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Are cheap houseboats a good deal? Yes, No, and all the Pros and Cons.

Are inexpensive or cheap houseboats a good deal is a question you may be asking yourself. The short answer is Yes and No, and the longer explanation is the basis for this page. We'll look at the Pros & Cons, and the details for each answer.

The Basics and Pros & Cons of Cheap Houseboats

The topic of cheap houseboats or low priced boats gets discussed often in marinas around the world. The term "cheap" should be substituted for words like low-cost, inexpensive, budget, or starter houseboats. The house boat market is very similar to the automotive field, where buyers can purchase from "base or standard" models, right up to the luxury, fully loaded, or high-end models.


  • Because of the lower cost, it's easier for you to get your first boat.

  • The "standard or base" model provides 90% of the boating experience.

  • The lower purchase price allows for less depreciation and re-sale loss.
  • The CONS

  • If you like many of the "bells & whistles", there's less optional "extras".

  • You may end up installing many of the "extras" afterwards anyways.

  • Lower price sometimes means lower quality components or materials.

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    Questions about Cheap Boats?

    A collection of the common questions to help demystify the rumors about cheap houseboats. Many great houseboats around the world are of the "standard-starter-base model" variety. Millions of people can't be wrong!

  • The difference between luxury, and standard/starter models?
    When comparing the differences between both, you'll notice that most of the luxury houseboats generally have a longer list of "optional" extras such as decor, comfort, navigation, exterior, and entertainment items.

  • Are they made as well as the high-end houseboats.
    Very often, the luxury and the "starter series" are built to the same basic specs. The hulls, tanks, walls, windows, floors and base equipment, are of the same quality, the differences occur in the "upgrades and options".

  • Are they just as good as the higher-end houseboats?
    You'll find "starter and luxury" houseboats anchored in the same bays, and traveling the same lakes. I'm sure both captains love their houseboats. You can have a look at Manufacturers, Pontoon Houseboats, or Trailerable Houseboats.

  • Which manufacturers offer low-cost houseboats?
    Looking for manufacturers offering low-cost houseboat packages to get started in houseboating, than try Adventure Craft, Catamaran Cruiser, Destination Yachts, Myacht Houseboats, and Nomad Houseboats.

  • Is it a wise investment to buy a cheap houseboat?
    Boats aren't an investment, but you'll find that there is always a market for lower priced, inexpensive houseboats. This means, should you want to upgrade later down the road, selling your boat shouldn't be a problem.

  • To get a cheap houseboat, here are some options?

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