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Houseboat Windows and Doors sizes - try RV Trailer Campers

Houseboat doors & windows - RV Trailer websites

Houseboat doors & windows - RV Trailer websites

We have bought a houseboat and want to improve on it but we seem to have difficulty finding some odd size parts & accessories. Where can you get the odd size windows, doors, parts and supplies?

Thanks for any help.

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Reply - Answer
To answer your question about where to find many odd size or unfamiliar parts for your houseboat.

Many of the houseboat manufacturers use parts & equipment commonly found on camping style RV Trailers.

You're looking for RV Trailer websites, you'll find that RV Parts Outlet is a great source for many of those hard to find items. They also have great pricing and excellent customer service. Here's the link to doors, and windows.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat RV Trailer parts experiences.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Houseboat Windows and Doors sizes - try RV Trailer Campers

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Window dimmensions
by: Anonymous

Trying to find out the window dimensions on a 1998 Sumerset 75X16 - the front corner windows is what we need to know the dimension of... Can someone help??

Gibson Window Manufacturer - Parts - rubber channel run
by: Gary

I'm looking for the sliding window manufacturer's name for my 1994 Gibson 37' Sports Series Houseboat. Better yet, if anyone has any information on the rubber channel run used in these windows. The windows are in good condition but there is little to nothing left for the channel run, it is a flexible U shaped and may have been flocked but cannot tell as nearly nothing is left. I contacted Gibson and the new owners got back to me very quickly. They did not have the part and said they did not have records for the window manufacturer from that time period but suspect it may have been Taylor. Taylor said that they did not make the windows for Gibson but sent me diagrams of the product they had but could not confirm that it would fit. So, if anyone has any experience with replacing it, please let me know where you purchased it. If anyone has a Gibson Houseboat from this era, please send/post a photo of this so I can see what it should look like. My boat has spent its entire life in the Florida Keys and in turn, has had a lot of sun on it. So, a photo of what this part should look like would help a lot. I'm not finding anything similar to what I see online with boat/RV window parts dealers. I just rebuilt both the port and starboard walls and want to make sure no water gets in, that was a monumental task. The plywood was completely gone around the windows due to leaks from lack of a seal with the frame. Frame sealed now with 4200, now I need to make sure the windows are watertight. They still do well except in driving rain... Thanks!

Thank you
by: Green Side Up

Just wanted to say thank you to all who are trying to advise & assist.

Source for Houseboat Parts - try an RV Parts store
by: Anonymous

When it comes to finding hard to find parts, this maybe another good source for RV parts and accessories is

Houseboat Windows and Doors - how about custom made?
by: Ray

In response to getting replacement doors and windows for houseboats, I would recommend finding a company that will custom make them for you. I'm sure you would find the cost not that much more, if at all, and you would be getting exactly what you want and they would fit much better.

I had to go this route many years ago when the rear door on my old RQ was destroyed by ignorant burglers. I ended up with a door far superior to the ones available for instant installation.

This door still looks as good as when it was installed over 20 years ago. As I recall, the cost was only a few dollars more than a ready made. Ya git what ya pay for and it costs very little more to go first class. With windows, make sure you go with Marine Approved glass.

Windows and Doors
by: Suzanne

I agree with the RV sites as we replaced the windows in our houseboat years ago. I found the original manufacturer in British Columbia, Sun View Industries in Summerland.
Our windows were for a Three Buoys houseboat.

The windows were exact replacements, a wonderful product, with fast reasonably priced product and shipping.

You can also try eBay for RV surplus stores as we found parts for our motorhome on eBay. It was much cheaper than going to the original manufacturer.

Good luck, Suzanne

Your reply to anonymous.
by: Anonymous

I liked your reply to anonymous. I LOVE this site, I have learned so much from this site.

My husband and I have our land house up for sale to become full time liveaboards and know nothing about house boats.

Summerset windows

Had to build a form and make both front windows for my houseboat could not find them anywhere now other people r wanting them

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