You're Ready for a House Boat Rental?
Tips and Sources to Rent a Houseboat

Some great ideas to make your house boat rental vacation a Success! Your idea could be for a holiday, a fishing getaway, a honeymoon, family gathering, an anniversary, or maybe a sales meeting? You're maybe looking to relax and unwind, there's some great house boat rental deals on now.

Houseboat Rental Vacations - rent a house boat for family

Houseboat Rental Vacations - rent house boats for a family

Houseboat Rental Vacations - rent a house boat for family Houseboat Rentals - there's a house boat for everyone Houseboat Rental - great deals on house boat vacations Unique Houseboat Rentals - be the Captain and rent a rare Canal Boat

When it comes to houseboat rentals they book up fast, so to get the best rates and deals, it is important to plan early. Plan now, and dream later.

You're interested in finding an activity that the whole family will enjoy? Houseboating is such a good idea that the whole family will enjoy and remember it for a lifetime. I should warn you, your family may fall in love with it, and want to return every year!

NEW: A list of the Rental Deals in USA & Canada

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Rentals Directory - sources for houseboat rentals

House Boat Rentals
Popular Rental areas
Amsterdam - Australia
Bahamas - Canada
India - USA - States
Lakes - Rivers - Cities
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Great Deals for Early Reservations
Houseboat Rentals Deals - book your house boat rental now and save
Pick Your Dates and Inquire Now.

What better than a House Boat Rental video

This short video will give you a good basic idea of all the
great Things To Do while on a houseboat rental vacation.

Did you know you can Timeshare Houseboats?

Timeshares offer a wide variety of rental and resale options from houseboats to grand resorts here in the US and also abroad. Most people vacation in their favorite spot year after year, whether houseboat or resort, why not try shared ownership or a houseboat timeshare rental.
Whether by land or lake, you'll find it very rewarding and affordable.

The popular House Boat Rental areas

Where in the world are people vacationing on houseboat rentals?
What you will find below is a list of the Countries, Lakes, Rivers and Cities where you can find and rent a great house boat for a holiday vacation.

  • AMSTERDAM: With so many houseboats around Amsterdam, you're sure to enjoy the history and beauty of houseboating in Holland.

  • AUSTRALIA: It's warmth, sunshine, beauty and with a "down under" charm make Australia a popular houseboat vacation rental destination.

    Auckland · Australia · Coomera · Echuca · Gold Coast · Mildura · Murray · Noosa · NSW · QLD · Queensland · South Australia

  • BAHAMAS: Have a taste for a Caribbean adventure, than the Bahamas with it's tropical beauty and crystal clear water is a vacation paradise.

  • CANADA: Since Canada is so unique in it's heritage, and has pristine lakes and incredible scenery, it has many choices to start your vacation.
    A popular area in Ontario is the 1000 Island, Gananoque, Ontario.

    Alberta · British Columbia · Manitoba · New Brunswick · Newfoundland and Labrador · Northwest Territories · Nova Scotia · Ontario · Prince Edward Island · Quebec · Saskatchewan · Yukon

  • INDIA: The incredible Backwaters, unique tourism and culture make houseboating in India an unforgettable holiday vacation experience.

    Alleppey · India · Kashmir · Kerala · Kumarakom ·

  • USA: The USA has an abundance of beautiful lakes and rivers which have become immensely popular for houseboat rentals. The areas are:

    Alabama · Alaska · Arizona · Arkansas · California (Sausalito)· Colorado · Connecticut · Delaware · Dist of Columbia · Florida · Georgia · Hawaii · Idaho · Illinois · Indiana · Iowa · Kansas · Kentucky · Louisiana · Maine · Maryland · Massachusetts · Michigan · Minnesota · Mississippi · Missouri · Montana · Nebraska · Nevada · New Hampshire · New Jersey · New Mexico · New York · North Carolina · North Dakota · Ohio · Oklahoma · Oregon · Pennsylvania · Rhode Island · South Carolina · South Dakota · Tennessee · Texas (Austin)· Utah · Vermont · Virginia · Washington · West Virginia · Wisconsin · Wyoming

  • LAKES, RIVERS, & CITIES: With so many popular Lakes, Rivers and Cities where you can find a vacation rental houseboats, here's a list:
    • LAKES: Crane · Cumberland · Eufaula · Havasu · Lanier · McClure · Mead · Oroville · Ozarks · Powell · Rainy · Roosevelt · Shasta · Shuswap · Smith Mountain · Sonoma · Tahoe · Travis · Waco

    • RIVERS: Cumberland · Mississippi · Murray · Rideau · St John's · Suwanee · Tennessee · Trent Severn ·

    • CITIES: Amsterdam · Austin · La Crosse · Sausalito · Seattle ·

  • Houseboat Rentals - amazing locations and house boats

    Houseboat Rentals - amazing locations and house boats

    Houseboat Rentals - amazing locations and house boats Houseboat Rentals - great for family, fishing, BBQ's Houseboat Rentals - great deals for early reservations Houseboat Rentals - spaces are limited, book now

    You can take your tentative dates and find some great deals, but waiting just limits your choices. Try and book early to get the best dates.

    Great Deals on Houseboat Rentals
    Houseboat Rentals Deals - book your house boat rental now and save
    Pick Your Dates and Inquire Now!

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