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Ideas for a Homebuilt Houseboat and Plans for Homemade House Boats.

Is a homebuilt houseboat on your list of things to do? You'd like to find plans for a homemade houseboat to get you started in the right direction. We'll look at the variables involved on how to build your own houseboat!

The Advantages of a Homemade Houseboat

Are you looking at the advantages, or the Pros & Cons of whether to build a house boat? The list below will show you the benefits and good reasons.

  • Build a house boat to match your needs and specifications.

  • You can install the features & options that you want and use.

  • You can combine the "custom designs" found on other boats.

  • When you build your own houseboat, the cost is much less.

  • Using "second hand or used parts" further reduces the costs.

  • A great sense of pride & accomplishment from such a project.

  • And lastly, is a great way to start out houseboating for less.

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    Popular Homebuilt Houseboat Designs

    You're curious about houseboat models & styles that are commonly used? Also look at houseboat designs, since it covers all the different Materials, Propulsion, Interiors and Exteriors.

    Homebuilt Houseboats
    Whether homemade or homebuilt, there's houseboat designs for everyone.

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    Should you Buy, or Build your Own Houseboat?

    Buy a Houseboat if you're interested in getting out boating quickly. Build a Houseboat if you have the tools, time, space, and skill level.

    Prefer to just Buy House Boats

    If you're considering buying a houseboat, this article is a good starting point of what's involved. We have listed below some popular places to start your search for a house boat.





  • BoatSalesWorldwide

  • Houseboats Buy Terry

  • TheHouseboatStore


  • Prefer to Build your own Houseboat?

    The idea started out as a childhood dream, or possibly it's a project you've always wanted to accomplish, than the section below will be of interest to jump start the idea for you. There's many reasons to build a house boat.

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    Simple Homebuilt Houseboat Ideas

    Around the world, at this very moment, people want to build a house boat. They're building Pontoon, Trailerable, Catamaran, or Small Houseboats as we speak, and using either Aluminum, Fiberglass, or Steel or Wood.

    Homebuilt Houseboat Building
    There's low cost, and even free houseboat plans to help get you started.

    These articles below may be of interest to you.

  • The Basics of Building your own Boat.
  • Pros & Cons of House Boat Plans.
  • Low-Cost and Free Houseboat Plans.
  • Curious about Houseboat Designs?

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