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Is there Houseboat Property Taxes? New or used boats taxed also?

Houseboat Taxes - property and sales tax

Houseboat Taxes - property and sales tax

How are property and sales taxes collected on a houseboat? The reason I am asking about property taxes, or sales taxes for that matter, is that I'm contemplating buying a house boat.

I would imagine that there's sales taxes on a new boat, maybe even on a used houseboat, but I just don't know if there's any property taxes?

Do houseboat owners have to pay property taxes if it's only used for pleasure, or also if you use it as a second residence.

If anyone has any information, I'd be really interested to know.


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That's a very common question, since many people would think that there would be houseboat property taxes. In reality, the marinas would be paying the property taxes and as part of the expense, a portion of it reflected in your dock fees.

The other popular form of tax collected on or from houseboats would be the sales tax levied on the houseboat purchase side.

You would have to check with your local state sales tax regulations to see if it applies on only new houseboats, or also on used houseboats.

Maybe some of our other readers from around the world can let us know by posting comments, on how this issue is handled in other areas of the houseboating world.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their houseboat property and sales tax experiences and tips.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Is there Houseboat Property Taxes? New or used boats taxed also?

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A twist on the original question
by: DP

What if you buy a houseboat and plan on using it as your PRIMARY residence? I understand that every state is going to get their sales tax so won't even ask about that.

So, if you do not plan to stay in any one place on a permanent basis but instead plan to travel, what kind of taxes could you be expected to pay?

And, as stated above anchorages are free, right?

Property Tax
by: Crystal

We live in TN but have a houseboat in NC. The county that the houseboat resides in (at a slip at a marina) is trying to charge us property taxes on the houseboat.

I've always heard / thought that you didn't have to pay property taxes on a houseboat. Who do I discuss this with?

Depends on the State of Principal Use

The question of Property/Sales Taxes as it applies to Houseboat Ownership depends on the state of principal use.

For instance, if you're purchasing a used houseboat and plan on keeping it or moving it to Kentucky you would not pay a sales tax, but you would pay an annual personal property tax.

If you're purchasing a used houseboat and plan on keeping it or moving it to the State of Tennessee you would pay a sales tax, but you would pay no property tax.

When it comes to used boats, you will pay whatever is applicable in the state of principal use.

Houseboat tax question?
by: Stac

My question is this, if I buy a property with a pond, and buy a houseboat, what, besides property, taxes apply? I live in Pa.

Personal Property Tax on Houseboats
by: Leigh

Here in Arkansas it is a County Personal Property Tax that covers this. You have to assess your personal property eg: vehicles, boats, 4 wheelers, campers etc...

You assess every year, and you are taxed on 5 % of the market value. 80 % of this money collected gets dispursed out to the public schools that is in that county. The remaining 20 % funds county roads, county salaries, county library, etc.

Houseboat Taxes, on Boat and Permit Value.
by: JK

Our houseboat is located on Lake Shasta (California) which is managed by the U.S. Forest Service. In addition to our monthly moorage, we pay an annual US Forest Service fee plus Shasta County property tax of 1% of the boat and permit value.

This is paid once a year and is handled just like the property tax on your home ... you get the bill and then you send a check to the Assessor. JK

Reply - Answer
Well JK, welcome to the houseboat forums, and thank you for sharing this valuable house boat property tax information with us all.
IAN from

About Houseboat Taxes
by: roger

Ian was correct in his answer, I've always thought that a houseboat was like an RV. If you go into an RV park to stay, part of the cost of your stay is what the park pays in property taxes, but if you go into a Walmart parking lot for an overnighter, it's free.

Same thing as houseboat at marina, same as RV park, but anchor out and it's free. You may have an annual license fee on the houseboat in some places which have designated anchorage areas, they're usually small fees..

by: Rhonda Boo

Here in Ga, one pays taxes annually on all types of vehicles. It depends on value of vehicle. Constitution states we can not be taxed more than once on anything. What a joke!

Personal Property Taxes on Houseboats in GA
by: Monte

Here in GA, one pays personal property tax once a year on a boat. It's based on a percentage of the value just like a house, and is levied by the county where the boat is located.

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