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Yes, houseboat living aboard is simply the BEST decision to live on a boat.

If the idea of houseboat living aboard a boat has crossed your mind, you are at the right place. Lots of people have considered the idea, but many have dismissed it as crazy or impossible.

The facts are that in North America and around the world for that matter, there exists a large thriving houseboat community. There are many types of liveaboards, and many types of boats used for living aboard. In European, and Asian areas of the world, its very common practice to live on the water.

A Houseboat Living Aboard Video

Julie's 3 min video on houseboats.

Common Houseboat Living Questions

The idea of living on a houseboat will surely bring up plenty of questions especially when you try to compare it to living in a land-based home. You will find some of the frequently asked questions (and answers) below.

  • What does it cost to liveaboard a houseboat?
  • Is a small home office possible on a boat?
  • How big of a houseboat do we need to live on?
  • What kind of marinas exist for liveaboards?
  • Any good areas for houseboat living aboard?
  • You have pets, how does this work on a boat?
  • Can you live aboard with kids or children?
  • What about storms and bad weather?
  • What about TV, and Internet access?
  • Get a "new or used" boat for living aboard?
  • Houseboat marina entrance for house boats
    This could be your driveway to your boat

  • How much does it cost to liveaboard a boat?
  • The cost depends on factors like houseboat size, marina location and amenities. It can range from $1,000 year for a remote, small marina, to $5,000 a year for a large full service one.

  • Is a small home office possible on a boat?
  • With today's technology, yes, you can have a houseboat office with all the functions that you have at home. Functions like Internet, Fax, WiFi, Cellular, and Delivery services as some examples.

  • How big of a houseboat do we need to live on?
  • If you are single, or a couple, you could get by with @ 40 footer, and go up from there. If you have some children, therefore you would need @ 50 footer, and continue from there. Here is a houseboat-buying guide to help you decide.

  • What kind of marinas exist for Liveaboards?
  • Depending on the area, some marinas actually have specials for liveaboards, and other's have a certain areas put aside for it. There are some marinas that have a "don't Ask, don't Tell" policy, and allow permanent living. Always verify with state regulations, and check with your marina before making any decisions.

  • What are good areas for living aboard?
  • There is a wide variety of areas that are good for living aboard, and they can be seasonal, or open all year. As the North American terrain varies from East to West, and North to South, so can the climate, and therefore there are areas that are hot, humid, whereas others are warm and dry.

  • We have pets, how does this work on a boat?
  • You'll find that there are a lot of pets already living on boats, and cats & dogs become accustomed very quickly to the liveaboard lifestyle.

  • Can you live aboard with kids or children?
  • Some of my best childhood memories are from being on a boat. Children definitely appreciate being in the waterfront environment, and find many activities to occupy and enhance their upbringing.

  • What about storms and bad weather?
  • One of the differences about living on a boat, is that you become very "weather" conscious, and you're always ready for any weather that comes your way. There is nothing better than the sound of rain on the roof, while being dry and comfy at the dock.

  • What about TV, and Internet access?
  • You'll find that many marinas offer Cable TV, or Internet Access, so you won't even notice you're not at your land-based home.

  • Get a New or Used boat for living aboard?
  • Well, that depends on your budget, and there are many good used houseboats available for less than a new boat. However a NEW Houseboat has many benefits such as warranty, service, and the possibility of equipping your boat exactly as you wish.

    Your mind is filled with ideas, and questions about Houseboat Living Aboard, so let me offer some helpful information to guide you in your journey. Like to know how much it costs to Live on a House Boat?

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