Houseboat Living near New York City

by Dianna

Houseboat Living in New York City

Houseboat Living in New York City

My husband and I are thinking about buying a houseboat and living aboard, but we are reluctant to leave our beloved NYC.

I knew a family that used to live aboard their sailboat on the Hudson (around pier 29 I think), but I've heard that's no longer allowed.

Are there any places in NYC that one can live aboard a houseboat?

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Dianna, that's an excellent question since many people would like to live on a houseboat in New York City.

I don't have any definite answers, however I remember reading recently that changes had been made to allow live aboard houseboats in some of the surrounding marinas.

Unfortunately I don't have a link to the article, but maybe some of our readers who know more about it, would be able to post a comment.

If you find out more info, please let us all know.

IAN - from

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Renting houseboats in NYC
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if there is anywhere to find a houseboat / or even just like regular boats that have living space to rent out in New York City.

I am looking to move for like 5-6 months onto a houseboat, but I don't know where to look!

Help with ideas for selling houseboat in Brooklyn by: Anonymous
by: Jane

Help with ideas for selling houseboat in Brooklyn
by: Anonymous
Believe it or not I am interested in your parent's houseboat and I would love to live in Brooklyn the question is how would we get to discuss buying the boat.

RV Parking vs Houseboat Dock Fees
by: Hick Steve

Park it on the street. 25 cents an hour equates to 2,190 dollars a year. Way cheaper than parking it in the water like normal people. I have mine parked on the corner of 9th and Winchester. Come live by me and we can be neighbors!!!

Help with ideas for selling houseboat in Brooklyn
by: Anonymous

I just came across this great website because my parents are getting ready to sell their former small ferry houseboat in Brooklyn and I was wondering where else people in NYC can live on boats.

It is a really unique houseboat but kinda of big 52x18, so if who ever bought it and didn't want to live in Brooklyn where they could take it?

And, do you think it is better to wait until spring to put on the market? Thanks for any insight anyone can give on selling this size of houseboat that would be great. Thanks!

Houseboats in New York harbor (and the Hudson River)
by: Allen

I learned the same thing from the Dockmaster at the 79th Street Marina on Manhattan. My number finally came up, I put down my money for a slip, only to find that they don't permit houseboats.

He said that "houseboats get dragged sideways down the Hudson." I was thinking that the real motivation was to try and bring some "class" to the marina; most (if not all) the houseboats there are year-round live-aboards that were "grandfathered-in" when the City took over (and frankly, most of them do have a certain "trailer-park" quality about them).

But maybe new regulations have gone into effect. Anybody have any info on that, and any suggestions for a live-aboard boat I can rent for the season, now that my dream of houseboating has been nixed?

Houseboats are not allowed in New York Harbour
by: watercolours

I live aboard a sailboat in Jersey City, and a professional Captain just told me last week that houseboats are no longer allowed at the Marinas in NJ on the Hudson.

I can't imagine why, or even if this is illegal to single out one type of boat. Contact any one of the Marinas in Jersey City, and they'll know. Good luck.

Houseboat locals and present availability
by: Anonymous

For those looking for houseboat living, there are marinas still in operation, such as ones in Port Washington and Seaford Long Island. Actually the only houseboat up for sale currently in the area is docked in Seaford and is listed online.

Houseboat Living - Lincoln Harbor in Weehawken
by: Brian

I live year round at Lincoln Harbor in Weehawken, NJ. Amazing views of Manhattan (Empire state building directly across from us).

Easy access to the city (1 bus stop from Port Authority directly across the street and the light rail gives you access to Hoboken & the path train) and literally right outside of the Lincoln Tunnel.

Not sure if they allow houseboats here. We live on a 36' motor yacht. Plenty of us living aboard (probably about 20 boats or so).

Houseboat living at the 79th Street Marina
by: Allen

Liberty State Park Marina? Didn't even know about that. I bet the view is fantastic. In my last comment I mentioned I was on the waiting list for a slip at the 79th Street Marina in Manhattan. My number has come up! Because of family matters I had to pass on it for this season, but I get another chance next year.

Between now and then I need to find out about renting a houseboat for the summer. Something easily transportable, either down the Hudson or along Long Island Sound. Any ideas?

re: houseboat rental in Manhattan
by: Anonymous

We just got back from a vacation renting a boat at Liberty State Park Marina. There is a ferryboat frequently to Lower Manhattan, and it is also connected to public rail transportation. Some people there live aboard all year round, it is a really neat place.
Helen, Toronto.

Possible houseboat living locations in Long Island?
by: Anonymous

South shore? Seaford, North, Port Washington. Both are very nice.

Houseboat/Yacht Sitter
by: Anonymous

I'm looking to "house-sit" for anyone in the area who has a houseboat but can't leave it unattended. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have excellent references.

Houseboat Live Aboards on the Hudson River in Fort Lee, NJ
by: Anonymous

There are a number of marinas located on the Hudson River in Fort Lee, NJ. There is Port Royal Cove and others that rent slips to live aboards regularly. Not cheap, but great access to the trains and buses to Manhattan across the river.

The 79th st boat basin has a limited number of slips for living aboard a houseboat.

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Thanks for taking the time to share this great information with others. I'm sure all our readers appreciate the details.

IAN - from

NYC Houseboat Living
by: Allen

The 79th Street Marina is run by the NYC Office of Parks & Recreation (it also manages a marina in Flushing Bay, Queens). There's a long waiting list, but there's always talk about the city expanding the marina and increasing the number of slips.

I registered for a slip back in 2002, and am now number 80, which means (I've been told) that I may have a slip within one-two years.

Only costs $50 to register and be put on the waiting list. Be aware that it's a seasonal rental (March-November); the boats that are there during the winter were "grandfathered" in after the City took over the marina.

So MY question is, where in the NYC metro area can I park my (someday) houseboat during the winter?

By the way, you can also rent a spot on the Hudson River with NYC Parks & Recreation near the the 79th Street marina, but it's all powerboats and sailboats; no houseboats permitted.

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Allen, thanks for taking the time to share this great info about NYC houseboat living.

IAN from

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