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Gray water sensor problem?

Why is my gray water sensor saying zero when I know it has gray water in it?

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Houseboat roof weight capacity?

Have a 1998 stardust 56x14, looking to add a hot tub on the roof. Have had jet skis up there before, curious about the weight limit.

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Gibson Houseboat owner

I have a question about maintenance of a 1990, 44' Gibson houseboat. The main shower drain pump has gone out. I have changed the pump for the front wet

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Gibson propellers

I have a 1997 Gibson Classic 44 ft with 2 350 engines. I need a prop. What would be the standard pitch for that boat? Thanks

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Fiberglass gel coated panels

Hello all, new to this forum. Does anyone know where to buy the Privacy panels that are mounted to the side rails on top of a stardust houseboat? It looks

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Where to find a replacement microwave that is not too huge for the existing space?

Hello fellow houseboat friends! We are replacing appliances in our 1999 Somerset and have run into a snag: We bought a new microwave but it sticks out

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1972 carri craft pilothouse - need some help please

Hi there, I’m about to buy a motor boat for live aboard. I’m looking to find if this boat has a good reputation and if it’s not too old. I can’t find any

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Your answers are needed for my coursework!

Hi all! I'm a British student trying to do some research on a Design and Technology project on Houseboats for my A-Level. It would be really helpful if

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1967 Sundancer V Hull

I have this boat..... The title says 1967 Sundancer, it's a 40' V Hull fiberglass houseboat. I've taken it from the marina Junker to a swanky playhouse

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Installing a black and grey water holding tank in a 47 foot boatel

Hello, I just purchased a 47 foot boatel and it has a electra sand head. It works great but the marina wants me to install a holding tank. Anyone have

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Timeshare exchange for new years week in las vegas

looking for a timeshare exchange for my new years week in Las Vegas. i have a 2 bedroom suite at Hilton grand vacations for new years week i would like

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Partial Great Loop on a Live-in boat

We're retired and thinking of selling our 4000s.f. house and living on a boat fulltime. We're also thinking of doing the snowbird thing but in our live-in

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question regarding size of Myacht railing

I'm fabricating a small hook system to hang on rear top railing of owner's 2010 36' Myacht. I can't get to it now with all the Virus problems. Can anyone

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I want to replace the carpet in my 47' HarborMaster and need to know what is the best option when it is NOT under a temperature control and could get to

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buyer's guide

Does anyone know how I get a price for a used houseboat? Is there a buyer's guide. I am looking at a Gibson boat but that make is not in Nada guides.

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Teleflex M50 Univalve

I need to replace a 1976 steering valve!. Telefax Univalve Model 50. For my Boatel motor yacht with upper and lower helm. Can anyone please help me? George

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1992 14x58 STARDUST

Considering purchase of 1992 Stardust HB. Listing states 14X58 footer but iBoats only lists 50, 54, 60 footers in that range for 1972. The HB is slipped

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1985 Hilbrun 14.6x53 Isaac

Hilbrun houseboat 14.6x53 1985

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2004 Volvo KAD43-P Sterndrive for sale

2004 KAD43-P Sterndrive for sale,Ready to bolt up to your DP-E Sterndrive. This is a late model KAD43-P before it moved to the computer controlled KAD44.

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Info request-Full hull houseboat

I am new to this forum and site and am delighted with all of the information provided. I was hoping someone could provide any info regarding these 2 photos.

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Internal water pressure

I have a 2007 Summerset Houseboat. My issue is my internal water pressure sucks. I have removed all the faucet heads as well as the shower head to “flush”

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A decision I made last year

Hey everyone, my name is Scott and new to this group. For many years I've done the typical houseboat rentals on many lakes and rivers throughout the summer.

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Catamaran aqua cruiser

I have a 1995 catamaran aqua cruiser 14x48. It has 80 gallon black water holding tank that is located in one of the fiberglass pontoon. I have owned this

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Tips on entering a contract with earnest money

I am interested in purchasing a houseboat this fall, however the boat has been winterized and I will not be able to get a sea-trial before next spring,

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Trying to get some input as to costs to restripe a 80 ft houseboat

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1998 Catamaran Cruiser Lil Hobo

Where is the holding tank vent located? The toilet will not pump out and we need to find out the problem.

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Playbouy Houseboat HELP

I just purchased a 1984 Playbouy Houseboat, SN- DVN 200210984, and I can't seem to find ANY information on this boat. I contacted Avalon and Tahoe, but

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SplendorCraft fuse box

I just purchased a 1979 35', and I have looked all over for the 12 volt fuse bilge pump is out..think its the fuse...anyone know where it is?

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toilet smell outdoors on 2007 sommerset when flushed

we have a 2007 sommerset 80 ft houseboat in minnesota. when we flush the toilet the smell outside is disgusting. we have cleaned the tanks, added chemicals

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Problems in the architecture of Houseboats

Hello. First of all, I am a student from brazil. I have to find problems and solutions for them in the architecture of houseboats as a school project and

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Control Cable length (Lower Helm cables only)

Hi all. Does anyone happen to know the length of the throttle and or shift cables for a 89s HM 41 Medditeranean barracuda with twin sterndrives?

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1972 Whitcraft Coastal Cruiser

Tim Kind 210 5th Ave S Onalaska, WI 54650

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SPEED 4 cyl volvo Penta?

What would be a normal cruise speed with a 3 buoy 40ft houseboat with a 4 cyl Volvo Penta I/O engine ? Thanks!

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Welcome Women to the Marine Surveying Profession

Navtech US Surveyors welcomes women to the the boat inspection profession for insurance and underwriting/buy sell. Houseboats are the most requested,

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Post cruise sewage smells!

Our houseboat has a horrible sewer smell inside the cabin and out on the front deck only AFTER returning from a cruise on the lake. Any ideas? Checkpoints?

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Finding the HIN on 94 Sumerset houseboat

We cannot find the HIN in a 94 Sumerset we just purchased. Any help would be appreciated

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Any ideas on when this pontoon houseboat was made?

I am the Oral History and Digital Projects Librarian for Berkeley County Library System, headquartered in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. I am currently

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2004 Adventurecraft 28 foot

Paul Hanna phanna @ ftc

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water tanks

where is the fill holes for fresh water holding tanks on 1992 summerset.

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Why Don't You Answer Me?

I tried to buy an anchor from you and you cancelled the order but took my money (via Paypal). What's up with that? I have emailed you a half dozen times

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