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Adding a Flybridge to a Houseboat

The view from a Houseboat Flybridge

The view from a Houseboat Flybridge

How to go about adding a flybridge to our houseboat. We just purchased a 2000, 35x10 Myacht Houseboat, and added a swim deck to the rear, and rails to the roof.

It has twin outboard 50HP Mercury 4 stroke engines. Because the helm is inside we were wanting to add a flybridge to the roof. We have no idea where start, what type of controls etc....

We are located in North Central WV. Very limited in people who do this type of work. Looking forward to installing one very soon!

Thank you, Lytle.

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Reply - Answer
Well Lytle, you're not alone when it comes to wanting a flybridge. It's a great place to navigate from, and the view is excellent from above.

For starters, here's a quick list of what you'll need to get going..., and then you may have to decide if you want to tackle this project, or leave it to someone who can do it for you.

1) You will need a flybridge "u-shaped" helm station for the roof. This is where you'll install the steering and controls etc...

2) Take a moment to decide what kind of navigating information that you want or need from the flybridge. Do you want a VHF radio, Depth Sounder, GPS Chartplotter, Binoculars, Spotlight etc... You get the idea, do you want a duplicate second helm to navigate from.

3) You will need to find a location to cut a hole for the pipe that will pass all the cables and wires from the lower station to upper station.

4) You will want to choose your control box (for shifters & throttles) to operate your outboards from the flybridge.

5) A set of gauges to monitor things like RPM, Volts, Oil pressure, Water temperature, Depth Sounder, Trim & Tilt, and whatever information that you want or need.

6) Decide whether you want a bimini covered, uncovered, or enclosed flybridge. This way you can drive in nice weather only, or in any type of weather conditions.

As you can see, there's lots of things to consider before drilling holes. Hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat flybridge experiences.

IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Adding a Flybridge to a Houseboat

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Installing a Flybridge
by: Ross

I would like more info from "Mike" that installed a flybridge on his pontoon boat, or from anyone that may have done this. How are the steering cables and throttle cable tied in to the exiting controls? Any help would be appreciated. Can it be done electronically somehow?

Adding a Flybridge
by: Ángel

I sincerely hope that this thread is still active. I have been searching how to add a flybridge for a while and am told that it cannot be purchased. Here I read from Mike S. that he purchased a "standard flybridge". PLEASE tell me from where. Thank you so much.

Still not telling us HOW
by: Alex williams

I already know how great it is and that I’ll need a wheel and throttle- HOW is it done? Does the top steering cable go into the back of the down station and both wheels turn at same time- how does it work and who sells the parts

I added one, and am so glad
by: Mike S.

I added a flybridge to a homemade houseboat after my wife mentioned that it would be so nice to use/drive from the roof.

I am so glad that she pushed me to do it, as it's truly wonderful to drive from up top.

I order a standard flybridge, and added the basic functionality to it like the steering, throttles, and gauges.

We now tend to do most of our navigating from the roof as it offers a incredible view and makes it easier for maneuvering around the marina etc...

I just wanted to share my experience, Mike.

Careful fastening the driving station
by: Brian

We had a repair done to our houseboat upper deck and they had to remove the flybridge and re-fasten it down.

They just put boards on the upper deck and screwed them in, then fastened the flybridge to these pieces of wood. But the wood was not sealed properly to the upper deck and within a year we started getting water seeping in from the screw holes.

Now we have to start over again. Careful fastening things to upper deck, if anyone knows the proper procedure, please post it.

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