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Shipping Houseboats Overseas

by Jenna
(Papau, New Guinea)

How to go about Shipping Houseboats Overseas?

How to go about Shipping Houseboats Overseas?

How do I go about Shipping Houseboats Overseas? Can you refer any global shipping companies that have experience shipping boats to Asia from different USA locations?

I am presenting considering the purchase of a houseboat ( 40ft or larger) and will be shipping to Asia.

Thanks, Jenna.

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Well Jenna, I don't have any direct contacts for shipping houseboats overseas, however you may find the following article on export or shipping houseboats of interest to you.

Hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat shipping and exporting experiences.

IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Houseboat Shipping Quotes
by: mark

We recently inquired about the transport of a houseboat from USA to Brisbane, Australia. We got two quotes, one from a UK company, and another from a Australian rep of a Canadian company.

One was for $35,000 Australian dollars and one for $39,000 AUS dollars. Apparently these include pick up, draining of all fluids etc, making fast for transport and delivery.

As the houseboat itself was advertised at $5,000 dollars, we chose not to pursue this option at this time.

I got these companies from the shipping section of an ship sales web page... Cheers, Mark.

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