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Houseboat Tank Level Gauges - fresh water, holding tank sensors monitors?

by Phil
(Dale Hollow Lake, TN)

Houseboat Tank Level Gauges - fresh water and holding tanks

Houseboat Tank Level Gauges - fresh water and holding tanks

When it comes to houseboat gauges that monitor the level of grey water, freshwater, or holding tank levels, what types of sensors and monitors are best for older house boats?

I have an older houseboat (a 1981 Sumerset), and concerning my water holding tank, I have no way of knowing how much water is left in the tank.

Is there anything out there that can be adapted to the tanks so that I may have a gauge to know how much water I have left. I am looking for something that may not be way to expensive.

Thanks, Phil, Dale Hollow Lake, TN.

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Reply - Answer
Well Phil, sorry to hear about your tank level situation, yet there is a solution available to help you know what the levels are in your tanks.

We've have mechanical and electronic tank level sensors, and we have had better long term performance with the newer electronic technology ones. Let's look at some solutions.

Types of Tank Level Sensors

If you look at tank sensors, you'll see that there are mechanical, and electronic level sensors
being used in the marine industry. With the advancement in technology, the price of the electronic level sensors have dropped tremendously and are commonly being used in fresh, grey, or holding tank applications.

Installation Tips and Tricks

The installation procedures are simple, it is just a matter of drilling a hole in the top of your tank, and inserting the appropriate level indicator. Than it is just a matter of running your indicator wires to your helm or monitor station. The electronic controlled indicators are adjustable for the size of tank height.

Find Tank Level Gauges and Monitors

If you're interested in DIY installation, you can find a very popular, yet inexpensive Liquid Level Monitoring System for @ $100 dollars, and they have the choice of individual or combination tank monitors.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their houseboat tank level gauges and experiences. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Houseboat Tank Level Gauges - fresh water, holding tank sensors monitors?

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by: Anonymous

The easiest solution may be to just replace the sensors that you have with a new sensor. There are a variety of sensors that you can choose from, but I would suggest the AquaPlumb.

It is able to give the exact level of water, and is relatively cheap (under $100). It comes in a water tight enclosure and is non-corrosive, so it likely won't get damaged or get wacky.

Other alternatives would be a float based system, which is very cheap, but it only signals one given level, so if you only wanted to know when the tank was full, this might be your solution.

You also could try a SeeLevel, which is supposed to work great in these situations, but tends to be more expensive.

Houseboat Gauges - holding tank monitors and sensors
by: Chris Ferro

We at Electrosense make holding tank monitors (waste and fresh) that are significantly different from all of the other systems that are out there.

Their great for houseboats because they're extremely durable and use very little power. We make a version that runs off of a 9-volt battery, so if your power goes out your monitors will still work.

Our fresh-water monitor will also work for gray-water, so we could make a custom display for you. Good luck, Chris Ferro

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