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The TOP 10 reasons to love houseboat living, along with the best places to go houseboating. You've considered it, however you don't know What to do, Where to do it, and How to go about living on a houseboat?

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House Boat Living Stories

The TOP 10 Reasons to love Houseboat Living

If you were to ask 100 houseboaters why they love living on a houseboat, and you may surely get 100 different perspectives. The long list has been reduced to the TOP 10 most popular reasons to Live on a Houseboat!

  • You wake up, and you don't have far to walk to go Fishing!

  • The sound of the rain on the roof, you'll Sleep like a Baby!

  • You get "home", and feel like your already on Holidays!

  • There's nothing like working from your House Boat office!

  • The suppertime BBQ's on the front deck taste so Good!

  • Watching the sunrise, and morning coffee are Incredible!

  • No more grass cutting and driveway shoveling, Ever Again!

  • The marina atmosphere and neighbors are simply the Best!

  • Where else can you change the waterfront view anytime!

  • The freedom to cruise the 7500 mile Great Loop triangle!

  • Like to see what "adventures" our readers have contributed?

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    TOP 10 Best Places for Houseboats

    It's hard to decide the Top 10 Best Places to go houseboating, since there is so many beautiful areas and each one has their own charm and beauty.
    Here is a list of some of the areas, but not the only places to houseboat.

    Houseboat Living tips
    A typical marina atmosphere.

    Amsterdam, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, India, USA (see below)

    Major LAKES in the USA
    Crane, Cumberland, Havasu, Lanier, McClure, Mead, Oroville, Ozarks, Powell, Rainy, Roosevelt, Shasta, Smith Mountain, Sonoma, Tahoe, Travis, Waco

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    How to Earn a Living while Aboard

    Many things in life cost money, and unless you are independently wealthy, you may have to "work" between meals. :) If your interested in living on a houseboat, yet being able to earn a living in between meals, the list below will give you a starting point to figure out an action plan.

  • Start your online Business now. Do like I did, use SiteSell to start a successful themed website, based on one of your hobbies or passions.
    Turn your Knowledge and Passions into revenue by building online traffic.

    Site Build It!

  • Try Local Businesses & Restaurants. This can be an alternative if you would prefer working close by, but not necessarily on your houseboat.

  • Work from Home Based Business. There's profitable Work from Home businesses that you can start to allow you to break away from the 9-5.

  • Start doing Internet Freelance work. There's many opportunities for income like story writing, editing, translation, proof reading, or data entry.

  • Open your own Ebay internet store. to open yourself an
    selling profitable items in a bidding auction environment.

  • Bimini, Canvas & Vinyl seat repair. If you have the space, you can have a profitable business repairing Biminis, Canvas and Vinyl seats.

  • Electrical & Mechanical boat repair. If your more technically minded, you have excellent opportunities in Mechanical and Electrical boat repairs.

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    Questions & Answers
    on Houseboat Living

    You probably have questions about Living on a Houseboat, and this Part-2 link House Boat Living will open a new window. Or you can continue reading and at the bottom of the page, click the link, Part-2 of Houseboat Living.

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    Stories about Houseboat Living

    If you've spent any serious time on a house boat, you most likely have had some hilarious situations, or experienced new better ways of doings things, than this is the time to put your tips or stories on paper ( or keyboard ).

    Do you want to be "heard", and be on the Web?
    Here's an opportunity to have your voice heard.


    What Other Visitors Have Said

    Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

    Searoom, a woman's houseboat journey 
    Being a woman, living on a houseboat was not on my bucket list of things to do. I moved onboard "SeaRoom" out of necessity, following a series of unfortunate …

    Living the Houseboat Life, on the Mississippi River 
    We are living the houseboat on the Mississippi River and we love it. We sold our home and "stuff" except for REALLY important "stuff" as in our 9 year …

    Boston Houseboat Needs a New Owner!  
    I currently own a houseboat (technically a housebarge) in Boston, MA and I have been trying to sell it but people keep backing out due to cold feet, financing, …

    Houseboat Furniture - some table, bed, sleeper, sofa design layouts for boats 
    We have a 2001, 41 foot Gibson houseboat and we love the boat but found this interior table (into bed) and sofa set up on another Gibson. When it comes …

    With Sharon - a true houseboat life story, and the love for boats 
    Here's a true story about a man's wonderful houseboat life with Sharon, his life partner. The following was witten by a man who was born in Canada. …

