Living the Houseboat Life, on the Mississippi River

by El
(Upper Mississippi River)

The view from our houseboat on the Mississippi

The view from our houseboat on the Mississippi

We are living the houseboat on the Mississippi River and we love it. We sold our home and "stuff" except for REALLY important "stuff" as in our 9 year old son. My husband and I moved on board our 55 ft "remodeled for living" houseboat and have never looked back and still love it.

We both work our respective businesses while we enjoy everything about the lifestyle of living aboard. I like the fact that I can clean from top to bottom in a very short period of time. Although at the moment I have someone coming in every other week to clean! haha How about that? House keeper on a boat you're saying? haha It's perfect...and she does windows!

Let's see, so besides "house keeping" or would that be "boat keeping? I'm still enjoying my original "live a board" prerequisites aka a full sized bathtub, washer/dryer (in the same drum), water softener, room for my shoes! All of that, AND we can "unplug" for 7 months of the year and make a clean get-a-way!!

PS: Here are a few Myths we can de-bunk for you!

. We DO pay property taxes (we own the land)
. When renting, owner of property pays taxes
. We are cozy warm in the winter time
. We don't get sea sick! haha

El, from the Mississippi River.

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Reply - Answer

Well El, congratulations on refurbishing your live-aboard houseboat. From what I can see in the photo, it looks like a large Gibson model?

As in everything in life, there is always a price to everything and it seems you have adapted very well to the "live on the water" lifestyle.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their living on a houseboat experiences and tips.

Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Living the Houseboat Life, on the Mississippi River

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Living on a houseboat
by: Don

Would like to talk with someone about living on a boat. I'm an older guy and live alone and I need suggestions. I'm on the Mississippi River by Sabula, Iowa

We live on a houseboat!
by: Marnie

We live on a 38 ft custom made housecruiser on Lake Ontario near Toronto in the summer! We have done this for ten years at the same marina and really enjoy it.

We have done summer cruising on the Trent Severn, Rideau Canal and Thousand Islands. Now we usually just go out to tour people around.

In the winter this boat is put on the hard, so we move to our second boat. Our second boat is a 38 ft. Custom made pontoon houseboat moored in DeLand Florida. We have been there for ten years also.

We have done some limited cruising on the St. John's River but plan to take the boat north to Jacksonville and along the ICW for two months or so.

We have always liked this lifestyle but most people think we are crazy. Different strokes for different folks!

Living on a boat in the upper Mississippi River
by: Dan And Vickie S

We moved out of our house and my beloved garage, divided up everything amongst our children and got rid of what was left and moved onto a 62 Skipperliner in Minnesota two years ago.

We have never looked back. It is like coming home from work everyday to vacation. It is definitely an adventure especially in Minnesota.

Boat is plenty warm in the winter, and a 3/4" hose bubbler keeps most of the ice away. Life is short make it an adventure!

Dan & Vickie.

Living in Sabula Harbor on a boat
by: Don

The people that were talking about bubbling a boat in Sabula Harbor, please contact me as I am thinking about doing the same thing.

Thanks, Don

I want to join
by: WS

I am kind of an adventurous lady with ambitions of water living for a long time. I hope someone can get back to me with a sort of blue print or instructions on how to get started. I appreciate your help.

Living on a houseboat
by: Glenn

So do you leave your boat in the water all year with bubblers? Or where on the Mississippi are you? We are by Sabula, and we would like to live on our boat year round.

I think it would be a big money saver, rather than a big house payment every month.


Traveling to KY from the north
by: Anonymous

I really would like to talk with people traveling to KY Lake. I have been thinking about doing it this year.

Thanks, Don

More Photos of the ...
by: Anonymous

More photos of the interiors of these boats and also how do you stay warm in the winter? Also a Minnesotan.. What are the monthly costs?

Houseboat Living on the Mississippi
by: Jane

My husband and I sold our house and live full time on our houseboat. We are near St. Paul MN now and plan to travel south to Kentucky Lake for the winter months. We would love to talk to anyone who has made, or is making, this trip.


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