Houseboat Parts and Accessories - buyer's reviews and buying guide.

The houseboat parts and accessories buyer's review and buying guide is designed to help you in the decision making process. The buyer's guide will save you time & money, and assist you in making some good choices when purchasing a boat part or an accessory for your house boat.

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If there's any houseboat parts and accessories that you enjoy, you can also read about some great products that our readers have contributed.

Houseboat Parts and AccessoriesHouseboat Parts and Accessories

Reviews of Houseboat Parts and Accessories

To Find a Product - Simply Pick a Letter


-A- Adhesives, Air Conditioning, AIS, Alarms, Aluminum products, Anchors, Anchor Line, Appliances, Auto Pilots,
-B- BBQ's, Bars (roof), Batteries, Battery Chargers, Bicycles, Bilge pumps, Bimini, Binoculars, Bolts, Books, Bow Stern Thrusters,
-C- Cable & Internet,, Canvas Covers, Canvas Zippers, Carports, Caulking, Chain, Chairs, Chargers, Chart Plotters, Cleaning Products, Cleats, Clothing, Compass, Composting Toilets, Controls, Converters, Custom Aluminum products,
-D- Davits, Deck Products, Detectors, Dinghy, Dock Accessories, Dock Fenders center-hole, Dock Fenders twin-eye, Dock Lines, Dock Line Snubbers, Doors, DVD's,
-E- Eco-Friendly Products, Electric Anchors, Electric Toilets, Electrical Panels, Electrical Products, Electronic products, Electronic ignition, Emergency Kits, Engines, Engine Parts, Epoxy, Exhaust,

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-F- Fasteners, Fenders center-hole, Fenders twin-eye, Fiberglass repair, Fiberglass Roof Products, Fireplaces, Flags, Flashlights, Fender Clips, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid, Flopper Stoppers, Flybridges, Flybridge Covers, Fuel Tanks, Furniture,
-G- Galley, Galvanic Isolators, Gas Sniffer, Gauges, Generators, Gifts, Glues, GPS, Graphics, Green Products, Grey Water,
-H- Hailers, Hammocks, Hardware, Heads, Heaters & Heating, Heat Pumps, Holding Tanks, Horns, Hot Water Heaters, Hull Cleaning, Hydraulic,
-I- Ignition, Inflatable Dinghy, Inflatable Life Jackets, Instruments, Internet & Cable, Inverters, Isolators
-J- Jackets, Jet Ski lifts, Joystick Controls,

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-K- Kayaks, Kevlar, Kitchen-Galley, Knives, KVH (TracPhone, TracVision)
-L- Ladders, LED Lamps, Lettering, Life Jackets, Life Rafts, Light Fixtures, Lockers-Propane, Logbooks,
-M- Manuals, Mercruiser Sterndrives, Monitors, Mooring Snubbers, Motors, MSD,
-N- Navigation, Night Vision,
-O- Outboards, Outdoor Furniture, Outdrives, Over-Heat Alarms,

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-P- Paints, Palm Trees, Party Tops, PFD's, Plumbing, Pontoonz, Portable VHF, Primers, Propane & Safety, Propellers, Pumps, Putty, PWC Rails,
-Q- Quick Disconnects connectors, Quick Silver-Mercury,
-R- Radar, Radio, Refrigerator, Repair Manuals, Rocker Stoppers, Roof Coating & Sealer,
-S- Safety, Sanitation Hose, Satellite, Scooters, Sea-Doo Platforms, Shrink Wrap, SideShift, Security, Slides, Sniffers, Snubbers, Solar Power, Speakers, Stainless Fasteners, Stairs & Steps, Steering parts, Steering-Hydraulic & Mechanical, Sterndrives, Stern Bow Thrusters, SUP, Swim Platforms,
-T- Tank Level Gauges, Tankless Water Heaters, Teak, Thermopumps, Thru Hulls, Thrusters, Toilets-electric, Tools-marine, Trailers, Transom Assembly, Transom brackets, Trim Tabs (dinghy), Trumpet horns, TV's,

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-U- Umbrella's & Parasols, UV Protection,
-V- VacuFlush Toilets, Vapor Detectors, Varnish, Vests PFD, VHF Radio, Video's,
-W- Washers & Dryers, Water Heaters, Water Pumps, Water Tanks, Weather Radios, Windlass, Windows, Windshield, Wind Power, Wipers, Winterizing products, Wire & Cable, Wireless Internet & Security, Wood products, Wood Stove,
-Z- Zippers,

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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Mariners Choice - safe, green, and eco-friendly houseboat products 
I always like to share news and tips about boating products that makes our lives simpler and easier to maintain. Today I want to let you know about some …

