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A house boat cruises with a houseboat,
is that called a group of house boats?

house boats, houseboats, houseboat, house boat

Spelling of House Boats = Confusion:

People from around the world call them by so many different names. They've been called barges, boat houses, floating homes, pontoon deck boats, trailer boats.

Rumors, Myths & Urban Legends:

Rumor has it that people who have these boats are bad influences on the boating community. It's said that once they move into a marina, they slowly take over, and ruin the reputation of the surrounding area. All live aboards hang their clothes out to dry, and give a slum type of atmosphere. What an Urban Legend if there ever has been one!

Houseboat Living:

In any marina, you will find people spending weekends, or the holidays on their boats. People will spend months, even years at a time living aboard. That's what they are made for, million dollar boats aren't designed for just afternoon picnics.

Do they bring down values:

Waterfront property prices are at a premium, and the poor marinas are having difficulty in staying afloat due to the pressures of the laws, rules and regulations. If not just for those, the developers and builders are constantly looking to grab unsuccessful marinas to convert them into luxury water front properties.

Communities of Floating Houses:

Around the world, there exists a demand for floating homes communities since the supply doesn't meet all the buyers looking for properties. Prices have been sky rocketing because of the lack of supply, meaning that those few and rare communities have long waiting lists for new boaters.

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