Houseboat Living Communities

by Nada

Where can we find a list of locations of real liveaboard communities? We would like to buy a boat & live near others who have done the same. We wish we could find a community on a lake or river with boats like the ones on the coasts of the US. We have just begun to learn the vocabulary. Who knows where this will lead us?

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Liveaboards in the South
by: Anonymous

Lake Guntersville (in warm weather AL) on the beautiful Tennessee River has several marinas where liveaboards are welcome.

Live aboard communities
by: J&A

We live full time on our houseboat in a marina on the TN river, most of the marinas here have full time houseboat communities or as we consider (family).

We sold our house to open a 3rd business and have found a dream lifestyle, boating people are the most sharing, loving, amazing people!

We would not live any other way. Good luck to you :)


For DONNA - Houseboat Living Aboard Communities
by: Cali Girl

Donna...I just saw your post on this page RE:Living Aboard Communities in the West. I visited my brother in Long Beach, WA last year. I stayed with a friend in West Lyn, Oregon and drove over the Columbia River into Astoria, Ore. on my way to Long Beach.

I discovered that there were SEVERAL HOUSEBOATS on the Columbia River, as well as the John Day River. I have done some research on RENTALS, and found some to be only $150.00 a night with a 2 night minimum~QUITE REASONABLE, really.

You might want to research it further to see if it would be to your liking. Just wanted to share! HAPPY HUNTING!

Texas marina locations
by: Anonymous

I just spent hours sending emails to Texas marinas and boat brokers. Only one negative response. I would love to find a location to retire and live on a houseboat. Can anyone help ?

Thank you

Full Time Houseboat Living Questions?
by: Steven

I know that there are plenty of houseboats owners who have live the life of peace and joy living on their houseboats. I too would like to experience the same thing but more importantly what I need is more information.

It takes a certain type of individual to live full time on a houseboat and I want to know if it is possible for me. Any help is appreciated.

Houseboat Living - lakes for to live on full time
by: John Day

When it comes to houseboat living, what lakes are available? Here's a couple of lakes to check out......Lake of the Ozarks in Central Missouri.....and Grand Lake of the Cherokees in N.E. Oklahoma.....they are not "Corp of Engineers" lakes......they are privately owned lakes...(you "own" the shoreline for property you purchase)..

Than there is numerous marinas/yacht clubs available.....boat to "on the water" restaurants and bars for dining and on the water with private docks or slips.

MANY homes or condos available at Lake of the Ozarks.....8000 condos currently....40 "on the water" restaurants/bars....lake is 100+ miles long.....more shoreline than the coast of California....many golf courses....110 store outlet mall......and MUCHHHHH more reasonable cost of living than the "coasts" Just a thought....

Year Round Houseboats - looking for houseboat communities
by: Lori

Retiring in a few years also, and my husband and I are trying to get info on year round houseboating communities in KY, GA or TN.

The Cove for houseboats
by: Ben Paratore

I own a houseboat, Southern Comforts, and it's part of a luxury vacation community in Bainbridge, GA. There are about 40 houseboats currently with a projected 80 total to complete the community.

Families, vacationers, and retires all come here to relax and have fun on the Chattahoochee River. There's a club house, tiki hut, swimming pool/spa, plus great fishing and boating. If you're interested in more information email me at

Houseboat vacation on Lake Norman
by: donna

I have finally found a few places that allow full time liveaboards. We have narrowed it down to a couple places. Lake Cumberland Kentucky is beautiful. But I think we will take a vacation to Lake Norman NC this year to check it out. Let me know if you have any info on these places.

Live aboard houseboat community
by: Capt. Jim

Living on my houseboat would be a very good thing in my opinion, but I'm not sure if I could convince the lil missy of it.

My Beloved Houseboat came from Rough Falls Kentucky, and she was part of a houseboat community where people did live aboard 365 days per year and they loved it....

Capt. Jim

Houseboat Living - Where?
by: Craig Brewer

Are there still any live aboard marinas in existence?
I have looked and looked but can not fine one that allows full-time live aboards. I have a 42' cruiser and would like to move up to a houseboat. Where can you dock either of these and live aboard. Please, someone help me here.

Houseboat Liveaboard Communities
by: donna

In regards to houseboat liveaboard communities, this sounds just like my husband and I. We have been looking for a lake or river in the west but haven't really known where to start. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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