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Houseboats Buy Terry is a
popular name in houseboating

When time comes to go looking for Houseboats
Buy Terry is a name that doesn't hurt to know.

You looking for knowledgeable, trustworthy people who understand what you want, and what you need, it's not easy to weed out the people who are only out for your wallet. That's where being properly referred to someone who can take excellent care of you, now that's PRICELESS!. In today's fast paced environment, it's easy to be overlooked, or treated like a number, but that's why excellent Customer Service is Number 1.

She had a passion and dream.

I still remember to this day the first time my wife showed me an article on Terry Miller. The article talked about a woman's desire to be involved in the houseboat business, and how "donuts" got her foot in the door.

It reminded me of a saying "When you love what you do, it's not work!"

My wife and I can definitely relate to Terry's passion and dreams, since
we have an opening paragraph on our Home Page, and the phrase says,

Do you love houseboats? We sure do!

Houseboaters are simply the kindest, nicest people you could ever meet.

Over a decade in the Industry

My wife and I can relate how fast time flies when you love what you do, since Terry has been involved in the Industry also over a decade, and we are all not ready to retire. I presume we'll all be doing this for many years to come.

We met at the Houseboat Expo.

My wife and I were fortunate to meet Houseboats Buy Terry at the Houseboat Expo in Louisville Kentucky, as the houseboat show was extremely busy, and was a great success. Terry made quite an impression on us both, since she's dynamic, charming, knowledgeable, and a definite asset to the Industry.

Terry reminds me so much of my wife Manon, since they're both incredibly knowledgeable about all kinds of electrical and mechanical details when it comes to houseboats. Kind of spooky and eerie, since they both can talk shop better than most men I know.

When we visited Conley Bottom Resorts for an afternoon car ride, we weren't able to meet since Houseboats Buy Terry and her husband were out of the office, since it would have been nice to chat over coffee on the front deck :)

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