    Living the Houseboat Dream Lifestyle - live and enjoy life on houseboats. 
    I'm living the houseboat dream and lifestyle choice. You too can choose to live and enjoy life on houseboats also. This is my second houseboat, and being …

    Family Houseboat Living on House Boats Full-Time? 
    Is houseboat living for a family of 4 possible full-time, and what should we be concerned about beforehand? Hi Houseboater's Around the World, we are …

    Sleeping on a Houseboat - the mother of all water beds  
    When my husband and I purchased our 1969 43ft Nautaline houseboat about three years ago, we looked at it as a week-ender, that place to run to on Friday …

    Houseboat Living in SW Florida, and any houseboats for sale in Florida? 
    I'm looking at houseboat living in SW Florida, and any houseboats for sale in Florida or surrounding area for liveaboards? I am thinking about selling …

    Tips on Houseboat Living in Canada - house boats let us live our dream. 
    We're houseboat living in Canada, and house boats are our way that we live our dream on a daily basis. We live on a 60 ft Three Buoys houseboat in Canada …

    Houseboat Furnace Heaters - stay warm with good heat in winter? 
    I'm interested in houseboat furnace heaters, and how to stay warm with good heat during the winter months. On my 1981 Sumerset houseboat we have roof heat …

    Houseboat Living - what laws, rules, or regulations affect house boats? 
    When it comes to houseboat living, what are the laws and regulations about living on house boats? Do they vary from state to state? Thanks for any …

    Houseboat Pets - animals like cats and dogs enjoy living aboard house boats? 
    We're looking at houseboat pets, and do animals like cats and dogs enjoy living aboard house boats? The reason we ask is, my fiance and I are considering …

    Full-Time Houseboat Living - an early retirement, year round boaters dream. 
    You're looking at full-time houseboat living because of early retirement, or simply want to live a year round boaters dream? If living aboard a houseboat …

    Houseboat Living for a Newcomer - can you live year round on house boats? 
    Any tips for houseboat living for a newcomer? Can you live year round on house boats in winter? I'm interested in buying a houseboat to live on, however …

    Houseboat Living - we live and vacation all year long on the boat. 
    When it comes to houseboat living, we live and vacation all year long on our house boats. This is our 9th year living on our Myacht Houseboat, April 1st …

    Sweet Houseboat Memories - a funny, but true houseboat love story! 
    No More Pressure! My wife and I kept our small houseboat at Clark Lake, Michigan. On week-ends we would load it with food and beverages and motor …

    Houseboat Bed and Mattress - How to get the sheets on, in a cuddy cabin? 
    We have a houseboat bed and mattress in a cuddy cabin that are very hard to make. Any ideas how to put the sheets on easily? We have a Fun Country houseboat …

    Year Round Houseboat Living - Where's the Best Places in the USA States? 
    Thinking of doing the year round houseboat living thing, and wondering where are the best places to go in the USA states? We are one to two years away …

    Thinking of buying and living on a houseboat, where to buy and live? 
    I am thinking of buying and living on a houseboat, and looking where to buy and live? I am looking for a nice, warm place to live, and just need some help …

    Houseboat Living - Are houseboats good to live mortgage free? 
    Thinking of living on a houseboat, and wonder if I can live mortgage free on a house boat? I am looking to purchase a houseboat to live aboard while I …

    Liveaboards - Anybody living on a houseboat in Florida? 
    Any house boat liveaboards, or anybody living on a houseboat in Tallahassee, Florida? We are anticipating a move to the Tallahassee area, and we are researching …

    Where can I live on a houseboat on the Hudson in NJ 
    I'm interested in houseboat living, especially the Hudson River in northern New Jersey. Is there anyone who can help me find a marina that allows year …

    Marinas in Australia that allow houseboat living. 
    Looking to find any marinas in Australia that allow houseboat living? I am hoping to find a list of Marina's in Australia that allow living aboard.... …

    Sizes of Houseboats - What size is good for houseboat living? 
    Looking at different sizes of houseboats, and wondering what's a good size for a couple thinking and planning on houseboat living? My husband and I …

    Green Energy Houseboat Adventure 
    This houseboat adventure is how to make it green energy efficient? I bought a small 31 ft. houseboat that I call FREEDOM. I have it in dry dock where I …

    Houseboat friendly communities on Florida east coast? 
    Where are the houseboat friendly communities on Florida east coast? What if someone wanted to buy docked lot with access to ICW Intracoastal Waterway & …

    Where can we live on a houseboat? 
    Wondering where we can go about living aboard full time on a houseboat? Are there any states where a person can't live full-time on a houseboat? Just …

