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A houseboat equipment list, do I NEED it or WANT it?

Safety equipment

When it comes to houseboat equipment, it's a never ending story, and there's always something new and exciting that we want.

When it comes to our shopping list there is always something being added, and boy am I speaking from experience about houseboat equipment.

The strugggling with, "do I NEED It, or do I WANT It" theory. There's a certain amount of responsibility placed on the skipper, to do be sure that his crew and guests enjoy the outing or trip, and that they get back safe and sound.

I've come to realize that a "true" captain will always be on the lookout, for better ways of doing things for his crew, and passengers. Did I say passengers? I meant family and friends...  :)


The "NEED IT or WANT IT," items fall into basically three equipment categories.


  • Safety
  • covers items like, First Aid, Life jackets, Smoke-Fire-Vapor detectors, Bilge-Engine alarms, Flares & Signalling...

  • Navigation
  • covers items like, VHF radios, GPS's, Charts, Compass, Radar, AutoPilots, Instruments, Software...

  • Comfort
  • covers items like, Clothing, Ventilation & Cooling, Binoculars, WaterSports, Inflatable Dinghy's...

    Anchor & Docking Books & Video's Clothing & Shoes Cordage
    Deck Hardware Electrical Electronics Engine Systems
    Fasteners Fishing Gifts Interior
    Navigation Paint & Maintenance Plumbing Safety
    Seating & Covers Small Boats & Motors Ventilation Watersports


    Safety, Navigation, Comfort Houseboat Equipment

    Anchor & Docking := Ladders, Ramps & Boat Hooks, Windlasses & Rollers, Anchor Line & Dock Line, Anchors, Fender & Docking, Chains & Shackles

    Books & Video's := Books, Videos, DVD's, Magazines, Guide, Reference, Log Books, equipment

    Clothing & Shoes : = Foul weather, Jackets, Shoes & Boots, Gloves & Hats, Casual wear

    Cordage : = Anchor line, dock line , rigging, tow lines, chafe gear,


    Deck Hardware : = Hatches & Ports, Cleats & Chocks, Deck Plates & Storage, Rub rails

    Electrical : = Batteries, chargers, wire, Inverters, Lighting, Fuses & Switches, Battery Combiners, Generators, Solar, Wind, Dockside

    Electronics : = Fish Finders, Depth, VHF marine radios, Radars, TV-Stereo-Weather, AutoPilots, Antennas, Instruments, Software, Epirb, Equipment

    Engine Systems : = Engine parts, Fuel tanks, Instruments, Lubrication, Propeller, Drive Train, Steering, Trim Tabs, Control systems, Horns & Wipers

    Fasteners : = Brass, Stainless, Nylon, Inch & Metric, Anchor Nuts, Thread Out

    Fishing : = Rods/Reels/Trolling motors/Tackle Boxes/accessories

    Gifts : = Books & Video's, Camera, Binoculars, Sunglasses, Log Books, Flags, PDA's, Multi-Purpose Tools,


    Interior : = Bedding & Drapery, Refrigeration & Coolers, BBQ's, Stoves, Propane, Cookware, Containers & Storage, Dri-deck & Non-Skid

    Navigation : = GPS, Compass, Binoculars, Horns, PDA's

    Paint & Maintenance : = Cleaners, soaps, polishes, Paint, varnish, teak oil, Epoxy, Fiberglass, Caulking, Adhesives, Sealants, Anodes

    Plumbing : = Freshwater, fittings & valves, bilge pumps, Marine sanitation, General purpose pumps, hose & fittings

    Safety : = Life jackets, First aid, Flares & signaling, Epirbs & life rafts, Fire ext, Vapor & Fume detectors

    Seating & Covers : = Chairs & Seats, Covers & Bimini's, Carpets & Vinyl, Tables

    Small Boats & Motors : = Inflatable Boats & Dinghys, Kayaks & Canoes, Outboard Motors, Electric Motors

    Ventilation : = Vents, Air conditioning/cooling, Bilge blowers, Heaters, Air dehumidifiers, Air purifiers

    Watersports : = Wakeboards, Kneeboards, Towables, Water Skiing, Swim wear, Wetsuits, Diving

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