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You're looking to BUY a houseboat?
Feeling a little confused or intimated? We don't all start out as experienced boaters, let alone houseboaters, but how do you avoid those beginner, damaging, or expensive mistakes.

Are you looking to SELL your houseboat?
Would you like to sell the boat quickly and for TOP dollar. With our Top-10 Selling Tips, it won't take long to say "Sorry, it's already sold".

Looking to PRE-INSPECT a houseboat?
Would you like to do a preliminary inspection of a boat before sending in a professional marine surveyor? Tips to DIY, and eliminate boats that aren't worthy of a costly marine survey.

You want to do a SEA-TRIAL or a test ride?
Doing a sea-trial on a houseboat is almost as important as doing a survey, yet so many buyers neglect taking the boat for a test ride.


"Your ebook, and the wealth of information in it helped us immensely. We were just beginners and we were scared about buying our first houseboat."
Thank you, Margaret & Peter, Ohio

Buying a Houseboat? Download this eBook First!

After a lifetime of buying boats, I can't stress the point enough, this book will totally reveal the tips and secrets you need to get started on the right track. It'll pay for itself 10x over, and it may even save your marriage :)

How to Buy a Houseboat
Anyone buying a houseboat should download this ebook as it's the fastest, easiest, and simplest way to become an experienced knowledgeable buyer! Become a boat buyer that saves time, $$ money, and buys the right boat.

Sincerely, Ian of

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eBook Offer: You're Selling a Houseboat?

eBook - SELL your Houseboat
How to Sell your Houseboat,
Sell it Quickly and TOP Dollar

Don't miss the opportunity
to "Sell it like a Pro" today.

The TOP-10
Selling Tips!

Read it before listing your boat.
Use all the strategies to prepare,
market, and maximize your price.

The "How to Sell your Houseboat" ebook has the TOP-10 Selling Tips that provides you with information and techniques used by many professionals around the world. You'll learn secrets on how to prepare, market, and how to successfully finalize the sale of your boat. You should definitely use these strategies and download this eBook before listing your boat for sale.

Sincerely, Ian of

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Looking for other boating books to help?

These books and ebooks are some of the best investments you can make, and are the ones that I can highly recommend to you. They will provide you with all the priceless, necessary, and hard to find knowledge and information that houseboaters need to get started on the right track.

Don't forget, eBooks are easy to use, much cheaper, and very popular now. And they will save cutting down trees, and are good for the environment! * Many of these links are from our sponsor, and open in a new window.

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  • BUILDING: Dream of Building a Houseboat

  • BUYING: Secrets to Buying a Good Boat

  • DRIVING: How to Drive, Dock or Handle

  • ANCHORING: Types, Tips, on safe Anchoring

  • DOCKING: Handling and Docking a Boat

  • SPOUSE: Smooth Trips with First Mate 101

  • TYING: Methods of Securing a House Boat

  • DINGHY: Dinghy Tips, Towing, Davits

  • BROCHURES: Boat & Houseboat Brochures

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    Dream of Building a Houseboat

    A families dream and desire to build a houseboat and do some cruising. There's plenty of details, plans, and instructions helpful for someone thinking of building their own boat. The story dates about a decade ago, yet is relevant to today's projects.

    The story and pictures reminded me of my father and I building our boat, sweet memories.

    Click the book or link if you'd like more details about the Dream Building houseboat book.

    Dream Building Houseboat eBook

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    Secrets to Buying a good Boat

    How to Buy a Boat

    You want to buy a boat, and you're not sure of everything involved, and the things to look out for, than the Buy a Boat with Confidence book from Doug Dawson (400 pages), has to be one of the best collections of tips and secrets available.

    If you're buying a boat, or even a houseboat for that matter, there's a wealth of information that can save you thousands $$$, and help you from the beginning to end of the process. Just click the book to read more tips and secrets.

    Bonus Offer: You will also get the 4 special reports for free, and priceless!
    Demo and Buy a Houseboat book hin Inspect Yourself boat types

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    Lessons on How to Drive, Park, and Handle

    Learn how to Drive and Dock Houseboats

    Nothing creates more tension amongst inexperienced houseboaters than when it is time to navigate, park, dock, or maneuver that big houseboat around.

    Learn the tips and secrets needed to handle that houseboat even in adverse windy conditions, and move her around the marina like a longtime pro.

    If you are tired of the stress and anxiety of driving houseboats, than this e-book is an easy way to get all the skills and knowledge needed to feel confident.

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    Anchor Types, Tips on Anchoring

    Houseboat Anchors - types of anchoring house boats

    You want to sleep well at night on your boat, or stay anchored in different situations? Learn about various anchor types, raising and lowering them.

    Learn definitions like anchor rode, scope, windlass, and much more. Tips on things like how to store, care, and to use mutliple anchors.

    It's a must read for anyone thinking of leaving the dock or cruising. To read more about the anchors and techniques, just click the book now.

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    Handling and Docking a Boat

    Houseboat Books Docking Single Outboard Houseboat Books Single Inboard Houseboat Books Docking Twin Outboard Houseboat Books Docking Twin Sterndrive  IO
    Learn to Dock like a Pro! You'll be the envy of the whole marina.

    You're tired of stress and anxiety of docking, and you want to dock your houseboat like a Pro? Learn the tips and techniques to help in any situation, even if there's wind, current, or a tight fit. Just click the book with your engine configuration to learn the tips and techniques now.

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    Smooth Trips with First Mate 101

    Houseboat Books - First Mate Book Cover

    When it comes to piloting a boat around, it's important when you're spouse feels comfortable, and is at ease with all of the boats functions and responsibilities.

    A great book written by Brenda, a First Mate, and written for first mates everywhere.

    If you're looking for peace of mind, a sense of confidence, with a better understanding of what is involved in being a good skipper, than click the book to learn more about First Mate 101 now.

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    Tying and Securing a House Boat

    Houseboat Books - Tie House Boats Tying

    There's nothing worse than leaving the boat and wondering if it will get damaged during the week? Will there be a storm tomorrow, and how to protect your investment.

    Learn some of the simple methods to securely and properly tie your boat, and keep it that way. Tips and Tricks for your crew to use to make life easier when docking. Just click the book for more details.

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    Fun with Dinghys, Towing, Davits

    Houseboat Books - Dinghy Tips for House Boats

    Dinghy's and houseboats are like peanut butter and jam, they just go together. Learn about choosing the right one, davits, and different towing techniques.

    We use ours for fishing, going to shore, and simply exploring different areas without lifting the anchor of the houseboat. They add an extra level of security to any boat. Simply click the book for more details.

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    Brochures for Boats & Houseboats

    Brochure Manuals for Boats and Houseboats

    Ever wish you had the original boat brochure that came with your houseboat?

    Now you can find those hard to find brochures, and give them as a gift, or keep for the day you may sell her.

    Find old and new Boat & Houseboat Brochures

    There's original brochures from 100's of boat makes, and even antiques that are next to impossible to find. They are meticulously scanned and emailed to you.

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