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The unique Backwater Houseboats
 India is the only place in the world.

The Houseboats India has to offer are unlike anything anywhere!

The uniqueness is truly an attracting feature since many of the luxurious houseboats have been converted and renovated from cargo boats. They provide all the modern comfort and conveniences that guests have come to appreciate, and many come equipped with a full crew to handle chores.

The boats are an excellent choice to use to wind your way through all the lakes, canals, backwaters, and lagoons that are common. While traveling around the areas of India, be sure to absorb all of it's natural beauty.

Curious about India, here's a map to help you visualize the surroundings. The site is constantly being updated with new information, so be sure to join our free Newsletter/Magazine, it's a useful resource available to you.

Houseboats India
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What better than a Video to show you!

This video is done by people out on India Houseboats.
It shows the sights, sound and scenery that you'll see.

Some of India's Local Attractions

  • Fishing is popular and the crew can prepare a feast with your catch.

  • Backwater Tours are common considering the beauty of the lagoons.

  • Sight Seeing is a popular activity filled with culture and history.

  • The Wildlife is breathtaking and allows for some incredible pictures.

  • Food & Cuisine are another major attraction to be tried and savored.

  • Local Town visits are abundant with people, heritage, and beauty.

  • Popular India Houseboat marina areas

  • Alleppey
    is located on the south western part of India, near the town of Conchin

  • Kashmir
    is on Dal Lake, near the town of Srinagar, in the heart of Jammu state

  • Kerala
    is on the south-western part of India, just north-east of Conchin city

  • Kumarakom
    is on Vembanad Lake, and located 15 km from the town of Kottayam

    Rental Houseboats India

  • Kerala Luxury Houseboats rentals
  • Alleppey Houseboat packages (coming soon)
  • Kumarakom houseboat packages (coming soon)
  • Kashmir Kerala house boat vacation (coming soon)
  • Tips for planning a House Boat Rental Vacation

  • Houseboat Business Ads for House Boats

    Houseboats For Sale

  • Interested in useful Tips before buying a Houseboat For Sale
  • Instead of Buying, maybe a Rental can be another alternative
  • How to screen the Houseboat Classified ads and save Time & Money

  • House Boat Services

    Here are some links to common services like Marinas, Transport, Storage, Surveyor's, Loans, Insurance and so on.

    Area map of India

    India Houseboats
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