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toilet smell outdoors on 2007 sommerset when flushed

we have a 2007 sommerset 80 ft houseboat in minnesota. when we flush the toilet the smell outside is disgusting. we have cleaned the tanks, added chemicals

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Problems in the architecture of Houseboats

Hello. First of all, I am a student from brazil. I have to find problems and solutions for them in the architecture of houseboats as a school project and

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Control Cable length (Lower Helm cables only)

Hi all. Does anyone happen to know the length of the throttle and or shift cables for a 89s HM 41 Medditeranean barracuda with twin sterndrives?

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1972 Whitcraft Coastal Cruiser

Tim Kind 210 5th Ave S Onalaska, WI 54650

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SPEED 4 cyl volvo Penta?

What would be a normal cruise speed with a 3 buoy 40ft houseboat with a 4 cyl Volvo Penta I/O engine ? Thanks!

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Welcome Women to the Marine Surveying Profession

Navtech US Surveyors welcomes women to the the boat inspection profession for insurance and underwriting/buy sell. Houseboats are the most requested,

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Post cruise sewage smells!

Our houseboat has a horrible sewer smell inside the cabin and out on the front deck only AFTER returning from a cruise on the lake. Any ideas? Checkpoints?

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Finding the HIN on 94 Sumerset houseboat

We cannot find the HIN in a 94 Sumerset we just purchased. Any help would be appreciated

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Any ideas on when this pontoon houseboat was made?

I am the Oral History and Digital Projects Librarian for Berkeley County Library System, headquartered in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. I am currently

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2004 Adventurecraft 28 foot

Paul Hanna phanna @ ftc

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water tanks

where is the fill holes for fresh water holding tanks on 1992 summerset.

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Why Don't You Answer Me?

I tried to buy an anchor from you and you cancelled the order but took my money (via Paypal). What's up with that? I have emailed you a half dozen times

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What type cable steering system is this?

I'm trying to find out what type of steering system my 1968 Lazy Days houseboat has, and trying to upload a picture.

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engage throttle on houseboat

my houseboat engines will not engage unless generator is running. I have not had this issue before. engines will start while on shore power but when

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I need questions answered about 1998 catamaran Aqua Cruiser 12 x 38

Where is the gray water tank located and doesn't the sink water and shower water go automatically out of the boat or does it go into the gray water tank

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Houseboat DIY water filtration and purification

I recently purchased a houseboat and I'm wanting to build a water filtration/purification system using parts I can purchase at the plumbing store. We'll

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Building my own houseboat -need a hull plan

Hi there, would like to build my own houseboat here in Germany. It should be around 45ft long and 13ft wide. But I do not want a ponton, I would like

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Pontoon house boat and rough waters!

I live on lake ontario and am interested in buying a houseboat and becoming a liveaboard the one we found was a 40 foot pontoon house boat and we found

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Hi, My name is Jeff Kennon. I grew up in Greensboro N.C. and I now live in Raleigh. Somehere in the 70's my father worked for Strandberg Engineering. The

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How to determine the fair value of 2007 Horizon 66 Houseboat?

I need help finding a source on-line that shows how much previous buyers paid for the 2007 Horizon 66 houseboat. I can't find any information when I search

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Inspection on house boat

We just purchased a houseboat in Ontario Canada and live on it year round. We had an inspection when we purchased it and it came up with a couple of problems.

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TravelWave 360

Anybody have any experience with these? Wondering about launch and recovery? Also if there is an anchor locker and if so could a windlass be mounted.

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Deck flex on pontoon houseboat build

I am planning on building a 38 x 12 foot pontoon houseboat the boat will be used on lakes and river. The pontoons are Plastic attached to galvanised steel

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Free Place to Anchor; The canal between Tropical Shores Way and the Tennis Courts at Fort Myers Beach.

I own a canal. The canal is located in the Town Of Fort Myers Beach. It is located between Tropical Shores Way and the Tennis Courts at the Fort Myers

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1972 Gibson Questions

I recently purchased a 30’ 1972 Fiberglass Gibson Houseboat. I’m looking for any and all info in regards to this vessel. Blueprints would be greatly appreciated

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Knot Rite

I am losing electrical in different parts of the boat. It is a 1972 Stardust Cruiser. All from the galley forward. I checked the 3 fuses at the helm.

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How to stop pontoon houseboat twisting

I am in the process of building a 12m x3.6m houseboat on 2 Mdpe pontoons the house section will be 7m x 3.5m constructed of SIPs (structural insulated

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76 Yukon Delta

I just bought one of these that is a bit of a project. Is there a specific forum for this brand. I'm looking for some things that might be missing from

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1975 nautaline 43 ft. where is the bow pump ? i have found the pump for the shower but cant find bow pump. the one on main control panel . PLEASE HELP

where is the bow pump ? i have found the pump for the shower but cant find bow pump. the one on main control panel . PLEASE HELP

Continue reading "1975 nautaline 43 ft. where is the bow pump ? i have found the pump for the shower but cant find bow pump. the one on main control panel . PLEASE HELP"

, Catamaran Cruiser Steering

Like my 35x10 Cat Cruiser SE, no help from manufacturer, due to new owners, My steering is stiff, does anyone have knowledge of where/how to oil/lub the

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Starlite Houseboats

Looking at a 2004 starlite houseboat. Does anybody have info. on this brand. Not a lot out on the internet. I wonder why?

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inverter batteries

What type of batteries are best for my inverter system. I currently have six 6 volt deep cycle batteries that are 10 years old and am thinking of buying

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Luxury 88' x 38' Houseboat on HDPE pontoons

I am an expatriate Australian semi retired in Malaysia with very little boating experience. The cost of living in Malaysia is low, the weather is always

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Thoughts on wood hull with fiberglass overlay?

I am considering purchasing a houseboat that is more like a floating home, no engine. It recently had a brand new wooden hull with fiberglass overlay.

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Houseboat Newbie

I am very interested in houseboats ... I have never even been on one but I believe I would love it. I love the water, beeing in on and around it brings

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HB Insulation

I am a beginner and looking to purchase a houseboat. My hope is to buy one that I am happy with and can keep for a while. I don't understand why some boats

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Motorcycle on Houseboat?

We are a few years away, but have given serious thought to living aboard a houseboat in Florida, or somewhere south. HOWEVER ... my husband has always

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Question: covering the marine plywood thoughts

I am building a houseboat and trying to understand the concerns with covering marine plywood with something like a rolled vinyl. The product is cheap

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AQUAHOME HOUSEBOAT with 307 & 327 engines

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'84 holiday mansion 36 ft

upper station steering pump has cracked case. It is not repairable. Need a 500 psi Teleflex pump. I am told contemporary pumps are 1,000 psi. Don't

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