    Houseboat Living - Winter Heating 
    We have a 45 ft Skipperliner Houseboat (not the boat in the picture) ----- what would be my options for heating for year round living here in Wisconsin. …

    How to Work, Live, and Travel on a Houseboat 
    What kind of work or jobs are available while on a houseboat? My wife and I want to buy a houseboat, and travel along the coastline of the United States. …

    Any Winter or Cold Climate Houseboat Living Tips? 
    The idea of living on a houseboat during the winter intrigues me. What modifications are involved for winter and do you know anyone living on a houseboat …

    Simple Houseboat Building Materials and Ideas 
    Looking for simple houseboat building materials and ideas? There's a lot of interest in low cost houseboat building, and I have the experience with these. …

    Houseboat Living Communities 
    Where can we find a list of locations of real liveaboard communities? We would like to buy a boat & live near others who have done the same. We wish …

    Living on Floating Home type Houseboats 
    I've seen house-like homes built on houseboat pontoon decks. Are there any considerations to building these regarding their ability to actually travel …

    Best American Lakes and Waterways for Houseboat Living 
    I live in upstate New York. We keep our boat on Lake George in the Adirondacks. However, you can't live on the lake in a houseboat, mainly because it …

    Houseboat Living near New York City 
    My husband and I are thinking about buying a houseboat and living aboard, but we are reluctant to leave our beloved NYC. I knew a family that used …

    Houseboat Living - the new laws, rules, and regulations on boating in Florida 
    The laws, rules, and regulations concerning boating or houseboat living in Florida are about to change. Okay, a new regulation has just passed or will …

    Always Dreamed of Living on a Houseboat. 
    I have always dreamed of living on a houseboat, and now I feel I can make it real. I want to stay on Long Island, NY, My problem is that many of the …

    Insulating for year around houseboat living in Minnesota 
    We are purchasing a 55' Kingscraft houseboat, all aluminum with plans for year around living. We are looking for ideas or tips on cold climate houseboat …

    Marine Composting Toilets for Houseboats 
    Talking about houseboat marine composting toilets, and we still had an area that wasn't the way we wanted, and that was the "porta potti". It was smelly, …

    Houseboat Mooring - looking for moorage for house boats in BC ? 
    When it comes to houseboat moorings, or for moorage for house boats, we're presently living in a 60ft Three Buoys houseboat in BC (British Columbia) on …

    Removing Black Septic Waste Tanks on Houseboats with just a little Humor  
    I've been living on a houseboat for about 7 months and every day brings a new story, some more crazy than others. Here's one that should get you going. …

    Houseboat Living with Dogs - the Animal Planets show, UnderDog to WonderDog Not rated yet
    Since my wife and I love living on our houseboat with our two dogs, we wanted to know who would be interested in adopting a rescue shelter dog for an excellent …

    Houseboat Living - boat designs for freezing, heating, winter, ice and snow. Not rated yet
    When it comes to winter houseboat living, here are some designs for freezing winter, ice, and snow. I've been considering houseboat living for quite a …

    Houseboat Living, Cats 101 - the TV show Animal Planets wants cat lovers. Not rated yet
    Is houseboat living, and Cats 101 for you? The TV show Animal Planets has a program called Cats 101, and is looking for folks that live or travel with …

    Houseboat Guests and Visitors - Watch the Kids, and the Car or Boat Keys! Not rated yet
    When you have guest or visitors on your houseboat, you have to watch the kids and your keys, if not, bad things can happen. This is my new saying, "Friends, …

    Houseboat Living after College - How to get started to live on house boats? Not rated yet
    Interested in houseboat living for college grads, and wonder how to get started to live on house boats, should we buy or rent? My buddy and I will be …

    Living the houseboat dream, and now, HEAVEN on WATER Not rated yet
    What's better than living and dreaming of houseboats, and now enjoying "Heaven on Water". That's the name of the 1985 Hilburn houseboat I call home in …

    Houseboat leaks and emergency repairs Not rated yet
    You may never know when houseboat leaks and emergency repairs will occur. I woke up the other night when the bilge pump came on, and this is unusual as …

    Installed a second Houseboat BBQ Not rated yet
    My wife and I installed a second BBQ on the stern of the houseboat, this way if we're at anchor and the wind is blowing, it will naturally be on the bow, …

    Holiday Mansion Houseboat Living Tip #1 Not rated yet
    Tip #1 for Living on a Houseboat is to have a "dual" redundant bilge pump system. It doesn't take much to "jam" a bilge pump and blow the fuse, and the …

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