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Nowadays, just having houseboat wireless internet access is almost now becoming a daily necessity for your personal or business life. Now what do you do when that very expensive computer can't connect to the net? Let's look at how to easily increase your chances of getting connected!

How To Improve Houseboat Wireless Internet?

Houseboat Wireless Internet options
Some Common WiFi Problems

Poor wireless performance blues?

How to improve your WiFi range?

Where to find High-Power Cards?

Explanation of the Wireless Terms

As computers become part of our daily lives, the need for access grows. We use laptops and computers now for emails, office work, Facebook, news, Skype, map directions, so what do you do when it doesn't work?

You know the feeling, that frustration when you NEED to connect to the office, or to access your emails, maybe to search for some information, and the wireless cards performance, distance, or range is just too weak!

Get great Wireless Card access and distance.

There's plenty of ways to get amazing performance and HUGE coverage with a specialty wireless card. You can add a new high-power WiFi card, with either a 360 degree, or a powerful directional 802.11 antenna.

Not all cards are the same, but by choosing the right High-Power WiFi Card and Antenna, you can double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of available networks found, and with some amazing performance gains!

Tips for Houseboat Wireless Internet Access on House Boats
Use high-power WiFi wireless cards, and Antennas for your houseboat.

Where to Find some High-Power WiFi Cards?

The high-power wireless cards and antennas are not all the same, and you should choose the right one for your laptop or desktop computer. I've done all the performance testing, and can make some real recommendations.

Basically every computer available today has a USB port, and you can use this port to simply plug-in a USB High-Power WiFi Wireless Card icon and immediately see the performance boost that it offers.

Houseboat Wireless Internet USB WiFi cards for House Boats
Try a USB High Power Wireless Card and Antenna on your houseboat.

If you need even more wireless range, distance, and performance, you can simply add a low-cost High Gain External Antenna to the unit. You would just unscrew the standard antenna from the unit, and screw on a powerful 9 dBi Outdoor WiFi Antennaicon, or for the ultimate in performance, add an extremely powerful, high-gain 14 dBi Outdoor WiFi Antennaicon.

If you do end up installing a high-power USB WiFi Card or Antenna on your houseboat, and you just love the new performance gains, do let us know about it by sharing your houseboat wireless Internet experience with us here.

Popular Houseboat Wireless Internet terms.

Internal wireless cards are becoming a standard in most notebook laptop computers today. Laptops generally are pre-configured with WiFi cards (802.11), and allow the user to gain access to the web. Unfortunately, their wireless range is quite limited due to their low power, and their antenna restrictions.

External, or add-on wireless cards, are an inexpensive option for laptop, notebooks, or desktop computers. They can be purchased at your local computer stores, and prices range from $25-75 dollars. The advantage to certain external models, is that some have a much higher power rating, and some have an option for an external high-gain antenna which can greatly increase your performance, range, and distance.

Antenna's on some of the specialty wireless cards allow for connecting external antennas, thereby greatly increasing your distance, range, and performance. Since "WiFi" means transmitting or receiving your signal via "line of sight" to the Access Point, an external High-Power or High-Gain antenna can double or triple your range (@ 2,000-4,000 ft).

Line of Sight, is a term that is used frequently. Think of this as you're using a flashlight, and sending the "beam of light" or wireless signal, to the house across the street. Now, try and reach your neighbor who lives on the other street behind your house, and this is where Line of Sight obstructions like trees, cars, houses, and walls are deciding factors for getting peak performance.

Some other common WiFi terms are:

Open & Closed Networks, WEP & WPA security keys, DHCP,
802.11 standards, MAC filtering, Dynamic & Static IP Address

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