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Trailerable Houseboats are so popular, fully equipped, transportable, low cost.

Trailerable houseboats are a great combination of style and functionality. I'm surprised there aren't more of them around. I remember the first time I saw one, I was young and immediately hooked, and I bought it.

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Used Trailerable Houseboats
Don't these trailerable house boats just scream, Take Me Out?

If I had the time for a 2nd houseboat, I would be launching this baby and go fishing in some of the most beautiful lakes around the world. What does your partner think of these trailer-able houseboats? If you're here, you're either curious, or maybe you can already see the many benefits and advantages that they provide.

Since I am already living aboard a houseboat, I guess there's no point in buying a trailerable houseboat and having two boats, or is there...? :)

No but seriously, these trailerable boats are just simply the best and inexpensive way to go exploring new secluded areas on those family weekend getaways.

Trailerable Houseboats
Doesn't take long to cross a lake
Commonly Asked Questions
What Equipment on these?
The Pros & Cons about them
Looking to Buy or Sell one?
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Trailerable Houseboat Questions

  • What is the typical size and weight of a Trailerable Houseboat?
    You will find that they weigh anywhere from 3,500-9,000 pounds, and range in length from 20ft-30ft, which is easily handled and transportable.

  • What type of engines do they have, and which one's are best?
    The Outboard engines are the norm since they are easy to maintain, and the 4 strokes are clean and fuel efficient. Mercury, Evinrude, Yamaha, Honda, are some common brands. They generally range from 40-150 hp.
    Depending on engine size, you can go slow, or get up on plane and fly.

  • What kind of vehicle do you need to Tow one of these?
    Because of the lighter payload compared to other boats, you can very often tow them using a small Truck, Sport Utilities and similar vehicles.

  • Who are the Builders or Manufacturers of Trailerable Boats?
    The popular manufacturers are Nomad, Travelwave, Adventure Craft, Catamaran Cruisers, Lil'Hobo are some of the common brands found.

  • Are they good for Fishing, Camping on Family Weekends?
    Because of space, storage, and features, these are excellent to use for all kinds of boating activities for small families looking to travel and explore.

  • Are there Aluminum, Fiberglass, Steel or Wood models made?
    They manufacturer them from a variety of materials, and each material has its own benefits, and disadvantages. More info on construction materials.

  • You want to buy, should you purchase a New or Used houseboat?
    That's a good question. It all depends on your plans, budget, goals, needs, and your free time to search for a boat. For more info on a New or Used.

  • You're a beginner or new, is a Trailer-able model a good choice?
    One of my first houseboats was a "trailerable model" that got me hooked. Just because of the "supply & demand" for these means that even if you purchased one, and later decided that you wanted to upgrade to a larger model, there's a big buyer's market for a good used trailerable houseboat.

  • Trailerable House Boats
    A trailerable house boat draws little water, so excellent to anchor in secluded bays.

    What Equipment & Features

    The Equipment & Features list is constantly growing since manufacturers are realizing that the buyers are looking for speed, beauty, and comfort.
    Below is a sampling of some of the Equipment items you can find aboard.

    Trailerable Houseboat features

    The PROS & CONS of a Trailerable.

    I've listed a few points to make you ponder, since the benefits and
    disadvantages of these transportable boats is not really complicated.

    Light weight, easy to tow/drive.
    Reasonably priced starter boats.
    Travel and explore new areas.
    Great for weekend getaways.
    Require little maintenance.

    Not made for large families.
    Some have limited features.
    Very few Used Boats for sale.

    Looking to BUY or SELL one?

    I feel that there's a great demand for the trailerable houseboats, but there's very little information available. So whether you're looking for a New or Used one, or just curious about them and want more pictures, articles..., take a moment to let me know me what you think.

    NEW: Have a look at the free Houseboat Classifieds Ads section.

    Trailerable Houseboats, small trailer boats

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