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What's your favorite houseboat, or most popular house boat around?

With so many manufacturers, what is the favorite houseboat according to our readers? What is the most popular house boat found in marinas around the world? You can now cast your vote, and 'visually see' the voting results from all our participating readers.

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Is YOUR favorite boat in the list?

It's really amazing when you look at the long list of past & current houseboat builders, as you can visually see how many models there actually have been built.

Past & Current Houseboat Models

Adventure Craft, Alcan, Americraft, Blue Water, Boatel, Bravada Yachts, Burns Craft, Campanoe, Capri, Carlcraft, Carri-Craft, Catamaran Cruisers, Chris Craft, Cobia, Combo Cruiser, Crest, Cruise-A-Home, Delta Clipper, Desert Shore, Destination Yachts, Drifter Craft, Eco-Sea Cottages, Emerald Bay, Fantasy Yachts, Fisher Craft, Flotel, Funtime, Gibson Boats, Harbor Master, Hilburn, Holiday Mansion, Horizon Yachts, Jamestowner, Kayot, Kelly, KingsCraft, Lakeview, Land N Sea, Lazy Days, Majestic, Marinette, Masterfab, Mattie River, MetroShip, Monticello, Myacht, Nautaline, Nomad, Orca, Patio Cruisers, Play Craft, Pluckebaum, River Queen, Rivercity, Rivertime, Sailabration, Sea Camper, SeaGoing, Sea Rover, Sharpe, Shellcraft, Silver Queen, Skipperliner, Stardust Cruiser, Starlite, Steury, Sumerset, Sunseeker, Sunstar, Sun Tracker, Thoroughbred, Three Buoys, Tollycraft, Travelwave, Tucker, Twin Anchors, Waterhouse, Waterway, Whitcraft, Yukon Delta.

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