Marinas in Australia that allow houseboat living.

by Nicole

Any marinas that allow houseboat living in Australia?

Any marinas that allow houseboat living in Australia?

Looking to find any marinas in Australia that allow houseboat living? I am hoping to find a list of Marina's in Australia that allow living aboard....

So far, with much difficulty speaking to different states, I have only been able to establish that this is allowed in Southern Australia....

Oh, and if there are any other aussie houseboat sites similar to this great site, can someone please let me know...

I appreciate any ideas for this complete novice wanting to escape the rat race and enjoy a much simpler life...

Cheers, Nicole.

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Well Nicole, congratulations on your decision to escape the "rat race" and decide to live on a houseboat in Australia. Sounds like a dream come true for a major lifestyle change. I guess you can tell that "my opinion is a little biased" :)

As to finding a list of marinas in Australia that allow houseboat living, I know that there are many that allow it, however unfortunately I don't have any names :(

However, I do have some great news, I know that Australian visitors represent a large percentage of our incoming traffic, so I am confident that many will leaving valuable comments and names for you. I have always found that many of the Australian boaters are a very friendly and helpful group.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat living experiences in Australia. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found at the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Marinas in Australia that allow houseboat living.

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Houseboat dream busted
by: Anonymous

Would love once again to live on a houseboat. I tried several years ago but was told I had to go into a marina.

If I wished to move around the broad water I had only 21 days then I had to vacate the broad water. I would have loved the freedom, but not tied up in a marina.

Reg Bob

Looking to permanently rent to buy a houseboat on the gold coast
by: Kim

You may think I am dreaming but I am hoping that you may be able to offer me some advice (assistance). I have always wanted to live on the water and after 7 years renting a property in Broadbeach I have to move.

I feel that now is the time to explore the options and follow my dream but don't have enough in the coffers to buy a houseboat on the gold coast qld outright immediately.

Do people permanently let/rent houseboats and if so who do I contact? A friend also suggested I offer to rent to buy, so I thought I'd give you a giggle and just ask!

Thank you, Kim

Liveaboard Marinas
by: Jen

Hi, I am currently looking into liveaboard options for my husband and myself. This Christmas we travelled from 1770 in Qld to Noosa and found 3 places that might work for Liveaboard. 1 was Agnes water/1770 itself. A friendly guy at the 1770 Marina said that there were a few HB on the waters around 1770 and appeared to have liveaboards. 2ndly we found the Newport Marina, near Scarborough and the Scarborough Marina itself 1/2 an hour north of Brisbane welcome liveaboards (although their space is limited). I hope this helps! I love this website and it is certainly progressing my plans with all your help and advice. Thank you


Future marinas for full time living
by: Ed Petersen

We are Floatin House Designers and Builders and would like to introduce our MARK I and MARK II designs.

Although with our help you can look for your own mooring at a private marina anywhere in NSW for weekend living only.

We are working on an area called AQUATOWN where in the near future, moorings and berthings will be available for permanent living on our Floating Homes.

Kindest regards, Ed Petersen

Floating Home, The Module
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to share with you our new Module (Floating Home). It is a fully self contained water home which is a fraction of the price of a water front house. Its best features include:

- Desalinization Water
- Solar panel Electricity
- Fully kitted modern house hold appliances
- Registerable as a vessel

Cheers, Lachlan Rogers

Looking to Rent Houseboat in Australia
by: Amanda

I am looking for a houseboat to rent that I can live on through my year long stay in Australia. Is there any resources available?

Thank you, Amanda

Houseboat Marinas
by: marnie

I'm based on the Gold Coast QLD there is a large houseboat community here and most of the marinas allow live aboard on houseboats.

We also have a local houseboat builder based here I believe they are called Havana Houseboats and have a number of boats around the area. Friends of ours living on one at Hope Harbour Marina and it costs them $8000 per year that also includes all of your water and power so it is a smart move your considering.

