.

Displacement Hull

the Planing Hull style is also an extremely popular model, since it provides stability, practicality, speed, and storage space below deck.

the Displacement Hull style is a slightly less popular model, however it is well suited since it provides comfortable ride in foul weather, and an excellent hull style for fuel efficiency.

the Catamaran Hull style is a less popular model, however is the most fuel efficient since it creates little "drag" in the water.

the Trailerable Houseboat Hull style is becoming a popular model, since it is convenient to be able to trailer a smaller boat to various locations.Barge type hull

the Barge Hull style is also a popular model, since it provides stability, practicality, storage, and shallow depth.

the Stationary Floating Hull style is a less popular model, however there are communities that allow them for "residential" living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a houseboat model is usually based on the type of usage that you intend on doing. EX: Lakes, Rivers, Coastal, Traveling, Live-Aboard, etc... Statistics show half of all buyers end up buying the wrong style boat, don't become part of the statistics, use the boat-buying guide below to make the right decisions.

  • Do you plan on spending your time boating locally and doing day trips?

  • Do you plan on traveling and boating on the weekends, and vacations?

  • Do you plan on Living Aboard to fully take advantage of the Lifestyle?

  • Do you plan on making a "small" purchase now, and then upgrading later?

  • Do you plan on just to have a houseboat at a marina, and only go occasionally?

  • Do you plan on using a trailerable model, and discover new and exciting areas?

  • Do you have the tools and space and plan on building your own houseboat?

  • Do you plan on traveling and using the houseboat in rough, or foul weather?

  • Download the Houseboat Buying Guide to help you choose the RIGHT boat.

  • Curious about all the Houseboat Designs?

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