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inverter batteries

What type of batteries are best for my inverter system. I currently have six 6 volt deep cycle batteries that are 10 years old and am thinking of buying

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Luxury 88' x 38' Houseboat on HDPE pontoons

I am an expatriate Australian semi retired in Malaysia with very little boating experience. The cost of living in Malaysia is low, the weather is always

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Thoughts on wood hull with fiberglass overlay?

I am considering purchasing a houseboat that is more like a floating home, no engine. It recently had a brand new wooden hull with fiberglass overlay.

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Houseboat Newbie

I am very interested in houseboats ... I have never even been on one but I believe I would love it. I love the water, beeing in on and around it brings

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HB Insulation

I am a beginner and looking to purchase a houseboat. My hope is to buy one that I am happy with and can keep for a while. I don't understand why some boats

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Motorcycle on Houseboat?

We are a few years away, but have given serious thought to living aboard a houseboat in Florida, or somewhere south. HOWEVER ... my husband has always

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Question: covering the marine plywood thoughts

I am building a houseboat and trying to understand the concerns with covering marine plywood with something like a rolled vinyl. The product is cheap

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AQUAHOME HOUSEBOAT with 307 & 327 engines

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'84 holiday mansion 36 ft

upper station steering pump has cracked case. It is not repairable. Need a 500 psi Teleflex pump. I am told contemporary pumps are 1,000 psi. Don't

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Deck - painting

I am getting ready to paint my deck. What type of paint is best for steel houseboats? Would you use metal paint or would rhino liner be better? Any other

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Steel Hull and Cement question?????

My floating home is beginning to leak to much! I have a custom '79 steel hull 2 story floating house (The Whimsy). She was originally a flat open work

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Propane Furnace for Houseboat, How Big?

We're new liveaboards as of spring in St Paul, Minnesota. As many are aware it gets cold up here, and we're going to brave the winter and continue to live

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1975 gibson 42 hull

I am interested in a older Gibson with no windows or motors how much would I expect to pay for something like this for a project boat

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Too tall to move...

How much should it cost to remove the top flight deck fiberglass of my house boat and put it back on after moving. It is 5 feet to talk to transport

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Deck boat to houseboat?

Spied a 26' Bayliner Rendezvous deck boat and I'm toying with the idea of buying it and taking everything off/out from the deck up, keeping the sides of

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Macerate - Gibson 2001 50 ft Classic

Just purchased our first Houseboat. Owned SeaRay cruisers up to this point, 42 was the our last. Question I have is do Houseboats, specifically this

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Why are there no houseboat communities on Okanagan Lake?

seriously - why?

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Water pressure

We just bought a 1978 Gibson 36' Houseboat. We're not sure why, but the water pressure in not lasting once we turn off the shore water from the birth.

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1996 Gibson Sport 42 with jet drive

Hi. Does anyone have any information on the motor and jet drive Gibson used in 20 boats built in 1996. I cannot find a thing on the net. Thanks.

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replacement for heat/air on a houseboat. Marine air or heat pump

Our 18 year old heat pump is going out on our 64' houseboat. We've gotten one bid to replace the heat pump, but decided to explore marine air. Has anyone

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Sharpe party roof construction

Looking at purchasing a 1999 Sharpe houseboat and noticed some of the stanchions for the railing on the upper deck are a bit loose. What is the material

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Something really, really different.

I would like the opinion of those knowledgeable in boat design and operation in my very different boat idea. I would like a week-ender live aboard but

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Replacement screens for houseboat

Looking for replacement screens for houseboat. They have round corners and can't find anyone in Cincinnati, Ohio to make them.

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Needing some parts for 1979 Gibson 50

Hello everyone. I am in the process of refurbing our 1979 50 foot Gibson. Needing to find a window handle/ latch and these meters. Can anyone help? I know

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tilting myacht 3508

We have a minor (10 degree) starboard list caused by water which had leaked around the gas tank and black water tank (not in the tanks but trapped around

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1995 44 ft Gibson Houseboat Owners Manual

I just bought a 1995 Gibson Standard 44 foot houseboat. Can anyone tell me where I can find an owners manual?

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Average top speed for single engine Gibson 37 with Penta 570

I'm looking at a 1992 37' Gibson Sport Series with a single Volvo Penta 570 gas engine. I haven't had a chance to look at the props yet. I was wondering

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Startdust cruiser

Looking for manual drawings for 1970 Stardust Cruiser

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Hull identification number

Where can I find the HIN on a 1977 Yukon Delta 26 foot I/O houseboat? I’ve also been told there should be a “backup” secondary plate located somewhere

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69 Riverqueen need of how to paint the bottom and with what type of paint

Painted bottom of boat this year.and paint is peeling off bad.what did I do wrong? I used rustolieum paint..over epoxy...

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Need help identifying velvet drive

Can anyone tell how to find more information about my velvet drives. The nameplates are red in color with model # 10-04000-002 Serial # 2791 Ratio - E

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towing a 1986 aqua cruiser


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Reporter Hoping to Speak with Recent Houseboat Owners

Hi. I'm working on a news article for on folks buying houseboats and living on them at least mostly full-time. I was hoping to speak with a

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Help! New to this world, looking for..

Hello! My name is Thea, and I am very very new to this boat living world. So new, in fact, that I'm actually not in it yet. My goal is to spend about 6

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Catamara Cruisers front deck railings

Good day everyone, I have a 26ft catamaran cruisers houseboat with rotted rails on the front deck. They are made of plywood sandwiched between vinyl panels,

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safety gates for toddlers

Where can I find safety gates that will fit on my houseboat to protect the toddlers?

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Aluminum tank monitors install

How do you install monitoring gauges on an older aluminum tank with no access ports

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Info on a 1989 Aqua Marine 44?

I am trying to research a 1989 Aqua Marine, current owner listed it as an Aqua Marine, 1989 year model and 45 foot long. I cant find any info on that make/model.

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1972 Stardust Cruiser

Where is the black water holding tank located on this boat, unable to locate?

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Electrical Leakage/Shock

HI, Sorry if this has been addressed but I could not figure out how to search the forums. With increasing discussion of ESD and using ELCI's, I was wondering

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