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Planning Tips for House Boat Rentals.

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Tips & Ideas to Plan Great House Boat Vacations

You're taking the family on a house boat vacation and need rental info. Curious about what to bring or do on a boat, and how to get a good deal on holiday rentals, than you're on the right page, I should be able to help.
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Commonly Asked Questions
What do I need to Bring
What's equipped on boats
What about Things to Do
How much does it Cost
How to get a good Deal

Tips to Plan House Boat Rentals

When it comes to preparing for a houseboat holiday, you'll find that a little preparation goes a long way in making it one of your most enjoyable trips ever! We have some questions on house boat rentals, and answers below:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far ahead to reserve? You have 3 choices, depends on date.
    #1 For a specific date, best to reserve 9-12 months in advance.
    #2 Less critical about dates, you can reserve 4-9 months ahead.
    #3 A date is not critical, there's last minute deals available.

  • Any others cost involved? There's very few other costs added, generally fuel that you burn (@ $50-150/day), and maybe insurance costs (@ $10-45/day), and any optional activities such as ski-boat rental, water-taxis for guests, or para-sailing etc...

  • Is a deposit required? Yes, to reserve a houseboat will require a deposit which is deducted when you arrive. The balance is generally payable 60-90 days prior to arrival. Most rental centers will require a security deposit which is reimbursed upon returning the boat.

  • You have no Experience? Not a problem if you've never driven a houseboat before, since you will receive training and instruction prior to departure. Because of different requirements worldwide, always contact the rental company prior to confirm any necessary details.

  • What about small pets? Pets and animals generally don't enjoy being in a confined area so possibly an other alternative would be better for them. Call them to see what the conditions are regarding pets. We love our dog, and generally small dogs are accepted.

  • Will your Cellular work? Cellular service depends on the distance from towers, so depending on the lake location and towers, cellular service should be available, however confirm first just to be sure.

  • Is there Internet access? Many of the marinas now have wireless internet available, some for free, others for a small fee. The access may not be available in all locations while out traveling on the lake.

  • Can you lock the doors? Depending on the houseboat model, the doors generally lock should you want to leave the boat unattended. This way you can feel free to go visiting nearby towns & attractions.

  • Can children be safe? Small children on a boat require adult supervision at all times, therefore be prepared to bring a proper fitting life jackets for each child aboard and enjoy the activities.

Other Topics on House Boat Rentals

  • What to Bring on a houseboat? Generally you are required to bring personal items, and any item that you would launder at home such as, bed linens, towels, pillows, dish & tea cloths, blankets and so on. Don't forget to bring items like sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, water toys, fishing rods, games, books, and all items that you would normally bring to a hotel.

  • What comes equipped on a boat? They generally have full bathrooms with showers, propane BBQ's, Stereo, full equipped kitchens, generators, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, VHF radios. Depending on your budget, there are some "luxury models" which have a very extensive options list.

  • What to Do on a house boat? A list of activities depends on your age group and energy level. You can fish, swim, read, BBQ, sunbath, dance, relax, anchor, beach the boat, and the list goes on and on. If you plan to have a party while onboard, do look at our simple Houseboat Party Ideas

  • How much does it Cost? The cost of a houseboat rental depends on many factors such as boat size, time of year, the amount of people, and the luxury level that you would like. A ballpark figure, prices can vary from $750 to $5000 US per week, so there is something for every budget.

  • How to get a Good Deal! Some ways to get a good deal are to choose a date that isn't in the "high period", therefore greatly reducing the cost.

    Another option is to share the cost of house boat rentals amongst more people to spread out the expense between a larger group. A bigger boat usually isn't much more.

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