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Is there VA Houseboat Loans available?

by rhonda
(Brunswick, Me)

Any houseboat programs with the VA (Veteran Affairs dept.)

Any houseboat programs with the VA (Veteran Affairs dept.)

Does the (Veteran Affairs) VA finance loans on houseboats?

Thanks, Rhonda

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Reply - Answer
Rhonda, that's an interesting question, and since I don't know, I would recommend going to the Veterans Affairs office directly.

Possibly one of our readers can post a comment if they have had any experience with houseboat loans through the VA office.

Hope this all helps...
IAN - from

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Comments for Is there VA Houseboat Loans available?

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VA Loans
by: Anonymous

VA loans are not permitted because of the lack of a foundation. I live on a boat and wish they did, but they do not, and has nothing to do with homelessness.

VA home loans for houseboats
by: Scott

Sadly the VA does not consider it as a permanent home. I'm a veteran, and I am looking at buying a houseboat myself. The VA will not allow it because the risk of being homeless increases with the boat and they have enough problems with homeless veterans as it is.

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