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Track a Houseboats History - with HIN, MIC, Registration, or Serial numbers?

by Ann
(Kansas City, Missouri)

Track a houseboats history, or previous boat owners?

Track a houseboats history, or previous boat owners?

How do we track a houseboats history, can we use the HIN, MIC, Registration, or Serial numbers help in identifying the owners through out its lifetime?

I was curious, how do you track your house boats history? I figured it should be sort of like tracking a car's history through carfax. My boat is pretty old, a 1967 Nautaline, so I'm sure it's gone through quite a few owners in its "lifetime".

I also wanted to show everyone "Bob's" new paint job. I ended up using tractor paint from the hardware store. It's stood up very well against the rain and snow this past winter. The paint also leaves a nice, shiny finish.

And, because of his new, unique look, my houseboat has been moved to the end of the dock, closest to the lake!

Thanks, Ann.

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Reply - Answer
Well Ann, welcome to the houseboat forums, and congratulations on the "new paint job" and being moved closer to the lake :)

I see what you mean by the "unique look" as the color is a bright fire truck red. I happen to think it looks great, and I know it's not easy to paint a houseboat. You should give a big hug to Bob for a great job :)

* Get
your Boats History:

Now as to tracking your houseboats history, the only method that I know of is a site where you enter the HIN number, and for a small fee (well worth it) you get the boats history.

In the report, you will know if the boat has been in an accident, run aground, in a hurricane, salvaged, submerged, in a fire, or in a collision. It could very well save you some big potential problems.

So, are you ready to know your houseboats history?

* More information on HIN and MIC numbers:

Now here's some other links for more information to help you better understand the HIN numbers (Hull Identification Number), or help with the MIC numbers (Manufacturers Identification Code).

* Looking for an original houseboat brochure?

If you would like to get an original boat brochure for your houseboat, you can find the brochures for the majority of the models here.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat history or tracking experiences with their HIN, MIC, Registration, or Serial Numbers. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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48' Nautaline with 454 engines
by: Allan

There is a U tube video of a guy on an older Nautaline (Complete restoration, stringers, tanks, witing, plumbing, HVAC, walls, etc.)...he gutted it...I would think you would find a lot of goof information from the hours of video he had done.

HIN, MIC numbers
by: Brad

Were do I local, on the houseboat, the HIN, MIC numbers for a 1998 Fun Country houseboat ?

Where to find a vin #
by: Ken

Where can I locate the VIN number on a 40 ft 1976 River Queen?

Nautaline houseboat, 48 foot, 454 engines
by: carl wolfford

Need to know more about this kind of boat. Just bought this house boat.

by: Leslie

What if your houseboat was built by a private party? no manufacturer # and is it a houseboat if it has no engine? It is built on flotation/pontoon devices.

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