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Houseboat Internet and Email Access,
 how to choose which option is for you

There's a few different options for getting houseboat internet access while on your boat. There are many marinas that are offering either internet access directly at your dock, or with the Wireless WiFi 802.11 technology.

Depending on where you're located, or what benefits your marina has included in your dock fees, some will offer boaters free Internet access. There is plenty of other marinas that will offer Internet access as an optional payable service for a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly fee.

Some of your Basic Houseboat Internet Options.

Houseboat Internet & Email
Internet Options

Wireless WiFi

Network Cable

Cellular Phone

Blackberry iPhone

Satellite Internet

Wireless WiFi access is nowadays very common, which consists of a wired Access Point at the clubhouse, and they re-transmit the internet data through Wireless Technology. The majority of laptops today are already outfitted with Wireless Cards (or an external one can be added).
We have a Help Guide on How to get Houseboat Wireless Internet Access.

NOTE: a highly recommended option.

Dockside Network Cable is another option in some marinas that have actually "hard-wired" the docks with Internet network cables/connectors at the dockside Power posts. This way, all that is needed is a standard network cable to plug your Computer or Laptop network card into.

NOTE: another highly recommended option.

Cellular phone technology is now basically everywhere, and the cellular providers have various speeds, and technologies to service their coverage areas. Many basic cellular phones now have some modem or data options.

NOTE: fees are based on data downloaded, so verify your usage.

BlackBerry, iPhones, Smartphones, PocketPC's, Palm are some of the common 3G wireless voice/data cellular models and technologies that are great for mobile Internet access. Inquire with your cellular provider for more details regarding coverage, speeds, options, and data plans...

NOTE: verify the coverage areas and the price of the data plans.

Structure internet

Satellite Internet is another possiblity for boaters that are in secluded areas, or that require constant connection while travelling. It can be an expensive proposition, since equipment and data plans are less popular.

NOTE: you can try these following Mobile Satellite Internet providers.

Want to know more about Wireless Internet access?

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