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Who doesn't LOVE houseboats, as they have everything you want & need in a floating hotel style boat. They're spacious, filled with amenities, and great for entertaining family & friends. There are houseboat models available for slowly cruising through the lakes & rivers, or there's some models that can go fast enough to haul water-skiers behind your boat. You pick the boat that fits your lifestyle choice... :)

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After spending a lifetime around houseboats, they're still my favorite boats. I'm lucky as I've rented, built, bought, driven, repaired, and lived on them. The website is created for all of you new, curious, beginner, and experienced boaters. Search our 1,393 pages of unbiased real-life tips, FAQ, guides, and articles.

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You'll find our eBook collection below is perfect to fill that "need for knowledge" that you want in order to become a proficient captain. I've written them so they're easy to read, and filled with photos & diagrams to satisfying all boating levels.

Collection of Boat & Houseboat Books

All About Houseboating in 3 min Video

This excellent video piece is done by Julie who hosts the show at and in 3 minutes she gives an incredible summary view on houseboating. 

It's called Julie's got a CRUSH on Houseboats and she provides an informative birds-eye view on the popularity of these boats showing the who, what, where, when, and why people love houseboats.

Julie's 3min video explanation on houseboats

Houseboat Accessories at Liquidation Prices

Houseboat Liquidation Center
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Boat Buying Tips
Buyer Guide on how, where, what to look for when buying a boat.

Living on a Boat
Articles, tips, stories on where, why, how to live on the water.

Current and past listing of the houseboat builders or models

Houseboat Forums
Post or read 1000's of articles on our houseboating community

Vacation Rentals
Florida, Shasta, Lake Powell, Cumberland, Dale Hollow

Parts Accessories
User reviews on material, on the repairs, and boating equipment

Classified Ads
Search and find boats for sale, buy or sell with free classified ads

Marine Loans
Marine finance, rates, quotes, and pre-approval, low interest loans

Marine Insurance
Companies, quotes, tips on how, and where to insure houseboats

Transport Movers
free shipping quote, safely move boats, ship local or nationwide

Building a Boat
Free building plans for small trailerable DIY pontoon boats.

Small Trailerable
Advantages, pros & cons, and benefits of smaller trailerables

Selling your Boat?
Free classified ads, 2k daily visitors, Top-10 selling tips

Pontoon Boats
Pictures, building, specifications info on tritoon and pontoons

New Boats For Sale
New boat builders, new floating homes, quotes or purchases.

How to Buy a Houseboat
Houseboat Liquidation Parts
How to Sell a Houseboat

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