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Houseboat Energy Savings Tips - power consumption of computers and laptops

by Nathan Hampton
(Fairview, OK)

Houseboat Energy Saving Tip - Computer and Laptop Power

Houseboat Energy Saving Tip - Computer and Laptop Power

If your interested in houseboat energy savings, have a look at the power consumption of desktop computers, laptops, and netbooks to compare the amount of wattage that they draw.

I just read the article on saving energy before installing a wind or solar power. A simple change that can have a HUGE power savings is changing your PC from a desktop, to a laptop or even a netbook.

Many desktop power supplies are in the 2000W range.
Laptop power supplies usually are in the 180W range.
My little Acer netbook only pulls 30W.

Since laptops and netbooks usually have batteries anyway the manufacturer is induced to reduce power consumption and offer all manner of reduced power consumption options that desktops can't usually touch.

These also tend to work better with inverters since they clean the power two or three times before using it and are less susceptible to brown out and power spikes.

Further, some manufacturers even offer direct DC supplies to reduce power loss in converting generated power from DC -> AC -> DC. At a mere 30W, a netbook can almost be a self-sufficient appliance in its own right with a direct solar array fed directly to it.

I just wanted to share my thoughts, Nathan of Fairview, OK.

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Reply - Answer
Well Nathan, welcome to the houseboat forums, and congratulations on discovering the huge differences on power consumption between desktop PC's, and laptops or netbooks.

On our houseboat, and as part of our daily lives, we use a laptop, gps, and marine navigation software, and it all makes planning our trips a simple breeze.

Another one of major advantages of laptops and netbooks is their size and mobility, and because of their low power requirements, it can all be handled by a small AC-DC power inverter, or a solar panel.

A big benefit of all these energy saving tips, many houseboaters now have solar panels installed. Many of our readers have submitted articles on how their houseboats are powered by solar panels.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their experiences with laptops or desktop computers on their houseboats. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Water heaters and saving electricity
by: Charlie

Would leaving the hot water switch off until about 15 mins before hot water is needed save electricity, or is it ok to leave it on?

Thanks, Charlie.

LED low power lighting for houseboat lights
by: tswill2

For a source of parts and units for do-it-yourself LED items, I found this outfit to be very good.

I have added wiring, resistors and LEDs into my 12V dome lamps to add low current LED strings which provide enough light to see your way around without ruinng your night vision. Tom

Power usage
by: Old houseboater

I believe that you will find that most desktops use 200 watts or less, not 2000, and the average laptop is about 65 watts, not 180.

Good tips for houseboaters
by: Seattle Houseboats

With all of our floating homes and houseboaters in Seattle, this is a great tip for power savings.

Sam DeBord
Seattle Waterfront Real Estate Broker -

How I save Money watching tv
by: Chuck Rogers

My kids often leave on the tv and video game machines in my Houseboat. To save my precious energy, I got Tv Trickle Saver! It works wonderfully.

Power consumption
by: BillV

If anyone is using a laptop or notebook, You DON"T need a GPS as a separate unit. There is software to use on the laptop to do the same thing. This saves even more power.

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