Houseboat Safety - drive safely and confidently using night vision cameras 
Technology has improved many aspects of houseboat safety, but the largest improvement has come from night vision cameras. They have now become common place …

Boat Parts - are there freshwater cooling bilge pumps on houseboats? 
When it comes to boat parts, there's plenty of confusion when it comes to the various pumps and plumbing that can be found on houseboats. Generally speaking …

Tips for your RV Houseboat Toilets - Happy Bowl keeps your head clean 
Here's a tip on how to keep your toilet bowl in your houseboat clean and ready for the next use. I first saw these in an RV magazine, but thought they …

Houseboat Carports - any winter outdoor tents, carport, gazebo, or canopy for boat storage? 
There's houseboat carports, like outdoor tents, gazebo, or a winter canopy that could be useful for boat storage. I found a 20ft x 40ft plastic "party …

Houseboat Shrink Wrap - the end of another boating season for some. 
The shrink wrap is on the houseboat, and it marks the end of another boating season. As another season is ending.... we are in dry dock, and our houseboat …

Houseboat Flag - any custom printed flags for house boats? 
We want to buy a houseboat flag, and we're looking for high quality or custom printed flags to use on house boats? We have seen the ones from Walmart, …

Houseboat Holding Tank Hoses - a septic sanitation hose has permeated? 
Trying to change a septic sanitation hose that has permeated on our houseboat, and we need some help in troubleshooting the project. We recently bought …

Houseboat SUP - stand up paddling for house boats? 
Aloha, I wanted to know if you have seen very much stand up paddling happening on lakes? I called a few houseboat rental companies to see if they have- …

Houseboat Tank Level Gauges - fresh water, holding tank sensors monitors? 
When it comes to houseboat gauges that monitor the level of grey water, freshwater, or holding tank levels, what types of sensors and monitors are best …

Houseboat Lights and Fixtures - dual voltage marine lighting, 12 or 120 volts 
Looking at houseboat lights and fixtures, especially dual voltage marine lighting, the 12 and 120 volt kind, and wonder where to go? Where can I find …

Houseboat Heating - fireplaces or wood stoves on house boats? 
I'm looking at houseboat heating options, and wonder if a wood stove, or a fireplace can be installed in house boats? Jotul makes a small one, no a …

Houseboat Outboard Engine Options - Speed, Power, High Thrust, Makes? 
I have a houseboat with an outboard engine, and am curious about high thrust models, the power, the speed, of various makes or manufacturers? I have …

Do houseboats need a marine refrigerator, won't a regular fridge work on house boats? 
I'm new to house boats, but wondering why a marine refrigerator is so expensive on houseboats? Won't a regular fridge work in its place? To save some …

Houseboat Trailers & Transport - Buy one, Rent one, or Hire one? 
We're buying a houseboat, and wondering about houseboat trailers, do we buy one, rent one, or hire someone to transport it for us? We're "newbies" …

Best Houseboat Marine Refrigerator - Where to get Serviced & What to Buy? 
What is the best marine refrigerator for houseboats? Where do we get it serviced, and if we need, what do we buy to replace it? We own a 10 x 38', Playcraft …

Any Stern & Bow Thrusters for Houseboats? 
Looking for any, or the best, Stern & Bow Thrusters for Houseboats? Please make a recommendation, I need a "Turn key" installation of a large houseboat …

Palm Trees on Houseboats 
Has anybody seen Palm Trees on Houseboats? They look amazing, and add a great relaxing atmosphere. I have seen houseboats with decorative palm trees …

Houseboat Steering - Where & What to Buy  
I need to install a new steering system on my houseboat. I want to stay with mechanical because of the cost factor. My houseboat is 46 feet and I can't …

VacuFlush Electric Marine Toilets in Houseboats 
We have a 1983 Gibson Houseboat, with a VacuFlush Electric Marine Toilet. We have a flushing problem, and are assuming our pump may be bad. We have …

Solar Power for Electricity for Houseboats 
What do I need for Solar Panels on a Houseboat? I am going to be living on a 38 foot houseboat in Key West, out in the Gulf. I'm wondering about solar …

Replacement Houseboat Water Tank 
We need a replacement water tank for our Gibson Houseboat. I need a fresh water holding tank for a 1990 44' Gibson Houseboat, the existing tank has leaks …

Favorite VHF Radio for a Houseboat 
Our favorite VHF Radio for our houseboat has to be the Uniden UM525 model. It's full of great features that we find handy on our house boat. The things …

Houseboat driving instructional videos and dvd 
We have just purchased a houseboat and would like to find a video or a book that has instructions for driving, docking, anchoring, storm safety etc so …

Cable and Internet Access on your Houseboat.. 
Can You Get Cable And Internet Access on your Houseboat, just like a regular home? This way you don't have to leave your houseboat to get access to Cable …

