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How can a House Boat be a Houseboat,
 if many Houseboats are House Boats?

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House Boat Spelling - Confusion:

If you've ever noticed, there's so many ways to describe them that it even gets confusing for houseboater's. No wonder people have called them boat houses, floating trailers, floating house, deck boats, and even pontoons.

Urban legends, Myths or Rumors:

An urban legend has it that people who use them are law breaking, gypsies, and want to get out of paying property taxes. In over 30+ years of boating, and after seeing places all over North America, never has this been the case. The attraction to houseboating has to be the casual paced, relaxing, scenic natured, family oriented activity.

Live on a Boat:

In many cultures around the world, it's common place to live on the water. Many countries allow and promote this activity, instead of creating new laws and regulations to hinder it. Look at places like Australia, Amsterdam, India, Asia, United Kingdom, and see that only in North America is it overly taxed and regulated.

Lowers Property Values:

The builders and developers want to eliminate the waterfront access and marinas in order to build profitable projects on the shoreline. Many of the marinas are having difficulty with the large quantity of laws, rules, taxes and regulations, making it difficult to stay in business.

Floating House Community:

The “floating house” communities around the world like Australia, India, Asia, and Amsterdam are all major tourist attractions, and evidence that everybody can co-exist amongst the marine environment. Many of the communities have a waiting list, and the properties are in short supply, causing them to be grabbed up as soon as the are put up for sale.

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