A complete House Boat Plan is the difference between Success or Failure

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My late dad and I built a houseboat when I was young, and it was an experience that changed my life forever. It wasn't a "mega yacht" by today's standards, but was built with our own hands and lots of sweat.

house boat floor plans
An overview of a house boat floor plan

Great Tips to Help with Boat Building

* Once you have decided to build a boat, you will be needing some building materials, marine parts, and technical building information.

There is Pros & Cons to building your own, and you have to fully understand all the various decisions and choices to be made such as:

construction materials, propulsion choices, plumbing, electrical, heating, equipment requirements, and Coast Guard requirements to name a few.

As you can see, in order for my Dad and I to build a boat, we had plans, and made many choices before starting to build our dream house boat.

New: Speaking of dreams, I just finished reading a great book on a families houseboat building experiences, that I really want to share it with you.

So Many Decisions & Choices in Building Plans

  • So many HB models and types, which one is best?
    When it comes to building a boat, have you decided which houseboat model you're considering? Do you build a Trailerable, Pontoon, Barge...?

  • Is there Pros & Cons to building your own houseboat?
    Before you start building your own houseboat, it's advisable and a good idea to go to Part-1 page and look at the Pros & Cons of such a project?

  • So many choices for different construction materials?
    Have you considered which material you will use for construction, your choices can be a simple as Aluminum, Fiberglass, Steel, and Wood?

  • Where does a man start with a project like this?
    Since the House Boat Plans section is made up of two parts, to fully understand what's involved, start at Part-1, or click here for FAQ's.

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