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Houseboat Props, boat propellers for high thrust, more stopping and reverse power

Houseboat props, boat propellers that provide higher thrust with better reversibility, and that stop much faster are a houseboaters dream come true. Combine these characteristics along with really competitive pricing and you have a winning combination. If you are looking to upgrade or replace your props, you can now get these amazing houseboat propellers at factory-direct pricing.

RHC houseboat props thrust stopping reverse propellers

Houseboat Props, better thrust, stopping, and reverse propellers

There's now specially designed large diameter propellers for houseboats that can greatly improve the handling and performance of high windage or large superstructure boats. These heavy load propellers help boats to stop or reverse much better than the standard traditional props commonly installed by boat manufacturers and marine dealers.

RHC Boat Propellers made for Houseboats

* Manufactured for work barges, pontoon boats, and houseboats

* Designed for increased stopping power and reverse thrust

* Low pressure trailing edge cupping helps to hold boat in wind

* Helps pontoon boats and houseboats turn more effectively

* Patented RHC prop provides up to 200% more reversibility

* Reverse Hook Cup technology helps stop forward momentum

Customer testimonials say that the new RHC propeller "literally takes the fear out of returning to the marina," and with this prop "the stern now will swing around and hold into the wind."

RHC houseboat props thrust stopping reverse propellers
Houseboat Props, better thrust, stopping, and reverse propellers

RHC Props - Reverse Hook Cup technology

Traditional propellers are designed with forward momentum in mind, where as heavy boats like barges, work boats, pontoon boats and houseboats require added performance in areas of handling, stopping, and reversibility. A common factor amongst these boats is their increased windage or their much larger superstructures, so naturally the technological benefits of a reverse hook cup propeller are immense and immediately felt.

Unique Houseboat Props Boat Propellers

These uniquely designed props are becoming very popular because they provide up to a 200% increase in both stopping the forward momentum, and far superior performance with the ever important reverse thrust. The benefits and performance factors are realized not just out on the open water but also in tight quarters like docking, small marinas, and in controlling the boat in snug crowded maneuvers.

Heavy Boats - high thrust and large diameter

Choosing the right propeller for your boat is of major importance as it is the sole biggest performance item that affects fuel efficiency, safety, propulsion, and of course the ever important handling and control.

Both Directions - stop faster, reverse better

Since the leading and trailing edges are cupped to different degrees, the performance enhancements are felt both in forward and reverse. Who couldn't use faster stopping, and better reversibility?

Popular Brands and Propeller Manufacturers

Whatever type of houseboat, engine, motor, propulsion, or drive you have, whether sterndrive or outboard, there's likely a reverse hook cup propeller with the right diameter and pitch for your application.

  • Mercruiser
  • Mercury
  • Evinrude
  • Volvo
  • Yamaha
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Tohatsu
  • Spirit
  • Suzuki

  • Quality Product & Specialists to Help You

    When your boat has the right propellor(s), the benefits and payback are huge when you consider the better fuel efficiency. Just increasing the cruising speed by 10% might very easily translate to the props paying for themselves in the first year. By sending you directly to the prop manufacturer, their in-house engineering can help you in selecting the correct propeller to achieve your boats maximum performance.

    Houseboat Props, better thrust, stopping, and reverse propellers

    Ready for a BETTER Houseboat Propeller?

    If you're ready to look at the sizes and prices of these far superior houseboat propellers, we can put you in touch with manufacturer and leader in the industry. The majority of the popular propellers are competitively priced in the $100-$200 price range. They have the majority of the popular prop diameters and pitch that you may need, this way you can get factory direct pricing.

    Houseboat Props, better thrust, stopping, and reverse propellers

    RHC Houseboat Props Boat Propellers

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