Central Air, Cool & Heat Thermopumps for Houseboats

by John

A typical central heat & air thermopump for houseboats

A typical central heat & air thermopump for houseboats

We have recently bought our first houseboat, a 1984, 14x60 Sumerset Houseboat with a roof cooling unit that is adequate for most of the hot season.

I'm considering having a central thermopump air system installed, would appreciate any experience and info on brands, sizes, efficiency and overall reliability.

Thanks in advance for any help, John.

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Well John, when it comes to central heat & cooling units for a houseboat, I have had great success with the Mermaid Thermopumps. You can read more about why I appreciate these central thermopump units for your application.

Some of the other brand names that can be of use would be: Flagship Marine, Ocean Breeze, and CruiseAir to name a few.

As to sizes, efficiency, and reliability, you will find that each manufacturer will have charts and specs to help you decide how many units you will need, and what BTU's for each one.

As for "tips & tricks" for installation etc..., hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat central heating & cooling system experiences.

IAN from all-about-houseboats

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by: Gary

Hi John, I didn't see a date on your posting. Any feedback the outcome of your heatpump search? I also have a Sumerset.


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