Water and Houseboat Holding Tanks  
How do you handle problems with houseboat holding tanks? What types and size tanks do boats generally have on board. How do you deal with Grey water, …

Houseboat Water Slides 
Does anyone know what manufacturer or website I can purchase a water slide specifically designed for houseboats? Answer - Reply: Great question …

Houseboat Dinghy Davits? 
I would like to transport our dinghy behind our houseboat, and on the attached photo, I saw this particular method of putting a dinghy on the back of the …

Houseboat Battery Chargers Guide - charging batteries properly on boats 
When it comes to battery chargers for your houseboat, there are some basic characteristics that you need to keep in mind to properly charge your marine …

Houseboat Electrical Power Distribution - circuit breaker panels on house boats 
When it comes to houseboat electrical power distribution, there's a big AC/DC circuit breaker panel on our Sumerset houseboat. This year we purchased …

Houseboat Gray Water - treat or filter grey water on house boats? 
New laws for houseboat gray water, or to treat or filter grey water on house boats are coming into effect in the near future. I have a fleet of houseboats …

Houseboat Hot Water Heater - do tankless water heaters work well? 
Looking at hot water heaters on houseboats, and wonder if the tankless water heater works well on a house boat? Can I install a tankless water heater on …

Houseboat Propellers - how many blades, material, for the best prop? 
Looking at houseboat propellers, how many blades, or what material, makes for the best prop? I was curious if anyone has dealt with this situation. …

Houseboat Outboard Engine Brackets - build or buy a transom motor bracket? 
Any sources for houseboat outboard engine brackets, do I custom build one, or buy a ready made transom motor bracket for my 150 hp engine? I'm converting …

Houseboat Battery Banks - What Type of Batteries, Chargers, How to Install 
When it comes to houseboat battery banks, it's confusing on how many batteries to buy, what type, and how to install them all? Sooner or later I am …

Houseboat Window Shades or Blinds 
Any one who has window shades or blinds on their houseboat? Our question is, how do you fix the cloth fabric window shades or blinds on a houseboat??? …

Houseboat Pontoonz 
A modular, high impact plastic pontoon float system. Build a houseboat pontoonz as long and as wide as you want. Each pod is 4ft long x 2ft in diameter …

Inflatable Dinghy for the Houseboat 
An inflatable dinghy would be my favorite accessory for the houseboat. I use it almost daily to go out for quick spins, or I take it out to go fishing …

Houseboat graphics, custom boat wraps, decals, striping, vinyl stickers, and boat lettering Not rated yet
Today we are looking at ways on how to spruce up a houseboat by applying custom boat wraps, decals, striping, vinyl stickers, and boat lettering. Is …

Houseboat Water Toys - rubber inflatable dinghy & motor Not rated yet
When it comes to the best houseboat water toys, my favorite has to be an inflatable dinghy and motor. It lets me be free to spend weeks on my houseboat …

Houseboat Battery Maintenance Tips - make marine boat batteries last longer Not rated yet
When it comes to your houseboat, there are some simple battery maintenance tips to help you make your marine boat batteries last longer, and hopefully …

Houseboat Bimini Tops - picking the right canvas bimini's for house boats? Not rated yet
Looking at houseboat bimini tops, and how to plan or pick the right bimini's for the railings of house boats? We have a 35' Catamaran Cruiser SE - she …

Houseboat Hammocks - swing on a hammock, relaxing on house boats. Not rated yet
When it comes to houseboat hammocks, or to swing on a hammock, it surely is best way to totally relax on house boats. I first got a taste of hammocks …

Houseboat BBQ - choosing a barbeque or gas cooking grills for house boats. Not rated yet
I am looking at installing a BBQ on our houseboat, and wonder if gas cooking grills are a good choice for house boats? I'd like to find the ultimate …

Houseboat Thruster Control - Sideshift Bow and Stern Thrusters for docking? Not rated yet
When it comes to houseboat docking control in windy or adverse conditions, does anyone have any experience with Sideshift stern thrusters? I have a 15' …

Entertaining - any exterior fiberglass houseboat bars for house boats?  Not rated yet
Where to find any exterior fiberglass houseboat bars for roof decks on house boats? It would be a really great addition for entertaining guests and friends. …

Fiberglass Houseboat Flybridges - do I custom build one, or buy a fly bridge? Not rated yet
Looking at fiberglass houseboat flybridges, and do I custom build one, or do I buy a fly bridge already built? I'm looking to put a flybridge console …

Where to find Norcold Marine refrigerator replacement parts Not rated yet
Where to find replacement Norcold Marine refrigerator parts for older fridges. The gasket on our Norcold Refrigerator Model 982 needs to be replaced and …

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