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The Top 5 Reasons to Get a Houseboat.

The first time we stepped on a houseboat, I was HOOKED. The feeling of having everything we needed onboard, and not needing to go back to the dock for days at a time was incredible. If you take off for the weekend on a boat, you'll come back refreshed and renewed, ready again to handle the crazy city life... :)

* Get a boat so GREAT,

that your whole family will love,

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How to BUY a Houseboat like a PRO in 1 Step ebook

Here's the 'Top 5 Reasons' why
you SHOULD get a houseboat

Reason #1
Houseboating can CHANGE your life... (for the better)

Buying a houseboat is a major purchase, yet OWNING a houseboat could very well change the rest of your life (for the better). Spending time on the water has got to be one of life's greatest moments. It's an excellent way to reduce stress, unwind from hectic schedules, and simply the best way to reconnect with people, nature, and the environment. Are you ready to escape civilization?

How to BUY a Houseboat like a PRO in 1 Step ebook How to BUY a Houseboat like a PRO in 1 Step ebook

Reason #2
The TOP-12 best things... you'll love to do on a houseboat

After spending the majority of my life on/around the water, I realize there's simply no other place in the world I would rather be. If you spend some time on a houseboat, I'm SURE you'll feel the same way.

The TOP 12 best things
to do on your houseboat

  1. Play - you're on vacation everyday
  2. Party - bbq's, b-day's, weekends
  3. Entertain - guests, family, friends
  4. Sleep - you'll never sleep so well

  5. Sunrise - enjoy a morning coffee
  6. Fishing - catch fish off your deck
  7. Swim - jump in the lake anytime
  8. Sunsets - have an evening drink

  9. Beach - spend weekends in coves
  10. Cruise - travel the lakes & rivers
  11. Work - a cool "home/boat" office
  12. Retire - live your life on the water

Reason #3
Everything you NEED is on a boat... such a great feeling

Here's a 3 photo slideshow (click the image) showing different houseboat amenities & pastimes. There's no better feeling than navigating out of the marina, and knowing you don't have to go back because you have everything you need. If you were to be on a boat today, what do you see yourself doing?

(click an image to see all 3 slides)

Houseboats have everything you need to relax, or entertain your family
Everything you need to relax, play, swim, fish, bbq...

Houseboats have everything you need to relax, or entertain your family
        Click image        
Between the hot tubs, family pets, and plenty of space to have parties
        Click image        
Water activities, full kitchens, sunning on the roof, to 5 star bedroom views
        Click image        

Reason #4
Houseboating creates and enhances the family bond

With today's hectic pace for families, anything that can create a common bond between all the family members is a huge bonus. That's where houseboating can create memories and lifelong bonds amongst family, friends, and your guests. Talk to anyone who has owned a houseboat, and their smile & eyes will start to glow. Can you use a stronger family bond?

Reason #5
Houseboating is affordable compared to other hobbies

When you compare the amount of time (weekends, holidays, vacations, spring break, etc...) you can spend on a houseboat, the cost of it 'per hour of enjoyment' is probably one of the cheapest ways for the family to bond together. There are plenty of starter houseboats for any budget, thus allowing you to get into it for less than you think. What kind of budget do you have for a boat?

Bonus Reason
Get started with a 'How to Buy a Houseboat' guide

The thought of getting a houseboat is very exciting and it surely brings up 100's of questions that you want answered before buying a boat. That's where this Houseboat Buying guide is a perfect way to get you started on the right track.

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