All the best with your sea change. Marnie

Houseboat Living - finding marina's to live on
by: Jo

Hi Nicole, I can understand your frustration trying to find somewhere that you can live permanently on your houseboat. My husband and I decided to live on a houseboat in Western Australia and found that due to the laws on the Swan River that this was not allowed.

However this same law does not cover the Mandurah Estuary, so we started to ask at the marinas in this area and found that even though it was legal to live on the Estuary, the marina's didn't allow it.

Then when we were looking at a houseboat for sale we found at a private marina in Port Bouvard that allows permanent houseboat living and has several people already living permanently there.

The problem with Western Australia is that the houseboats here are few and expensive compared to what they're selling in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland, so these are things you need to weigh up.

My suggestion is to decide which state you want to live in, then check the laws on permanent houseboat living for each body of water there, then ring around the marina's especially the private ones because they set their own rules.

An easy way to find the marina's is to look around the waterways on the map, the marina's are quite distinctive looking. Find the name of it on the map, then ring directory assistance for the phone number or Google it.

Another way to find marina's to live on is to look at houseboats for sale that say you can live aboard and find out where they are moored. Lake Eildon seems to be popular for this and some parts of the Murray River in South Australia.

I hope I've been some help. Jo

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Jo, I appreciate that you took the time to answer the original poster, as this information will help many houseboaters.

IAN from

Australian marinas for houseboat living
by: Anonymous

HI Nicole, there is a marina guide online which lists contacts for every marina in Australia. Might be of use to you if you want to work the phones and start calling them to find out which ones allow liveaboards.

Aussie House Boat Marinas [gold Coast]
by: Nafa

Hi Nicole, there are a number of Marinas on the waterways in and around what we call the Broadwater, that cater to house boats.

The Moreton Bay Marine park encompasses a massive area of safe anchorages especially for slower moving vessels with shallow draft.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife or Tourism qld will only be too pleased to answer any questions you may have. I have found them very helpful I also live on my houseboat in this area.

Hope this helps, Nafa

Murray River Marinas
by: Mark

Not sure if my last post made it, so I'll try again.

If you are interested in marinas on the Murray River that allow permanent residents, try this link

Look for a link to the "River Murray Marinas - Supply and Demand Study (2005)". At this rear of this document it lists the marinas, their location and the number of permanents. There are also location maps.

Don't worry about what the Draft Marina Strategy says, it has been sent back to be re-drafted after the public savaged it.

The primary private houseboat/cruiser association in SA is the River Murray Boat Owners Association

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Well Mark, thanks for the great information.

IAN from

South Australian Housboat Living
by: Mark

There are quite a few marinas on the Murray River in South Australia that allow live-aboards.

The question would be whether they have vacancies and if they are below Lock 1 (Blanchetown) whether they have enough water because of the drought.

In South Australia, you can currently be an itinerant, that is, moving up and down the river. I have met a few people doing this. Some have a small car on the back deck, others drive the car to the next town and then catch a bus back to their boat.

If you want a list of marinas along the river, Try this link and look for the "Supply and Demand Study" as it provides details about the marinas along the river in 2005. It is still pretty current, although some of the marinas below Lock 1 (Blanchetown) are effectively closed due to low river levels caused by the drought.

The major private houseboat/cruiser association in South Australia is the River Murray Boat Owners Association (RMBOA) and their website is

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Well Mark, thanks for the great information.

IAN from

Australia houseboat information
by: Dave

Nicole, I have been searching for information for ages on the houseboat scene in Australia - alas with no luck. Even trying to get info on builders for coastal houseboats is hard.

I live in the topend and we have 4 marinas. Two are available for live aboards - Tipperwary and Bayview. The other two are either commercial (with large private boat overflow) and cullen bay.

Tipperwary and Bayview have minimal berths available, inparticular in the wet as people want the shore power for aircons. You have to book 4-6 months in advance.

During the dry there are places to anchor without entering a marina as long as you are careful with the tides - your houseboat will be high and dry or you wont be able to go ashore because a 7mt tide has taken the water away and left mud.

If you find an Aussie houseboat site please send details.

Cheers, Dave

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