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The Houseboat Buyers Guide - who, where, how of house boats.

by IAN from

Houseboat Buyers Guide - the who, where, how of House Boats

Houseboat Buyers Guide - the who, where, how of House Boats

This free beginners Houseboat Buyers Guide will help you with where, and how to get started with house boats, and houseboating in general. If you just arrived here, we would like to welcome and congratulate you on joining the fastest growing, online houseboat community.

So whether you're new to boating, or maybe a long time member of our free monthly Houseboat INSIDER, here are the popular houseboating topics and links to help get you started.

The Houseboat Buyers Guide, the topics are:

* Are you looking to build a houseboat, or want some tips on buying a boat? You can use our free classifieds, or search for houseboats for sale, or see what bargains and bids are going on at the houseboat auctions.

* Are you in vacation mode and planning a houseboat rental, or maybe curious about living on a houseboat? You might be looking to set up an office on your boat, or you need some insurance, or searching for a marina location, or need a company to transport a houseboat?

* Are you looking to buy a houseboat, and not sure about what style to buy, or how to get the best deal on a boat. After 2 years work, we have created the ultimate "How to Buy a Houseboat" ebook for you.

* Are you looking for self-help Books and DVD's, or interested in reading the forums tips and articles? Are you looking for a certain make, model, or manufacturer? Maybe a buyers review guide of parts & accessories, or you need some gift ideas?

* Do you like to save money shopping for boat related items? Here's our list of the Houseboat Parts & Accessories, and also our own Houseboat Liquidation Center where you'll find discount prices & free shipping.

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Any other boating topics you'd like to see here?

Hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about any new topics that can be included in the Houseboat Buyers Guide.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Steury Houseboats
by: River_Guide

Yahoo groups has a group for Steury Houseboat owners titled "Steury The Beautiful" Joining is free. Lots of pictures of Steurys including remodel shots.

Houseboat Roof Repairs - a glue down membrane
by: John

As far as roofing is concerned there is a glue down membrane that you can use called Grace Ice and Water Shield. It is a peel and stick membrane that is 3 feet wide and can be overlapped for water tightness.

You can then cover that with roll roofing and roofing cement that will last you for years and is a cheap and easy repair for DIYers.


Older Houseboats - re-powering older vintage houseboats
by: Larry

I would like to see more information, and more sources, on how to replace drive units on vintage houseboats. The aluminum hull is in excellent condition, the interior renovations are simple, but the sterndrives are worn out and must be replaced.

I am getting nowhere attempting to find replacement units. Most marinas are telling me that the engines must be replaced as well. This cannot be the case, not because I do not want to shell out the money, but because most all other vintage boats (1960s) that I have owned and restored, have had available parts and pieces.

What makes a pair of 1966 Keikhaufer Mercruiser engines so hard to match with a new pair of drive units. I would like to remove the EZ-Shift on back to rebuild or replace, but there does not seem to be anyone willing to share info on this process, let alone share the part numbers to attempt a search.

All I have been able to find so far, is a pack of wolves, thieves and thugs ready to prey on the novice mechanic.

Any coastal or ocean going houseboats?
by: DiCarco

I am woundering if there any coastal or ocean going houseboats? Maybe a coastal catamaran houseboat? I would like to live on it and use it in the Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas! Can you point me in the proper direction?

Help with some houseboat renovations
by: Susan Morris

My husband and I have just purchased a houseboat of 6 years old. We are very new to this and need lots of help. So far in the first 3 days we ran out of gas, water and power.

Also we are in desperate need of ideas for renovating, as this boat looks very tired and ugly in appearance. Help also in type of lightweight materials that can be used. Definitely need ideas for decorating and addition of an ensuite and walk in robe.

Please could you add these things to your book and maybe you could contact us. As we live in Australia, not all products and styles are available to us.
Regards Susan

More trailerable Steury houseboat articles
by: John, Detroit

Thank you for a great site. I just wanted to ask if you could do more stories on the Steury Houseboats, and if you would include more pictures of the boat both inside and out. There are not many photos of the Steury on the Internet.

I don't have one yet but hopefully I will one day soon. The stories and photos help to keep the dream alive. Thank you and keep up the good work. JOHN.

More unusual or varied houseboat styles.
by: Barry, SC

You've got some photos of boats shown both in the email message and on the "masthead" of the website. One is an unusual yellowish brown houseboat.

Can you make a page that has the photos of unusual or varied houseboat syles on it.

Restoring older Houseboats
by: Guy Gilchrist

What I would like to see is more houseboat articles or a section dedicated to restoring older houseboats, doing your own repairs, & installing equipement like compasses, solar, lighting, safety equipment etc..., especially for pontoon houseboats.

Thank you, Guy, Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

Reply - Answer
Hi Guy, thanks for the feedback on adding more houseboat topics.

IAN from

Spring repairs for older houseboats
by: Marcia

It seems at our marina there are lots of boats that need to have soft spots repaired in the decks and roofs. Fiberglass experts are hard to come by. Any tips for new roofing materials that a novice could apply? Any pictures of roof repairs....good experiences, bad experiences? Would like to see more do-it-yourself repair articles. Love the site.

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