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Houseboat Dock Slip Fees - What Prices or Rates, do Marinas Cost or Charge?

by Mike Derrico

Rates or prices marinas charges for houseboat dock slip fees?

Rates or prices marinas charges for houseboat dock slip fees?

When it comes to houseboat dock slip fees, what rates or prices, will marinas charge or cost for house boats? Just a quick question, what is an average dock fee for a houseboat?

I mean I'm sure it depends on where you are at and all that great stuff, but let's say for 36 foot River Queen, what's the most you would expect to pay?

Thanks for helping me, Mike.

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Well Mike, that is a good question, and I wish I could give you a definitive answer, yet I presume you may have forgotten to add your location or area of interest.

So with this in mind, I will venture out on a limb and try to give you a low and high ballpark figure in North America or USA.

You would be looking at an average of @ $2000-4000 dollars a year, all of this depending on location, proximity, area, services, security, facilities and whether you wanted a covered or uncovered slip.

Now one of the best ways to get a more precise idea as to cost
would be to use the houseboat marina directory to call marinas in the areas that interest you, this way you would get an exact price.

As time goes on, I am sure that houseboaters from all around the world will provide some details, this way we can all do a simple comparison of the prices or rates that we are being charged for small, medium, or large houseboats.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat dock slip tips or experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Houseboat Dock Slip Fees - What Prices or Rates, do Marinas Cost or Charge?

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IS there a "mobil pump out service" anywhere?
by: Holley

I want to moor my 16x 72 houseboat permanently in Maine and not take it out. I have a friend who is offering me her dock. I just wonder how the heck I would manage the pump out?

I am a 75 yr old first-timer so forgive my ignorance, OK? I also wonder about dry docking for the winter. Maybe I need to build my own?

Annual houseboat fee
by: Anonymous

I pay $1900 per year for my 56' Master Fab at Lake Cananche in central California.

Looks like I have quite a bargain on the lake, but our state income tax California can be as high as 13.2%.

I'll gladly pay the higher mooring fees in the states with no state income tax. I guess it's all somewhat relative.

Winters are some if the best months for houseboating. I own the lake on weekdays!!!

Dock fees
by: Brad

We pay $15 a foot in Oceanside CA

North East Washington
by: Eric

I am on Lake Roosevelt I pay $4,300 per year Power, Water, Pump Out included.

Port of Brownsville, WA, is a hidden gem
by: Brownsville Host Boat

Here at Brownsville, Washington, arguably one of the finest marinas on the Olympic Peninsula and only an hour from Seattle, we pay about $350 a month for live aboard status on our 55 foot Canadian-built Orca--and that includes electricity, water and trash. The monthly pump out service is $5 more and wi-fi is free.

The marina is a leader in environmental protection and all of the necessities of life are within a five-minute walk. The marina's Host Boat offers concierge services, including an advanced practice nurse, for the yacht clubs, visitors, fishermen and working boats that frequent the docks. We are the only marina in the state that offers this level of service.

Slip Prices
by: Anonymous

We charge $10 per foot here at Waterpoint Marina on Lake Conroe in Texas. Electric is metered individually.

Lake Shasta Northern California
by: Steve

Lake Shasta when full has 365 miles of shore, plenty of coves and 4 major arms to explore. There are 624 private houseboats on this lake and each boat requires a US forest service permit.

Rates here are from @ $210-450/per month depending on where you dock and what size houseboat you have. Mine is 14x56ft and I pay $280.00 a month, we use it every weekend and enjoy year round house boating.

Steve from Lake Shasta

Dock fees
by: Tim Conley

Well Mike, this is probably no help to you, but it may help another looking and give you an idea what your neighbor's to the west are paying.

I am at Saylorille Lake in central Iowa. I am on a mooring buoy and the way the 2009 rates go is as follows. Base price for the first 30 foot is $1,260, then it's 21.00 per foot after that.

A slip with shore-power and h2o (potable water) will easily double that price. Another cost that you may have to figure in depending on where you are at, is dry storage of the houseboat in the winter time.

All boats come out of our lake in the winter, and the storage and launch fees for our houseboat will run about another $1000.

Our boating season runs from April 15th to October 15th.

I hope this helps, Tim.

Reply - Answer
Tim, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for sharing this valuable information with our readers. It's unfortunate that your
season is only 6 months :(

IAN from

Any area around Chicago?
by: Mike Derrico

Say I was in Illinois about an hour west of Chicago near Dekalb? What would I be lookin at? Mike.

Houseboat Slip Fees in Florida
by: Bill V. Fla.

Most marinas here in Florida, have three basic rates. They are, in route tourist, (weekly) Monthly, and permanent. Most marinas charge about $10.00 to $12.00 per foot, PLUS electric, water, and about $60.00 for a pump-out.

So when a friend of my son-in-laws had a large dock and no boat on the Suwannee River, said I could park my 80x20 houseboat there, and only pay for electric. We thank God every day for this blessing. Bill.

Reply - Answer
Well Bill, I guess this is what happens when you "Do Good, good things Happen". Thanks for the sharing.
IAN from

Florida Panhandle
by: Joe Hoff

Mike, we pay $400 per month for our 50 foot floating home in downtown Apalachicola. All the oysters you can eat and the sunsets are terrific.

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