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Houseboat Gray Water - treat or filter grey water on house boats?

by James Copeland
(South Australia)

Houseboat Gray Water - filtration of grey water on house boats

Houseboat Gray Water - filtration of grey water on house boats

New laws for houseboat gray water, or to treat or filter grey water on house boats are coming into effect in the near future.

I have a fleet of houseboats in Australia, and we will be required to filter or treat our gray water systems very soon.

Does anyone have any information about any grey water filtration or treatment systems for house boats in the USA?

Any help is greatly appreciated, James...

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Reply - Answer
Well James, sorry to hear about your difficulties on finding information on suitable water treatment systems for your fleet of boats.

In North America the laws don't require you to treatment your grey water ( or gray water) yet, but I am sure that it is in the pipeline (so to speak).

The only information that I can give you would be the following company Ocean Kleen, and they appear to be in your part of the world :)

If any of our readers have any information that could help, feel free to post your comments.

Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their experiences with their grey water treatment systems on their houseboats. Feel free to use the "Click here to post comments." link found near the bottom of this page.

Thanks again for sharing, IAN from all-about-houseboats

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Comments for Houseboat Gray Water - treat or filter grey water on house boats?

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Gray Water Discharge
by: Paula Snellgrove

Currently it is permissible to discharge gray water in the State of Florida except in No Discharge Zones. As a person who cares about the natural resources in Florida, I do as much as possible to ensure the gray water we discharge is not harmful to wildlife or detrimental to water quality.

Before washing dishes, everything is wiped off to minimize oil and food particles entering the waterway. I use detergents which are safe for the ecology, whether I'm washing dishes or clothes. I use dryer sheets instead of liquid fabric softener.

Kitchen and bathroom cleaners are also ecology friendly and I try to minimize the amount of residue from even these cleaners into the environment by using paper towel to absorb as much cleaner as possible before rinsing the sink/tub.

Cleaning takes a little more time, but I feel a clean and healthy environment is worth the extra effort.

Grey Water treatment
by: Canada Bob

Sorry to hear about your grey water situation, but it's sort've a good thing to hear that the Aussie governnment cares a lot about the health of the ocean over there.

In BC a lot of the folks around our area use Enzymatic (not sure if I'm allowed to use company names here?). But anyway we just put a couple dashes of that in our bilge before our trips, and it keeps the bilge spotless, and no gunk or odors. Anyways, its cheap and easy to use. Good luck!

Grey Water Treatment
by: Anonymous

I have been working in the houseboat industry for a number of years as a plumber. We Install Ultra GTS grey water treatment systems, this unit was made for domestic water recycling on an average house and have been working very well for a number of years. We then compacted the exact same unit and made the houseboat version (Ultra GTS)

Houseboat gray water treatment
by: Katy

We live on a houseboat in Kitsap County, WA and are the ONLY boat required to have gray-water treatment in the whole area. We currently have a holding tank and pump out system.

There is an Australian company that has a treatment system that runs about $8K that is ok'd there and in NZ, as well as in Seattle, WA. But as far as I can tell that is it so far.

If the company get the ok from the USCG, then it will be legal in all of the US. Don't know if they are working on that or not.

Good Luck, Katy

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