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Lake Powell House Boat Rentals
is a great way to spend a holiday

Is Lake Powell House Boat Rentals a POPULAR activity? You bet!

Yes it's popular, Lake Powell may well be one of the busiest areas in houseboating. The surroundings are simply incredible, and the canyons and shoreline make for some of the best holiday vacations anywhere!.

If you're looking for a vacation rental, then you've made a great choice. Here you will find some of the finest houseboats to rent on Lake Powell. The range goes from reasonable good value houseboats, to luxury mega boats with an impressive list of options and features to satisfy any need.

House Boat Rental Lake Powell
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What better than a Video to show you!

These people really enjoyed their houseboat holiday on Lake Powell, and made an excellent video showing the different Things To See & Do.

Lake Powell Houseboat Marinas

Since the lake is 186 mile long and 25 miles wide, with over 1900 miles of incredibly amazing shoreline, your better off to decide which area you would prefer to start at. Houseboats tend to travel slowly, like sailboats, around 6-7mph so it would take quite a while to cover the whole lake.

You will find many marinas around the lake such as:

  • Wahweap Marina
    is the largest on the Lake, and is only minutes away from Page AZ.

  • Bullfrog Marina
    is the 2nd largest marina on Lake Powell, and is close to Ticaboo UT.

  • Halls Crossing Marina
    is across from Bullfrog marina, and is found on the East side of the lake.

  • Dangling Rope Marina
    is only reachable from the lake, and is @ 40 miles from Glen Canyon Dam.

  • Antelope Point Marina
    is the newest marina on the southwest side, and is close to Page AZ.

  • Lake Powell House Boat Rentals info

    You're looking for a good reputable place to rent, than these people can and will definitely help you. You'll find a wide variety of sizes and prices. Be sure to read our Tips & Ideas in our Houseboat Rental Tips section.

    Houseboat Rental Lake Powell

    Forever Houseboats
    Have 12 different marinas

    Lake Powell Vacations
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    Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals
    Lodging, Watercraft, Watertoys

    Forever Houseboats
    Have 12 different marinas

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