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Can I add a hot tub to the top deck?

I'm looking at a 1999 Sumerset houseboat 18' X 96'. How do I know if I can put a hot tub on the top deck and if so, what size and where to put it? Thanks!

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Houseboat History

Would there be any interest in the history of houseboating? My dad, James Cron and longtime friend Frank Koplin started building Drifters and Stardust

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Desire to rent a houseboat 1 year before purchase

I live near Lake Travis and would like to rent and live-aboard for a year before purchase. I have not been able to find any accommodations like this.

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houseboat heating

Hi, I just bought a houseboat (concrete bottom) that has central heating system on gas. However, the houseboat is now in a place that doesn't have a gas

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Plumbing a black water holding tank

I have a 1999 sharp Houseboat that has two heads. It appears that the holding tanks for the black water were never used for black water. Instead they were

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Vac-u-flush to MSD 1

Currently have a Vac-u-flush system that I can not change the Y-valve position. Looking for a source for an Electro Scan, or Purasan Ex to repace current

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Info needed - 1992 66ft Riverchase Cruiser

I am just starting to think about buying a houseboat. I found this one for sale, but have not been able to find any real information on the manufacturer

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Accessible houseboats - where can they be purchased?

Looking to lease, rent, or buy an accessible houseboat. I am paralyzed and want to enjoy a houseboat or live on one. Where do I look?

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Price question

I’m thinking of buying a2016 sunstar home cruiser 42ft in really nice condition. Could anyone give me a rough idea of price?

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Canvas party top replacement

Has anybody seen the canvas replacement tops for houseboat. They are metal or composite panels. I am looking for information to get my canvas replaced

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Can any one tell me what make this is

So I purchased this the end of last summer boat motor and trailer for 1200. the motor was frozen up. so I started with that. rebuilt it over the winter.

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1979 Kayot 42 ft. Houseboat

Bought this little gem, late August last year and just lived with her vintage(old) charm. But, would like to make some upgrades such as bathroom vanity.

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our Houseboat 4 Heroes project

We are a non-profit, Veteran owned and Veteran operated team rebuilding this old River Queen to be able to take Veterans, Firefighters, LEO's and their

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Maximum H.P. 2003 24 ft Pontoon

I have a 2003 play time pontoon can anyone tell me the maximum horsepower rating allowed on that boat

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Is Pex piping safe to store drinking water underneath our houseboat?

Hi, We are trying to find a solution to drinking water storage on our houseboat. We do not have deck space to fit a tank, and would like to investigate

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2001 Sumerset Colorado

How can we remove the spa from the top of our houseboat? It is hardwired and we would like to remove it and open up the space on top of the boat.

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Exterior Wall Repair,Repaint

My mother recently purchased a houseboat that has peeling and cracking on the exterior. We assume it’s a fibreglass siding but don’t know how to tell and

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1966 River Queen Houseboat Project

We have had our 1966 steel-hulled 38' River Queen delivered. The plywood cabin and roof has suffered major damage but that will get rebuilt come Spring,

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George Campbell

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Tips for fixing leaky houseboat windows

Hi my wife and I purchased a 1977 Gibson 36' HB over the summer. We, and the boat, are on a lake in CO. Boat is in pretty good shape but we want to start

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Leaking water through overhead light on front of the boat

I have water coming out of the overhead light on the front of my boat. any thoughts where that water might be sneaking in? Thanks

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Water dripping through overhead light on the front of my houseboat

After a rain storm, I have water dripping from the overhead light on the front of my Gibson houseboat. Any thoughts where it might come from? Thanks

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Gray water sensor problem?

Why is my gray water sensor saying zero when I know it has gray water in it?

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Houseboat roof weight capacity?

Have a 1998 stardust 56x14, looking to add a hot tub on the roof. Have had jet skis up there before, curious about the weight limit.

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Gibson Houseboat owner

I have a question about maintenance of a 1990, 44' Gibson houseboat. The main shower drain pump has gone out. I have changed the pump for the front wet

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Gibson propellers

I have a 1997 Gibson Classic 44 ft with 2 350 engines. I need a prop. What would be the standard pitch for that boat? Thanks

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Fiberglass gel coated panels

Hello all, new to this forum. Does anyone know where to buy the Privacy panels that are mounted to the side rails on top of a stardust houseboat? It looks

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Where to find a replacement microwave that is not too huge for the existing space?

Hello fellow houseboat friends! We are replacing appliances in our 1999 Somerset and have run into a snag: We bought a new microwave but it sticks out

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1972 carri craft pilothouse - need some help please

Hi there, I’m about to buy a motor boat for live aboard. I’m looking to find if this boat has a good reputation and if it’s not too old. I can’t find any

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Your answers are needed for my coursework!

Hi all! I'm a British student trying to do some research on a Design and Technology project on Houseboats for my A-Level. It would be really helpful if

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1967 Sundancer V Hull

I have this boat..... The title says 1967 Sundancer, it's a 40' V Hull fiberglass houseboat. I've taken it from the marina Junker to a swanky playhouse

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Installing a black and grey water holding tank in a 47 foot boatel

Hello, I just purchased a 47 foot boatel and it has a electra sand head. It works great but the marina wants me to install a holding tank. Anyone have

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Timeshare exchange for new years week in las vegas

looking for a timeshare exchange for my new years week in Las Vegas. i have a 2 bedroom suite at Hilton grand vacations for new years week i would like

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Partial Great Loop on a Live-in boat

We're retired and thinking of selling our 4000s.f. house and living on a boat fulltime. We're also thinking of doing the snowbird thing but in our live-in

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question regarding size of Myacht railing

I'm fabricating a small hook system to hang on rear top railing of owner's 2010 36' Myacht. I can't get to it now with all the Virus problems. Can anyone

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I want to replace the carpet in my 47' HarborMaster and need to know what is the best option when it is NOT under a temperature control and could get to

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buyer's guide

Does anyone know how I get a price for a used houseboat? Is there a buyer's guide. I am looking at a Gibson boat but that make is not in Nada guides.

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Teleflex M50 Univalve

I need to replace a 1976 steering valve!. Telefax Univalve Model 50. For my Boatel motor yacht with upper and lower helm. Can anyone please help me? George

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1992 14x58 STARDUST

Considering purchase of 1992 Stardust HB. Listing states 14X58 footer but iBoats only lists 50, 54, 60 footers in that range for 1972. The HB is slipped

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1985 Hilbrun 14.6x53 Isaac

Hilbrun houseboat 14.6x53 1985

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